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My Wee Mate by softsloth
My Wee Mateby softie
"Are you afraid, my wee human?" "Will you hurt me?" "No, Ailsa. I swear to you I will never harm you. I'd rather die than lay a hand on you.&qu...
A Giant Among Giants by TheGiant1998
A Giant Among Giantsby Giant1998
With all of the human dorms at Titanus University full, Tim has not choice but to room with a Giant. To Tim's surprise, his roomate isn't just any giant, he's the bigges...
You're Not My Soulmate (jjk) by poggers27
You're Not My Soulmate (jjk)by poggers27
self indulgent bts g/t + a highschool au + a soulmate au = this book for some reason, i really wanted to write this... my thoughts must've been on crack and probably sti...
BNHA G/T stories - Requests Closed! - by daftdew
BNHA G/T stories - Requests daftdew
Requests welcome as of January 3rd 2021
Found (New Earth Saga) by Ladymadonna99writes
Found (New Earth Saga)by Lady Madonna
Meet River. A teenage girl who just found out the woman she's called her mother, is actually a criminal, who illegally adopted her in a blackmarket human trafficking sch...
g/t oneshots fluff/vore by chuuyas_height
g/t oneshots fluff/voreby gtlover
Might include vore and smut. I'll give warnings. Mostly fluff scenarios
The Tiny Giant by TheTorresTwins
The Tiny Giantby Christa Torres
THE ARTIST/WRITER: Christa Torres THE LOGLINE: It's about a child, a little human girl, being raised by a Giant. It tells of a tiny hero battling against seemingly impos...
Brave (New Earth Saga) by Ladymadonna99writes
Brave (New Earth Saga)by Lady Madonna
Meet Morgan, a brave and fearless girl navigating life at a brand new co-ed school on Earth's first colony planet, New Earth. Her school mixes the two races of this plan...
The Orion's Daughter : To Lands Beyond by Narrans
The Orion's Daughter : To Lands Narrans
Terrilyn Lun, daughter of Raina Toro, remembers the night her mother came home with the infamous Steele Veyne. Steele, an Orion and a giant in their land, lived for year...
Eljesala's DRAFTS 🔞 by eljesala
Eljesala's DRAFTS 🔞by E.J.
There'd be a mix of different content, majority composing smut, and maybe a bit of fluff here and there. Content warnings will be displayed on the top. Read at your own...
piecewise | g/t snippets & drabbles by tea0731
piecewise | g/t snippets & drabblesby
a not-so-sequel to the g/t one-shot book. less structure, more vibes 💫
Hearts Still Bleed Underwater (G/T) by bottlesandbuttons
Hearts Still Bleed Underwater (G/T)by M
Across the deep blue there's rumors of a rare plant that can cure any illness. It's extremely difficult to obtain but, despite the ever-stacking odds, one of the ocean's...
Unexpected Events (skeleton dance) by blittily
Unexpected Events (skeleton dance)by no.
Lord hater is developing new, awkward and uneasy feelings for a certain nomad. And Wander is developing the same feelings for a certain over lord. - [Story switches main...
Pleiades Saints by alexfran1999
Pleiades Saintsby Alexandria Francetic
When giants rule the Earth, it's survival of the smallest... We called. We screamed. And at last, they answered. On Christmas Eve of 2023, the world waits in undying ant...
G/T One Shots  by Emily180_LY
G/T One Shots by Em
Hey! Just a simple one shot book for random thoughts I have and suggestions by all you lovely people~ There's a mix of YouTubers and characters that I create. I hope you...
Roy and i (g/t) by ipilokko
Roy and i (g/t)by ipek Kutlu
Mollie is an artist that has called by a big company. She is so excited to go there and work in a job she always dreamt of. But the thing is, the company she will work f...
Who's The Big Boy? by GiantFucker
Who's The Big Boy?by Andrew
Boy, it's been a long ass time since I've been on this site. ngl I've been lazy with writing so I'm sorry if the writing is a bit rusty
Drizzle and Spark by EWSelke
Drizzle and Sparkby E. W. Selke
Skye is a nerdy witch who gets passive-aggressively sent by her family to a federal college of ancient arts because she had zero life plans or aspirations. She swears th...
Minty is a Hypnotist Futa by AlysiaEres
Minty is a Hypnotist Futaby Eres
non-con! futa! ponies are NOT anthro. Detail: Minty has arrived in G4 Ponyville and needs help from Twilight. want something like this? commission me: Antlerdragon (dis...
The hospital borrower  by faridaahmedzaki
The hospital borrower by Farida❤️drama lover
A borrower named Luke is living in a private hospital ,but that's not what makes him special, he's a neko meaning he has cat ears and a tail, he also has the ability to...