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Big Date by Ladymadonna99writes
Big Dateby Lady Madonna
After hitting it off virtually, Jordan and Dan decide to finally go on a date in person. What happens when Dan shows up much bigger than expected? Lots of fluff. Love s...
Apex by Spade_Bridges
Apexby Spade Bridges
A race of colossal aliens, the Tsosyrans, took over the planet in a matter of months. Humanity has been all but exterminated. The humans left alive have been caged and s...
The Orion's Factotum by Narrans
The Orion's Factotumby Narrans
The Orion's Factotum follows the story of a servant named Raina Toro who works in the city endlessly to supply her and her daughter with a decent life. The jobs she work...
Unusual by Luxiecious
Unusualby Sasha
In our world there is a hidden society of humanoid creatures known as Unusuals. In the dark ages and medieval, Unusuals were feared by the humans. Examples of an Unusual...
g/t oneshot  by barbaricone
g/t oneshot by Blue~~
what do you expect? Mainly contains fluff,but I don't know if I be able to write some....cruel,stuff. Maybe some safe vore will be writed. And currently,request is opene...
The giant human hater [G/T] (short) by __cord__
The giant human hater [G/T] (short)by CORD
How does a giant battle his feelings when the person he is in love with is 'part' of the species he hates the most. Humans Highest rankings #1 tiny #2 gt #2 giants
G/T Oneshots  by TankyAsh01
G/T Oneshots by TankyAsh01
All's in the title, but my main specialization are giants. Cover made by my sister.
Big Love (GT boyxboy story) by LevVans
Big Love (GT boyxboy story)by Lev Vans
A macrophile romance between two college sportsmen and the hard process of developing trust on someone a thousand times your size. Disclaimer: This story contains sexual...
Wingless Fairy: Outcast by Xayle1422
Wingless Fairy: Outcastby Xayle Morgreaves
Kyin has a history of disobeying the Great Fairy, Feiga. He has an interest in the larger kind, which have been known to harvest berries in a field close to the enchante...
G/T Short Stories 1 [ COMPLETED ] by ZardinTheBrokenAtlas
G/T Short Stories 1 [ COMPLETED ]by S. M. Plumely
Everyone has one of these, right? ~ ~ (Cover made by me. I did trace a hand because I suck at drawing hands-)
Captured by a Giant by RandomLilith
Captured by a Giantby Lilith ♡
A shadow cast over me. Without looking back, I clumsily scrambled to my feet and started to run. The next thing i knew, the giant hand had closed around me, and i was sw...
The Giant of Taporia by Slide-To-Open
The Giant of Taporiaby Slide-To-Open
William had a son, until he didn't. A curse from his wife, of all else, tore his son away from and killed him in front of his very eyes. Desperate for an escape, despe...
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Lessons G/T by cheesepuffskittles
Lessons G/Tby audrey keyson:)
Charlotte. A 17 year old tiny that lives beneath a flower bed in the backyard of a giants home. Courageous and daring, she does what most not like to do. But when a mish...
Stories Big And Small  by evieissmol
Stories Big And Small by evieissmol
A collection of gt one shots I've written, some previously posted over on my tumblr, some seeing the light of day for the first time. Fluff, fearplay, probably a lot of...
Mister Acres [ COMPLETED ] by ZardinTheBrokenAtlas
Mister Acres [ COMPLETED ]by S. M. Plumely
Reb Hilk is a borrower who lived in a pet shop with many others like him, until one day, they were all taken to a new home to live. ~ || I made the cover || (For the pe...
G/T Oneshots by ToastyRivers
G/T Oneshotsby Abby
Updates are not frequent and can vary from time to time Enjoy!
Boy Trouble GT by moodygirlz
Boy Trouble GTby Kato
Roommates and friends, giant and human, living together as best friends. Kye our giant is the unpopular weirdo who hides himself behind hoodies, he's kind and sweet bu...
The Kidnapped Knight by sleepystudios2
The Kidnapped Knightby Sleepy
Leaves were rustling, and the dirt was crunching under his boots. It has been hours of wandering through the woods, assigned to slay the giant by his commander. The knig...
The Winged by _Tiny_Stories_
The Wingedby _Tiny_Stories_
Surviving can be difficult when you're only a few inches tall. Fanged beasts see you as their prey, every creature is bigger than you, and the world seems to work agains...
G/T One Shot's  by yunhoebish
G/T One Shot's by Emily
Just random story's