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Prime Corporation (Isekai Advance Sci-fi PMC x Multiverse Adventure) by 115SentinalPrime
Prime Corporation (Isekai Advance...by Nicholas Sogivalu
a young man who died by a truck, and met god give him 5 wishes and where he is gonna isakai to what he wants to go. 1st wish: knowledge of all fictional magic 2nd wish:...
The marine RWBY x Male reader by saian2001
The marine RWBY x Male readerby The Commandant
A suspicious object lands in the forest. Team RWBY is sent to investigate. Their discovery could quite possibly change not only their lives but the course of Remnant
hololive English -Myth- meets the man-emperor of mankind.  by Demonemperordazed
hololive English -Myth- meets the...by Jerry Ledesma
Man-emperor of mankind meeting of hololive English 1st generation. When Amelia Watson screwed up and sends all of them in 42nd millennium were the EMPEROR is still sitti...
Knight of Remnant by Shadow_trooper
Knight of Remnantby Shadow_trooper
Warhammer x RWBY The Imperial Knight has landed on Remnant, by accident.
Male reader (Ork) x My Hero Academia Disclaimer: I do not own the vids, pics, Orks from Warhammer 40k and My Hero Academia. It belongs to their respective owners (vids a...
Astartes Doomguy gamer X RWBY/Multiverse by tfstories07
Astartes Doomguy gamer X RWBY/Mult...by will hayes
*don't read if you have easily disterbed stomachs* you don't remember how you got here, but here's what you do know. the situation will only get worse. Out of everything...
FOR CHAOS (Chaos Space Marine Male Reader x Massive crossover) by DragonGodML
FOR CHAOS (Chaos Space Marine Male...by TitusML
You are a Chaos Space Marine that fights for the forces of Chaos and the dark gods will. you will meet many adversaries that the Chaos gods set in place for you, good lu...
Starwarhammer: Book 1 Arrival by Shadow_trooper
Starwarhammer: Book 1 Arrivalby Shadow_trooper
Star Wars the clone wars X Warhammer 40k
Tyrant Rising by Midgards_Ormen
Tyrant Risingby K M
(HP/40k) A savage beating by Vernon unleashes Harry's latent magic, transforming him into something not of this world. Over twenty years later, something has begun to st...
Warhammer 40k: Gate by Shadow_trooper
Warhammer 40k: Gateby Shadow_trooper
I own neither Warhammer 40k or the characters of the Gate anime
Rising of the Shield Hero: Adeptus Astartes by Demonemperordazed
Rising of the Shield Hero: Adeptus...by Jerry Ledesma
It is the 41st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries The Emperor has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. He is the Master of Mankind by the will of the g...
Emperor Spider-man of Mankind. by AnansiEmperor
Emperor Spider-man of Mankind.by AnansiEmperor
An intro to Warhammer 40K but with Spider-man as the God Emperor.
Legion Wars by Shadow_trooper
Legion Warsby Shadow_trooper
During the height of the great Crusade, a ring was discovered, and repaired. The Legions muster a combined fleet, and send a force through, to a Galaxy Far Far Away
Gate x 40k: Thus the war of annihilation was fought there by Warbrand1
Gate x 40k: Thus the war of annihi...by Warden
Deep in the underhives of Krieg, a mysterious gate appears. But before anyone can act strange men with ancient armor and weapons come out of the gate. Will the 45th Sieg...
Ultra Azur by Welcome1O1
Ultra Azurby Welcome1O1
The Emperor decides to send his last loyal son far away from the clutches of Chaos. Not knowing where his son will end up, the Emperor wishes his son well. Roboute Guill...
Warhammer Effect by Shadow_trooper
Warhammer Effectby Shadow_trooper
Mass effect crossover with Warhammer (shortly before Mass effect 1 starts)
Templars Kingdom (Warhammer 40k X RWBY IQD) by Grimauldus
Templars Kingdom (Warhammer 40k X...by Grimauldus
During the Crusade of Dust Maxer and His Personal Templars are Sent Back to Remnant In A Alternate but Similar Timeline, Will our Boys in Black be prepared For The mind...
Through the Jungle (Warhammer 40k X RWBY) by Grimauldus
Through the Jungle (Warhammer 40k...by Grimauldus
The Knights of Remnant, a Honorable Legion that even though it's only been around For 50 years it has already gained many honorifics but during a Warp jump the Angels fu...
Astartes. A Remnant / RWBY fanfic by Hariknasekh
Astartes. A Remnant / RWBY fanficby Hariknasekh Undying
It's set in the same world as rwby, but that has little effect on the actual story. Its also got a space marine in it, so yeah. WH40K.
Astartes in Mythology 40K FanFic by ilikecrigley3real
Astartes in Mythology 40K FanFicby The Mutated Nut
Escaped from the Backrooms is our Mc an Astartes Retributor, mowing down hordes of entities from the backrooms, he manages to escape the mono yellow wallpaper maze of in...