Don't Be Fooled, He Likes It // g.d x j.c by Lukes-Calum
Don't Be Fooled, He Likes It // Emmy
Don't think that he doesn't like what goes on behind the scenes..
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Reggie Mantle Imagines by _michaelaaevans
Reggie Mantle Imaginesby _michaelaaevans
These imagines are from tumblr and I take no credit of any of these... enjoy :)
  • riverdale
  • reggie
  • charles
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Your daughter calls me daddy J.M.B by iconicbirlemx
Your daughter calls me daddy J.M.Bby Ivy☁️
"You know what I should say to your dad." Joey says "What." I say and bite my lip He starts to kiss my neck again and mumbles, "Your daughter ca...
  • birlem
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Sprousehart || Instagram by lily_meyer
Sprousehart || Instagramby Lily Meyer
Similar to my 'Riverdale Cast Texts' book, this story covers an AU of Sprousehart and the rest of the Riverdale Cast in the real world. Will they fall in love? Or will e...
  • betrayl
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine One Shots And Imagines by -Clint_Barton-
Brooklyn Nine-Nine One Shots And Charlotte
Hello so this is a book filled with Brooklyn Nine-Nine One Shots and Imagines. You may request any ideas you would like us to write. This is filled with one shots writte...
  • jake
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Colección de imágenes, fanarts, memes, gif, collage y locas teorías que sirven de inspiración para seguir amando el Cherik. NOTA: El contenido compartido aquí no me pert...
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honey | ethmma by averygates
honey | ethmmaby averygates
She's a wild spirit from san fransisco, and he's a celebrity twin from LA. This is the story of how they fall in love
  • chamberlain
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  • emmachambie
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unlikely » reggie mantle by everydayhoney
unlikely » reggie mantleby jane
"Just one date. That's all I want." "We're polar opposites Mantle, it would never work." unlikely » reggie mantle © ajd 2017
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X-Men Preferences/Scenarios by XXanimeseeker22XX
X-Men Preferences/Scenariosby XXanimeseekerXX
(Young)Charles Xavier(Professor X), (Young)Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto), (Young)Hank McCoy (Beast), Pietro "Peter" Maximoff(AoU, Quicksilver), James "Logan&qu...
  • erik
  • logan
  • wolverine
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Power Source  ▻ Mikaelson by -xtinaa
Power Source ▻ Mikaelsonby Сღ
❝You're the power source.❞ ❝Did you just call me an outlet?❞ THE ORIGINALS SEASON 1
  • holt
  • kol
  • mikaelson
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Instagram {Charles Leclerc} by pasfeatvic
Instagram {Charles Leclerc}by Pas :)
@charles_leclerc started following you.
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Charlotte Xavier - A Thousand Years by MakiSakura
Charlotte Xavier - A Thousand Yearsby MakiSakura
Charlotte never expected to find herself assisting the CIA as a telepath. Then again, she hadn't really considered the possibility of finding other mutants like her and...
  • xmenfanfic
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  • wolverine
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Tweets ~ j.m.b fanfic by Em_Gustinxx
Tweets ~ j.m.b fanficby La-a
What happens when the person you love the most notices you? How will everyone react? More importantly how will you react? Rubbish at writing blurbs, just read...
  • fanficfriday
  • wattys2018
  • camerondallas
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The Sister Squad by spicyy_noodless
The Sister Squadby spicyy_noodless
Hi shisters, It's another Shitty story. ‼️ THIS WAS MY FIRST FAN FICTION SO THIS IS MOSTLY ABOUT GRAYSON DOLAN ‼️ this is kinda my first fan fiction. please don't judge...
  • sisters
  • fanfic
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DADDY'S GIRL; by joeys_honeys
DADDY'S GIRL;by joeys_honeys
basically dirty imagines about joey birlem, enjoy! ?? REQUESTS ARE CLOSED
  • joeybirlem
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  • gitnick
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Requiem by Inconvenient_Ideal
Requiemby Charlie
Amidst such hardship and tragedy, it was unlikely that Erik Lensherr would've expected to come across anyone remotely like himself during one of the world's darkest time...
  • movie
  • beast
  • first
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What if? by EveScourfs
What if?by EveScourfs
What if Prince Charles and Princess Diana had more children? What if their marriage hadn't broken down? What if Diana hadn't died in that fatal car crash at 36? Here's...
  • princecharles
  • royalfamily
  • royals
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Marvel Preferences:X-Men Edition[Slow Updates] by ReignFyre
Marvel Preferences:X-Men Edition[ Ana
Pyro Wolverine Charles Xavier (young) Erik Lehnsherr (young) Peter Maximoff Banshee
  • fassbender
  • sour
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Delight(Discontinued) by rekdreams247
Delight(Discontinued)by JustAWriter
Elizabeth Hapsburg is the second daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor, and therefore, one of the most powerful girls in Europe. When she and her older sister, Anna, are se...
  • medievalfrance
  • badreputation
  • myoc
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The Youngest Royal by LisaMichaelis
The Youngest Royalby Lisa Michaelis
Meet Matilda Elizabeth Anna Diana the youngest child and only daughter of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. She is 4 years younger than William and 1 year younger than...
  • katemiddleton
  • diana
  • harry
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