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UNSC Marine Reader x rwby by SpartanII25
UNSC Marine Reader x rwbyby Spartan II commando
Now after the long three decade war with the covenant was over the UNSC marine commander (y/n) and the whole crew of the UNSC prototype frigate Spirit of Hope are now s...
The past redefined - An Azur Lane x HALO story by BabbyBobby021
The past redefined - An Azur Lane...by BabbyBobby021
In the midst of chaos, three kansens of the United Nations Space Command became the first casualties of a battle to protect humanity's right to exist, the Battle of Eart...
Hyper-Lethal Operator (Halo x Arknights) by Emperor31
Hyper-Lethal Operator (Halo x Arkn...by Emperor
During the Battle of Reach, Noble Six had fought on for Three Days against the Covenant until they decided to Glass the Planet, but something or someone had plans for hi...
Across The Stars (Star Wars x Halo) by A_random_person13
Across The Stars (Star Wars x Halo)by A_random_person13
The Human-Covenant war is over, humanity can finally breathe easy, knowing that the biggest threat to their existence is scattered to the winds. The UNSC and Sangheili f...
It's a Big Galaxy (Earth x Star Wars) by CubixRuzeT_S_436
It's a Big Galaxy (Earth x Star Wa...by Alex Watson
A what if Earth is in our favourite galaxy a far far away. Takes place during the Clone Wars. This is my first story so errors will appear. I do not own or take credit...
The ship out of the ordinary (halo crossover sci fi anime ) (rewrite in prosses) by Codmplayer2514
The ship out of the ordinary (halo...by Codm
A paris class heavy frigate named commonwealth was decommissioned after the human covenant war, but was soon re commissioned shortly after in the year 2555 to participat...
Arc of the UNSC (RWBY x Halo Story) (Cancelled) by Typical_Assassin
Arc of the UNSC (RWBY x Halo Story...by Typical_Assassin
Don't hate on this please, this is my first fucking attempt at fanfiction. So expect some fucking gammer errors and some mistakes. This story was inspired by other RWBY...
Halo: Twisting Fate (Book 1, Arbiter x Female human series.)  by SangheiliQueen
Halo: Twisting Fate (Book 1, Arbit...by SangheiliQueen
(Side note: this is a Halo fan story and will not follow the lore at all. Plus I do not own anything from Halo.) WARNING: this involves violence and gore. (obviously. I...
HALO: INCEPTION by itswhitepaper
HALO: INCEPTIONby itswhitepaper
The war against the Covenant changed many lives, this is the story about a little girl whose life will change completely. The beginning of all, friends, enemies, romanc...
Halo: Awake and Alive (Book 2, Arbiter x Female human series.)  by SangheiliQueen
Halo: Awake and Alive (Book 2, Arb...by SangheiliQueen
This is part 2 to Halo: Twisting Fate WARNING: this involves violence and gore and other serious matters. (Obviously. It's about a video game...) Bria discovered an ext...
Just Dropping In (A RvB x Halo Fanfic) by Spartan_Abby_Wren
Just Dropping In (A RvB x Halo Fan...by Agent Alaska
"So you a Spartan or something?" "Not really. I'm known as a Freelancer." "A gun for hire? Lame." "I'm not a gun for hire and my life...
Halo, Remnants: Combat Evolved by Zeta_Lyfe
Halo, Remnants: Combat Evolvedby Zeta_Lyfe
Halo, but with an oddity. Having survived the Fall of Reach, the Pillar of Autumn and those aboard were not given much time to rest. Upon their escape, they came across...
R.E.D. by knightmere253
R.E.D.by knightmere253
Death is usually the ending, but not for everyone. Sometimes people don't stay dead, they continue to haunt the living but sometimes they can do good for the living by h...
Halo: Anesidora by spartan_76
Halo: Anesidoraby Jerry
the year is 2552, the united nations space command is at war with the alien alliance known as the covenant, we are loosing the planet reach has just been glassed, now an...
Halo, Remnants: Reach by Zeta_Lyfe
Halo, Remnants: Reachby Zeta_Lyfe
Halo, but with an oddity. Reach. . . the only planet, other than Earth herself, where loss was not an option. Unfortunately. . . the enemy they faced was unlike anythin...
Fire team Zulu, Mayday. (Halo x RWBY) by SterlingDowall
Fire team Zulu, Mayday. (Halo x RW...by Sterling Dowall
Hey guys, thanks for wanting to read this halo/RWBY Crossover story, Quick Disclaimer; I do not own RWBY I do not Own Halo or it's canon Characters I do not Own an...
From unwanted to wanted (Halo x RWBY) by Lieutenantc2006
From unwanted to wanted (Halo x RW...by CW
I am really into halo so i thought it would be cool to make a story with these 2 titles btw i don't own either of these 2 titles obviously but i feel like i have to put...
The Sangheili's Human Daughter[ON HOLD] by Dark_Berzerker
The Sangheili's Human Daughter[ON...by Sacred Litter
A young girl left alone with her mother attempting to escape the Covenant's ethnic cleaning was unfortunately separated by the ties of life and death. In an act of mercy...
ODST in the world of Remnant (On Hold Momentarily) by Axis_boi
ODST in the world of Remnant (On H...by Herobrine 3030
In this story you are an ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) named Mike Johnson. You were originally going to be deployed on a planet to assist in fending off the covenant...
The Starflame battleship's crew.  (Halo x GATE) by Drakon69
The Starflame battleship's crew...by Drake
Halo x GATE. The crew of the massive Battleship Starflame have been stranded and now must survive on the world of GATE.