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G/T Oneshots  by TankyAsh01
G/T Oneshots by TankyAsh01
All's in the title, but my main specialization are giants. Cover made by my sister.
Lost and Found  [ COMPLETED ] by ZardinTheBrokenAtlas
Lost and Found [ COMPLETED ]by S. M. Plumely
(For all the people who do not understand what GT is, it stands for Giant&Tiny.) A 16year old girl, who is living by herself due to an accident, finds herself in a stran...
The Dying Generation by DezWeasel767
The Dying Generationby Colorful Dreams Productions
Clayton, a Ten year old girl who wakes up in a place unknown to her. She has no memory of her past or really where she came from, how she had ended up in the strange pla...
Lilla (GT) by IAmTheAlice
Lilla (GT)by IAmAliceIGuess
Caught in, quite literally, the most unfortunate scenario she could imagine, Maria is forced to serve one of the 4 most dangerous giants in her kingdom. She's obviously...
Autumn Falls by Sillythings5023
Autumn Fallsby Cool Author
A tiny woman must find a place to stay before fall turns into winter. But a giantess may throw a wrench into those plans, silly antics will certainly ensue.
The Shrink Program by Shayni
The Shrink Programby Shayni
Maddison Tramph makes terrible life choices and is shrunken as a result. To return to normal, she must reform her behaviour with the help of an estranged best friend. R...
The Curse Of The Abyss (GT Genshin) by SpiderLogDerp44
The Curse Of The Abyss (GT Genshin)by SpiderLogDerp44
Diluc, a man everyone adores, but his seriousness makes people think badly of him No one has ever seen him smile, not even his adoptive brother, Kaeya One night, as Dilu...
A Little Hope ((G/T)) by The_Little_Dove
A Little Hope ((G/T))by Lil' Dove
Sixteen-year-old Jenna's mother recently started dating a man named Chris. But when her mother isn't in the room or at home, Chris abuses her. Both emotionally and physi...
Jackson's Diary GT Oneshots by April_Earthling
Jackson's Diary GT Oneshotsby April_Earthling
Jackson's Diary is a supernatural comic on webtoon. Which I have recently just finished (finished it in about 2-3 hours maybe more maybe less not quite sure because I ha...
SizeShifting Love (W.I.P Title?)  by FalenaFurgutter101
SizeShifting Love (W.I.P Title?) by Falena Furgutter
Zachary is a sizeshifter that lives on his own with his cat in a big-ish city who's been keeping his abilities secret for a long time. He meets a new friend in the park...
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Altered Perspective by lovelyinquire
Altered Perspectiveby lovelyinquire
What happens when a human hating malicious giant is mysteriously transformed into a human himself?
Captured by a Giant by RandomLilith
Captured by a Giantby Lilith ♡
A shadow cast over me. Without looking back, I clumsily scrambled to my feet and started to run. The next thing i knew, the giant hand had closed around me, and i was sw...
Stories of all Sizes by NotExactlyLucid
Stories of all Sizesby ✿Not Exactly Lucid✿
Hey! This is just a g/t short story book!! I have too many ideas to ignore and I wanted to share some with you! Much love and I hope you enjoy it <3
Storm (G/T) by unfortunatelysage
Storm (G/T)by sage
After Robin's house is blown off from a snowstorm, she packs none other but a backpack and winter coat, determined to find a new home. She doesn't wind up quite where sh...
Gt one shots by WatcherofWolfShadow
Gt one shotsby WatcherofWolfShadow
Come and join me on a Giant (or tiny) adventure! Some will cuddle and coo while others will fight and kick. Some will hug and kiss while others hide and cower. So come...
Female in the snow (g/t) by RandomLilith
Female in the snow (g/t)by Lilith ♡
A girl's story between her and a giant male~
G/T One Shots by latinpoetess
G/T One Shotsby latinpoetess
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── 𝐇𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐨 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐞! ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ I will be posting all the Giant/Tiny stories I have been writing. I hope you will like them ^^ ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾...
Genshin Impact G/T Oneshots by IttosLollipop
Genshin Impact G/T Oneshotsby Anonymous
It's shocking that there isn't much G/T content on Genshin Impact despite it being very popular. Some of the characters would make good giants. I take requests so feel f...
A Giant's Grace by GT_SR_
A Giant's Graceby
In her first year of living alone, Grace makes a fatal mistake. She ends up encountering a giant, which the tales have made out to be cruel beasts. "Grace was start...
Keeping A GIANT Secret (DNF) by SpiderLogDerp44
Keeping A GIANT Secret (DNF)by SpiderLogDerp44
Giants are fantasies to humans, or so they thought Two boys, a human and a giant, met in the forest since they were children, have grown fond of each other as the human...