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Star Wars: The Terran Republic (Discontinued) by ve_speaker
Star Wars: The Terran Republic (Di...by ve_speaker
A newly found planet called Zeridian has been found at the edge of the outer rim. not much is known about the planet or it's people and the only contact with them is wit...
Gate: Thus The Empire Of New America Fought There by ve_speaker
Gate: Thus The Empire Of New Ameri...by ve_speaker
the empire of new america the sole nation on earth has created a gateway to another world filled with new discoveries. What will they do when they discover a two way con...
The Adventures Of UFS Unity  by Lol101101lol
The Adventures Of UFS Unity by
The United Federation of System or UFS sends a fleet to explore the wider galaxy and to make allies little did the they know how much trouble they will get in to.
Heroic Anomalies (Star Wars X Halo Crossover) by Carter_The_Wolf
Heroic Anomalies (Star Wars X Halo...by Carter Starlight
During a stealth mission on Zeta Halo. Carter, Spartan-4, J-025 and Ryda'm 'Vadam find themselves to be in a predicament and gets sent to a unknown universe by the Banis...
The Exiles:A New Power by Johnnieboy11
The Exiles:A New Powerby the epic game bros
The beginning of the Battle For Earth signaled the start of the final, bloodiest campaign of the Human-Covenant War. Hastily, a plan is put into motion and an Ark Fleet...
Halo Hero Legends (Noble Six's Adventure) by Nerdy_Girl_1179
Halo Hero Legends (Noble Six's Adv...by _da_nerdygirltishereUwU
What if Noble Six found a way to make it safely to the Pillar of Autumn, and becomes Master Chief's partner in crime? Continue on with the adventure along with Master Ch...
UNSC Marine Reader x rwby by SpartanII25
UNSC Marine Reader x rwbyby Spartan II commando
Now after the long three decade war with the covenant was over the UNSC marine commander (y/n) and the whole crew of the UNSC prototype frigate Spirit of Hope are now s...
Goddess of Victory: Second Harvest Campaign (Revision) by Codmplayer2514
Goddess of Victory: Second Harvest...by Codm
Harvest, the first colony to be attacked by the covenant, and now by the Raptures. We will retake Harvest. We shall reclaim her back. By any means necessary. Because we...
Power Rangers In space the Master Chief  by ArkScorpion669
Power Rangers In space the Master...by ArkScorpion669
YN LN The Master Chief after the destroying the halo ring him and cortana are stuck in space because half of thr ship was destroying knowing it'll take years for someone...
Ezra betrayed(On Hiatus) by Hockeybullet
Ezra betrayed(On Hiatus)by Casear
After a miscommunication happens during a mission, the rebellion kicks Ezra out of the Rebellion. And stumbles upon the UNSC Infinity while being attacked his ship is bl...
It's a Big Galaxy (Earth x Star Wars) by CubixRuzeT_S_436
It's a Big Galaxy (Earth x Star Wa...by Alex Watson
A what if Earth is in our favourite galaxy a far far away. Takes place during the Clone Wars. This is my first story so errors will appear. I do not own or take credit...
Starwars: The Terran Republic  by ve_speaker
Starwars: The Terran Republic by ve_speaker
After years of trial and error the Terrans have finally made it possible to travel to the nearest galaxy to them. Within years of this new technology being out they quic...
The odd One (Halo OC x Azur Lane) - [SLOW UPDATES] by Juli06023
The odd One (Halo OC x Azur Lane)...by Juli
The UNSC Victorious Protector was a Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser that tried to escape the Covenant after the Battle of Reach, but when it tried to flee through Slip...
Menagerie's Falling Star by Its_Fr0st
Menagerie's Falling Starby Its_Fr0st
This is the main story of a character that's featured in a story made by @BloodStorm1319 called 'Pilot Predator' (which is a Titanfall x RWBY crossover that now has Halo...
Jumping to the unknown ( RWBY X Halo ) ( On hiatus ) by unionisthebest
Jumping to the unknown ( RWBY X Ha...by unionisthebest
Jaune has save Cardin from an ursa, but insted be thankful he told every one Jaune transcripts. Every one betray Jaune even his friend except Ozpin and team CFVY. What w...
Arc of the UNSC (RWBY x Halo Story) (Cancelled) by Typical_Assassin
Arc of the UNSC (RWBY x Halo Story...by Typical_Assassin
Note: This Story was made as experiment with a friend at the time. Don't hate on this please, this is my first fucking attempt at fanfiction. So expect some fucking gram...
Azur lane: UNSC Battlegroup Lane by CommanderRainrow505
Azur lane: UNSC Battlegroup Laneby Rain Row
UNSC Ayanami had been built and deployed on the Covenant war and was destoryed during the battle of earth . She was a Kearsarge class Light destoryer with 2 escourts of...
Mass Effect:The Discovery of the UNSC [Discontinued/Rewrite] by Dakkirito
Mass Effect:The Discovery of the U...by DarkRevan
After the Human/Covenant War,the UNSC launch multiple research and development programs,After the attack of the Didact,they decide it was time to awaken someone found on...
A New World A New War (halo x azur Lane) [rewrite from old story] [On hold] by Codmplayer2514
A New World A New War (halo x azur...by Codm
David (alpha 118) was a spartan 2 which served during the human covenant, at the year 2557 he was unexpectedly transported to another world, where ww2 ships became girls...
the lost ship in the galaxy [Star Wars and Halo] (CANCELLED) by Order666666
the lost ship in the galaxy [Star...by Order666666
the frigate Will of Reach was named after the the destruction of reach. during the years it Serve the UNSC fleet from the battle of new Mombasa thorough the battle of th...
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