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It's a Big Galaxy (Earth x Star Wars) by CubixRuzeT_S_436
It's a Big Galaxy (Earth x Star Wa...by Alex Watson
A what if Earth is in our favourite galaxy a far far away. Takes place during the Clone Wars. This is my first story so errors will appear. I do not own or take credit...
Star Wars: The Terran Republic (On hiatus) by ve_speaker
Star Wars: The Terran Republic (On...by ve_speaker
A newly found planet called Zeridian has been found at the edge of the outer rim. not much is known about the planet or it's people and the only contact with them is wit...
[Halo Show paramount+]{The Marine/Pilot OC} by ThyMoonQueen
[Halo Show paramount+]{The Marine...by TheLilyWritin'
Eleanor Rose was the best of the best pilots in her generation, Eleanor a 9 Year old girl, had first laid eyes on a ship, second laid eyes on Soldiers fighting for what'...
the lost ship in the galaxy [Star Wars and Halo] by Order666666
the lost ship in the galaxy [Star...by Order666666
the frigate Will of Reach was named after the the destruction of reach. during the years it Serve the UNSC fleet from the battle of new Mombasa thorough the battle of th...
Child of war (Halo x child reader) by Reaper-fire
Child of war (Halo x child reader)by Reaper-fire
Y/n was one of the many refugees shipped off of their home planet because of the covenant. Despite the ships best efforts it is destroyed, only one life pod was able to...
ODST (Halo) by X_whitewolf_X
ODST (Halo)by Xwhitewolf14
A series of assassinations and murders of important republic officials and senators have been happening all over coruscant, keeping the planet on lockdown, but we soon r...
Azur Lane: Semper Vigilans by FelixTheMerc
Azur Lane: Semper Vigilansby Purity Alpha
How does a Prowler fare in another world, very much different than the one she was built in? With different enemies and goals, will her ideals and objectives remain the...
Star Wars Spartans Of The Galaxy by GhostR3x1
Star Wars Spartans Of The Galaxyby GhostR3x1
This is a fanfic I've started thinking of this for awhile now and I decided it should happen Star Wars x Halo fanfic but In this fanfic things will change from history.
The odd one out (Halberd destroyer x azur lane) by Codmplayer2514
The odd one out (Halberd destroyer...by Codm
The unsc iroquois a unsc halberd class destroyer small but powerful, was patroling the sigma octanus 4 when a covenant strike group attacked, the destroyer managed to re...
Mass Effect:The Discovery of the UNSC [Discontinued/Rewrite] by Dakkirito
Mass Effect:The Discovery of the U...by DarkRevan
After the Human/Covenant War,the UNSC launch multiple research and development programs,After the attack of the Didact,they decide it was time to awaken someone found on...
Master Chief X Reader by BlueRanger200
Master Chief X Readerby BlueRanger
When you were young the covenant attacked your planet and your family was killed in front of you except for your older sister. The covenant took you as their prisoner. N...
The Sangheili's Human Daughter[ON HOLD] by Dark_Berzerker
The Sangheili's Human Daughter[ON...by Sacred Litter
A young girl left alone with her mother attempting to escape the Covenant's ethnic cleaning was unfortunately separated by the ties of life and death. In an act of mercy...
The Spartans on Remnant (Halo X RWBY) by SpartanJ114
The Spartans on Remnant (Halo X RW...by SpartanJ114
Two UNSC Spartans have crash landed on an unknown planet outside UNSC space onboard the wreck of the UNSC Winters Edge, a heavily damaged Charon class light frigate. Aft...
Halo Hero Legends (Noble Six's Adventure) by Nerdy_Girl_1179
Halo Hero Legends (Noble Six's Adv...by _da_nerdygirltishereUwU
What if Noble Six found a way to make it safely to the Pillar of Autumn, and becomes Master Chief's partner in crime? Continue on with the adventure along with Master Ch...
A Spartan of a Murder Drone by Guardeon_Productions
A Spartan of a Murder Droneby Delta The Guardeon
Spartan - 234 aka Scythe [12 years old who can not age anymore I'll explain] a human who did not get the augments and survived the process of getting the armor fitted on...
"The Dust of Dead Stars" by Midway3425
"The Dust of Dead Stars"by Midway
A Calm Midday on ONI Headquarters (or well, as calm as it can be), is suddenly interrupted by... a Whisper, offshore Io, And nothing more than a Whisper is needed for th...
The past redefined - An Azur Lane x HALO story by BabbyBobby021
The past redefined - An Azur Lane...by BabbyBobby021
In the midst of chaos, three kansens of the United Nations Space Command became the first casualties of a battle to protect humanity's right to exist, the Battle of Eart...
Gate: Thus The Empire Of New America Fought There by ve_speaker
Gate: Thus The Empire Of New Ameri...by ve_speaker
the empire of new america the sole nation on earth has created a gateway to another world filled with new discoveries. What will they do when they discover a two way con...
Halo x RWBY: Spartans Duty by BadGuyBob
Halo x RWBY: Spartans Dutyby BadGuyBob
Spartan 445, Reven Frost (codename Spartan Shadow) is sent on a mission to neutralize a Covenant cruiser on it's way to Glass the planet of Haven. Spartan Shadow valiant...
Power Rangers In space the Master Chief  by dstnsh2
Power Rangers In space the Master...by dstnsh 2
YN LN The Master Chief after the destroying the halo ring him and cortana are stuck in space because half of thr ship was destroying knowing it'll take years for someone...