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Small [COMPLETED]by BangtanARMY
You run into a certain group of people that change your life. (Swearing involved!)(Maybe some kissing scenes as well MAYBE).
An Extra Roommate by bittykimmy13
An Extra Roommateby Kim
(COMPLETE) Cassandra is a timid borrower who has been getting by on her own--until she encounters Lily, a kindhearted college student who wants to help. (Note: this was...
The Kidnapped Knight by sleepystudios2
The Kidnapped Knightby Sleepy Studios
Leaves were rustling, and the dirt was crunching under his boots. It has been hours of wandering through the woods, assigned to slay the giant by his commander. The knig...
The Giant of Taporia by Slide-To-Open
The Giant of Taporiaby Slide-To-Open
William had a son, until he didn't. A curse from his wife, of all else, tore his son away from and killed him in front of his very eyes. Desperate for an escape, despe...
Modern G/t Youtubers by Echosher
Modern G/t Youtubersby Echosher
You are a pretty famous youtuber with 11 million subscribers, though you have never told any of your fans that you were a human (tiny) how will they react? Will your you...
Two worlds among the stars (G/t)  by SigridNaseweis
Two worlds among the stars (G/t) by Sigrid Naseweis
Far away from the modern world was a small village surrounded by an endless forest. The forest was divided into two parts by a river - the south and north part. The peop...
gt one shots by softariell
gt one shotsby moved account
sometimes, you can wake up at 3:00 and be able to write millions of stories.
Tiny and The English Teacher [COMPLETED] by 123BTSARMY
Tiny and The English Teacher [ BangtanARMY
Your English teacher for senior year isn't your English teacher anymore. You get another one in the middle of the year and heard it was a guy. So what type of teacher wi...
Voltron: The Power Within by FalconLoverAL
Voltron: The Power Withinby Falcon Lover
Alexis is a normal ten-year-old girl, going to a normal school, and living a sad and miserable life. She thinks that there are more things in the universe that have not...
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Delicious Stories by TuberVore
Delicious Storiesby TuberVore
Stories, which will bring you joy, sadness, disbelief and mostly warmness, cause in the stomach can not be cold, right? Note: { You can send your request in our Private...
Big Love (GT boyxboy story) by LevVans
Big Love (GT boyxboy story)by Lev Vans
A macrophile romance between two college sportsmen and the hard process of developing trust on someone a thousand times your size. Disclaimer: This story contains sexual...
To Trust a Giant  by Pikaglove
To Trust a Giant by Pikaglove
There's a world where giants and humans live together, but not equally in some places. In some countries, humans are nothing more than pets. Stella has escaped from her...
G/T One-Shots by Ausernamelol
G/T One-Shotsby xX_oMy_Xx
just a collection of all my short drabbles and such that don't really need a whole book. Most aren't really one shots but shhh Woah highest is 6 in "gt"
Go Left or Right? by Crystalk17
Go Left or Right?by CrystalK17
What do you follow? Your head or your heart? Even better your instincts or society? Predators. Everyone knows what they are like. Even without a description, most people...
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Monster In The Family  by thundercat2016
Monster In The Family by thundercat2016
Bianca thought she knew everything about her family members. But what well happen when she finds out that one of her family members has a dark secret?
A tinies heart by Emmy0061
A tinies heartby Emmy0061
Ana is a young girl with the dream of becoming a doctor. Her biggest morality test comes when she finds an injured giant. Her gentle nature makes her help him, but what...
Pocket size Shinichi  by Detective_mystery09
Pocket size Shinichi by Rosa Luna
As if being Conan wasn't enough, now Shinichi finds himself being even smaller than he was - so small that he could fit in someone's pocket! But let's see what happens w...
The Smallest in the Family G/t by LunaTally1
The Smallest in the Family G/tby Yellow
Faye has finally been adopted. By giants. What do you do when faced with the horrifyingly gigantic creature? You run of course and that is exactly what Faye tried to do...
Beyblade Burst Short Stories by TessaStark1
Beyblade Burst Short Storiesby You're Lovely ♡
Just some short stories to make you laugh (hopefully).
Bts gt content by Shrunk321
Bts gt contentby Btscookies
A content where Bts are giants (Story cover edited by me)