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Found (New Earth Saga) by Ladymadonna99writes
Found (New Earth Saga)by Lady Madonna
Meet River. A teenage girl who just found out the woman she's called her mother, is actually a criminal, who illegally adopted her in a blackmarket human trafficking sch...
To Trust a Giant  by Pikaglove
To Trust a Giant by Pikaglove
There's a world where giants and humans live together, but not equally in some places. In some countries, humans are nothing more than pets. Stella has escaped from her...
Storm (G/T) by unfortunatelysage
Storm (G/T)by sage
After Robin's house is blown off from a snowstorm, she packs none other but a backpack and winter coat, determined to find a new home. She doesn't wind up quite where sh...
Big Date by Ladymadonna99writes
Big Dateby Lady Madonna
After hitting it off virtually, Jordan and Dan decide to finally go on a date in person. What happens when Dan shows up much bigger than expected? Lots of fluff. Love s...
Gt one shots by Kidinquestion
Gt one shotsby Kid in question
Just a whole bunch of mini stories If you like it favorite and comment please!💕 Any suggestions and ideas are more than welcome I get writer's block easily 😅
G/T Oneshots by applxia
G/T Oneshotsby andie
just some stuff I write when I'm bored :))
My Borrowed Son by Narrans
My Borrowed Sonby Narrans
Amanda is in the park one day after moving away from her ex-husband when she finds a small boy. This would be a simple problem to solve, but this little boy is quite lit...
Girl From The Belly (G/t) by igotyourman36
Girl From The Belly (G/t)by Jenn
Everyone knows the saying, "curiosity killed the cat." In the borrowing colony funnily named "The Belly," life moved simply, it moved slowly, and it...
(G/T) The Party Was Crazy Last Night by t3a_tan
(G/T) The Party Was Crazy Last Tea
Sammy is a borrower, which sucks because she's pretty sure she's falling in love with a human; the very beings responsible for the suffering of so many of her kind... Os...
The Rose Among The Thorns by RandomAnimeIdeas
The Rose Among The Thornsby RandomAnimeIdeas
In a dystopian universe where giants have captured the human race, humans are seen as a cheap food source,filling for 'guilty pleasure eats'. Shōga, a young mere fourte...
The Thing by scaredykatts
The Thingby scaredykatts
What happens when your relaxing fishing trip turns into a living nightmare? (Also please don't come at me English isn't my first language :)) the cover is done by me.
Into Another Sphere (G/T) by saramohamedim
Into Another Sphere (G/T)by Fromthedonia
Eva slipped while wandering in the woods as she was gazing at the sky, and when she opened her eyes, everything was hundreds of times its original size. - - -The plot, c...
[G/T] His love by __cord__
[G/T] His loveby CORD
My first GT story Falling in love with your childhood best friend is kinda hard, especially when she's a couple of inches tall. Follow these two awkward teens in their l...
★ The Dragon And The Fairy [G/T] ★ by __cord__
★ The Dragon And The Fairy [G/T] ★by CORD
The prince of the dragons, aka Jaxx, is a giant dragon who initially seems nonchalant and uncaring, but is super clingy dragon with a sweet tooth if he likes you enough...
G/T one shots/Gentle Giants by nickyjel123
G/T one shots/Gentle Giantsby nickyjel123
Just a bundle of G/t one shots with original characters.
Hybrid by GTidkwhatimdoing
Hybridby GTidkwhatimdoing
a story about a giant werewolf hybrid and his smol buddy
A Fairy's Journey (G/T) by WoodenStarfish
A Fairy's Journey (G/T)by WoodenStarfish
In a world where nymphs, sprites, and borrowers are known to exist, Sage Burton is the only fairy known to be alive. After a traumatic childhood, Sage is finally conten...
G/T Oneshots by peculiargirl5
G/T Oneshotsby peculiargirl5
G/T short stories! I'm open to suggestions.
G/T One-Shots by Ausernamelol
G/T One-Shotsby xX_oMy_Xx
just a collection of all my short drabbles and such that don't really need a whole book. Most aren't really one shots but shhh Woah highest is 6 in "gt"
My giant boyfriend //BL by Aikyu-GT
My giant boyfriend //BLby Aikyu GT
Attihiko is a 19 year old giant with a talent for music and a odd interest in humans. Akira is a secluded 21 year old who lives in the middle of nowhere next to a fores...