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PRISMa: Retribution (A GATE X SCI-FI OC FANFIC) by inhalitor
PRISMa: Retribution (A GATE X inhalitor
It would be foolish for an arrogant Medieval empire to attack a far larger technologically superior force that they can't comprehend. So what happens when the Gate opens...
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GATE and thus the imperium fought there by kkepley
GATE and thus the imperium kkepley
A Gate opens in Prospero and a feudal army attacks the populous, now the imperium is pissed and the XVth legion has been deployed seeking vengeance against those who dar...
Another one of my GATE fanficts with my ocs Story : On the frozen worlds of the DEATHMACHT Traitor Legion a mysterious gate opens in the city only to find nothing but em...
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gate: badcompany fought there (Completed) by lockheedhenesy
gate: badcompany fought there ( lockheed henesy
sarge retired marlowe takes over he recruits a silent soldier named daniel recker there off duty enjoying japan until gate open. marlowe hags sweeter recker irish of all...
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Titanfall: Viaje A Otro Mundo by ElRus0Loco
Titanfall: Viaje A Otro Mundoby ElRus0Loco
Un piloto,apodado luck,queda atrapado en otro mundo junto a su titan,ann,luego de que sufriesen un contratiempo en una de sus misiones. Luego de llegar a dicho mundo,amb...
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Millenium Dawn (Gate X Male Reader) by Poser_Dragon
Millenium Dawn (Gate X Male Reader)by Poser_Dragon
A Gate that has opened in the heart of the motherland and brought an army of invaders. It is a Gate that connects world and Earth just happened to be the the exit of the...
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A New World: (Gate X Male Clone Reader X Star Wars X Monster Musume) by ArmyGroupCenter
A New World: (Gate X Male Clone Third Systems Army
Gate: And thus, The Grand Army of the Republic fought here. After the events of the battle of Geniosis, The Galaxy's tension is high as Separatists and the Republic pro...
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GATE:Thus the Imperium Fought there by Th3_Sl4y3r
GATE:Thus the Imperium Fought thereby ArandocalledSlayer
It's my fanfic of a Fanfic so yeah... As of Feb 1 ,2020 M2 No.1 in #Warhammer40000
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Warhammer 40k: Gate by Shadow_trooper
Warhammer 40k: Gateby Shadow_trooper
I own neither Warhammer 40k or the characters of the Gate anime
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The gate: The return of old empire by xjames2001
The gate: The return of old empireby xjames2001
During in WW2 in pacific, a group of organization have develop a serum that can be immortal age for hundred years. When the WW2 ended, they fled to other place and never...
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Beyond Stranger Things/It crossover by Lizzie_Bieber
Beyond Stranger Things/It crossoverby It’s•pretty•Strange
Eleven has another sister no one knew about! She accidentally opened the gate, but not the same gate. A friendly gate where they meet the loser and all become great fri...
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Devotion (John Seed) by we_all_have_secrets_
Devotion (John Seed)by Daxton Winchester
The Seeds knew that the deputy would be trouble as soon as she landed in Hope County, no matter how innocent she looked. Yet when John first laid his eyes on her, someth...
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GATE: Thus the Doom Slayer Fought There by After_Hours_Writer
GATE: Thus the Doom Slayer Austin, An Author of Stuff
A DOOM X GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There Tale.
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Gate of Dimensions by ManOfIllusions
Gate of Dimensionsby Simon
1940, two years after a brutal civil war that saw the return of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the revived German Empire has become the most dominant military, economic and technolo...
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Underland Chronicles: 2 - The Reaper's Gate (A Gregor the Overlander FanFic) by Anaklusmos_127
Underland Chronicles: 2 - The Anaklusmos_127
As Pandora makes her way back underground, she discovers that she's not the only Overlander in the Underland. A group of Regalian radicals have already attempted to assa...
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GATE, WORLD'S COLLIDE by donaldsedig
GATE, WORLD'S COLLIDEby donaldsedig
Four Gates, four worlds, all will meet.
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Steins; Gate Pictures Pt. 1 by pink_von_butterfly
Steins; Gate Pictures Pt. 1by Pinky Butterfly
I really love Steins; Gate. Therefore I publish a book with (hopefully) daily or more pictures of it.
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Anime One-shots #2 *REQUESTS CLOSED* by insomniiart
Anime One-shots #2 *REQUESTS trash
The second book in my anime one-shots. Includes lemon. You may request male!reader x male or fem!reader x female
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This is my GATE anime fanfict I don't own Gate so all right reserved and I'm using my Original characters Story : In the Galaxy many Traitor Legions have arisen with a d...
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Have A Little Faith (Faith Seed) (discontinued) by we_all_have_secrets_
Have A Little Faith (Faith Seed) ( Daxton Winchester
It's not uncommon to feel alone in Hope County, not since Eden's Gate took control. So many people are alone or at least feel alone, even the people you wouldn't expect...
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