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General Grievous X Fem Reader (light within #1)  by TheAwesomeOpossum
General Grievous X Fem Reader ( TheAwesomeOpossum
#1 for #GeneralGrievous on wattpad!! Thank you everyone! (((COMPLETED))) "You have something of mine. I don't mean to intrude. I.. " before you could say anyth...
  • clonewars
  • greviousxreader
  • femreader
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If Ahsoka Stayed by JP30vMVP
If Ahsoka Stayedby JP30vMVP
What would happen if Ahsoka stayed? Would Anakin still fall to the dark side? Would Ahsoka become a Knight? How will she react when Barriss returns? Will the Ghost Crew...
  • captainrex
  • starwars
  • anakin
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Son of the Dark (Male Sith Reader X Female Jedi) by BillNyeTheRWBYGuy
Son of the Dark (Male Sith -BILLNYETHEЯWBYGUY-
Warrior... Killer... Survivor (Y/N) (L/N), descended from a generation of Sith, a mere relic of the Ancient Sith Empire is forced from hiding when he is found by the Sup...
  • malereader
  • lightsaber
  • starwars
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( On Hold) daughter of the titan (Star Wars X Male Thanos Reader)  by Atomkiller12
( On Hold) daughter of the titan ( Atomkiller12
ahsoka had an adoptive father who took the place of her dead one he was known in a past life of being the killer of millions
  • starwars
  • malereader
  • obiwan
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Creature Of The Darkside ( star wars clone wars x male sith reader) by Atomkiller12
Creature Of The Darkside ( star Atomkiller12
y/n was once a jedi padawan until his master left him on an unknown planet and he became a king
  • starwars
  • malereader
  • ahsokatano
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A Path Through Time by TheAngelinDarkness
A Path Through Timeby TheAngelinDarkness
Tragedy strikes Ezra as he is left alone again and once again this is caused by the Empire. Following the force and his teachings Ezra continuous forward to find Obi-wa...
  • starwarsrebels
  • jedi
  • ezra
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Standing Alone by rebel_lizzy_klostion
Standing Aloneby rebel_lizzy_klostion
When the Ghost crew goes on a supply run they bump into a street rat. They end up surrounded by the Empire. When the Rebels give up. The street rat doesn't and shows his...
  • rebelcrew
  • jedi
  • starwarsrebels
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Legacy(Star Wars Clone Wars fanfic) by OceanEmily13
Legacy(Star Wars Clone Wars fanfic)by OceanEmily13
Amber Hasmota is a 15 year old human and a loner. She's been alone on her ship 'The Fighter' traveling the galaxy. She's been alone every since her father had been bruta...
  • separatists
  • wild
  • wars
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Anger, Hate and Suffering (Neglected and Abused Sith Male Reader x RWBY) by NiceGameEh
Anger, Hate and Suffering ( LANzero
This story follows... you, Y/N, as you live your life after a childhood of nothing but abuse and neglect. One day 7 years from the events of RWBY, you are in your 'home'...
  • weiss
  • yang
  • schnee
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Imagines | Kylo Ren by girlfromcali
Imagines | Kylo Renby I love you and Kylo
** I'm putting little summaries at the top of each of these still working on it though #1-9 and 30-48 have summaries so far :)** No more requests for now. :( Highest Ran...
  • lightside
  • imagine
  • darkside
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Found by ThatSassyPadawan
Foundby ⚪Sarcastic⚪
Months have passed after Ezra came back to the Jedi Order. Yet, the Clone Wars is coming to an end. What happens when things start to go wrong? *Sequel to Missing*
  • sith
  • obi-wankenobi
  • starwarsrebels
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☼  A THOUSAND SUNS  by indirys
  • wattys2018
  • wars
  • starwars
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Redemption [Star Wars] by BlueEyePhantom
Redemption [Star Wars]by 마리나
"Leia, do you see them?" Luke asked, pointing out into the forest. Leia was shocked to see three ghosts standing there, looking back at them. She recognized O...
  • jedi
  • love
  • darthvader
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And There Was Another by Obsidian_Productions
And There Was Anotherby Obsidian_Productions
A Knights of the Old Republic fan fiction. In orbit over a backwater world named Taris, the Endar Spire, a Republic vessel, is being torn apart by the Sith battle fleet...
  • sciencefiction
  • darkside
  • kotor
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Luke Skywalker Imagines  by StarWarsPadawan
Luke Skywalker Imagines by Star Wars 💫
Luke x Reader This is just a collection of Luke Skywalker imagines that i wrote! I love Luke, and i hope everyone who reads these imagines loves him just as much as I d...
  • anewhope
  • starwars
  • action
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Hallelujah ➵ A. SKYWALKER by Iarasjeans
Hallelujah ➵ A. SKYWALKERby `
❝my life started the day i got caught, under the covers with secondhand lovers, oh, tied up in pretty young things, in a state of emergency who was i tryna be?❞ ...
  • jedi
  • leia
  • anakinskywalker
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To Love the Enemy (Ben Solo / Kylo Ren Fanfic) by EINAMS020
To Love the Enemy (Ben Solo / Sofia Ivanov
Siena Grace and Ben Solo had been friends since they had first met when Ben was recruited to join the Jedi. They were practically inseparable as they trained together in...
  • jedi
  • sith
  • kyloren
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Hidden Truth//Kylux *book one in Darkpilot trilogy* by yoitsme108
Hidden Truth//Kylux *book one in Lonely_jedi_108
Two promises. Only one to keep. Impossible to keep both. Impossible to break one. I promise I will come back as Ben. I promise you will never regret me. I can't be Ben...
  • fanfiction
  • benxpoe
  • kyloxhux
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Fulfillment: Star Wars by athunter99
Fulfillment: Star Warsby Professional Fangirl
ROTS AU: He was supposed to be the chosen one. He was suppose to balance the force. He was suppose to fulfill the prophecy. .. The galaxy is in shambles. The Jedi are...
  • wars
  • rots
  • skywalker
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The Dark Messiah by TFC_PMC
The Dark Messiahby The Dark Messiah
A true story the Jedi would never tell you... Have you ever heard the tragedy of The Dark Messiah. Spirit of the darkside. Born into human flesh. The god among men. - Th...
  • anakin
  • thedarkmessiah
  • macewindu
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