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Solving of the Countries (Book 2) by ThunderWolf21
Solving of the Countries (Book 2)by ThunderWolf21
The countries settled in a new place. The organizations, specifically UN, has set a goal. They want to fix the countries relationships with each other. Specifically...
Divided || A Hetalia Fanfic by tricethecharm
Divided || A Hetalia Fanficby Trice
For years, the Asian nations have been pushed around and taken for granted by Europe and the Americas so what happens when they have had enough? They start secluding and...
The Weird Adventures Of The ASEAN by imbloody_brilliant
The Weird Adventures Of The ASEANby hanatamago
Follow the ASEAN in their weird journey to become one of the best associations that ever existed.....well at least the journey of them trying...
ASEAN High School (countryhuman) by Starie_note26
ASEAN High School (countryhuman)by rinastar
(the book cover belongs to rosez_zzz in Instagram 💕💕 give them much love pls) just a story about malay, indo, Singa, philip, Brunei and many more asean countries goin...
The Power Of ASEAN!!! by aSeCreTfANgurL
The Power Of ASEAN!!!by someone
"With great power, comes great responsibility." -Marvel's Spiderman In the world of great and super awesome countries, there's only on...
𝐴𝑆𝐸𝐴𝑁 𝐸𝑚𝑝𝑖𝑟𝑒 by LeoXi_Andria
𝐴𝑆𝐸𝐴𝑁 𝐸𝑚𝑝𝑖𝑟𝑒by LeoRi☕︎
[ Under Editing/Rewrite. ] Caught in a tangled up chain of mysteries, A family raised from the Orient Sea of the south found themselves in the center of all targets and...
Bound by Destiny | COUNTRYHUMAN AU by Eli_Jah_Watt
Bound by Destiny | COUNTRYHUMAN AUby Elijah Watt
Germany never asked to be an heir to the throne and he most certainly didn't ask to be the son of one of the most hated kings. Poland hates the fact that he lost both o...
Problems | Countryhumans AU by Dayum_Lies
Problems | Countryhumans AUby Zen Kazukan
➟ 𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙞𝙧 𝙂𝙪𝙖𝙧𝙙𝙞𝙖𝙣 𝘼𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙡 𝙪𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙞𝙧 𝙟𝙪𝙙𝙜𝙚𝙢𝙚𝙣𝙩 Chased by problems, Countries try to run away only to trip and fall but 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐞...
Reality or Fantasy? Countryhumans x female reader story by A-corrupt-anime-girl
Reality or Fantasy? Neko-chan
(y/n) is a young 13 year old girl going to collage. One day, a mysterious sickness spreads throughout the world and everyone dies from it except her. Due to her survivin...
Isolated Personality | Countryhumans AU by Dayum_Lies
Isolated Personality | Zen Kazukan
↳ ❝ 𝓔𝓿𝓮𝓻𝔂𝓭𝓪𝔂 𝓲𝓼 𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓿𝓮𝓷 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓶𝔂 𝓹𝓮𝓸𝓹𝓵𝓮-!❞ S̶i̶m̶p̶l̶e̶ things such as claiming lands are always taken to a world meeting. China thought he could...
ASEAN (My AU)  by CrescentCHfan1
ASEAN (My AU) by Crescent
ASEANs. The most chaotic group of my AU. Read their most randomest moments and many more entertaining stuff....
Academy of the Countries (Book 1) by ThunderWolf21
Academy of the Countries (Book 1)by ThunderWolf21
I HAVE TOO MANY STORY IDEAS!!! I flit from one to another. whhhyyy Cover art belongs to me Warning: May be cringe I warned yah plebs.
the past and the present by Lunaria_maharlika
the past and the presentby Lunaria_maharlika
What would happen if the country's that have been long dead suddenly came back to life? Surely it would be chaotic right? Just. Plain. CHAOS. That's the best case scenar...
Random Stuff With The ASEAN by gonegone42069
Random Stuff With The ASEANby .
Just the hetalia ASEAN with Papua New Guinea and Timor messing around. Feel free to ask/dare and request anything! Just keep in mind that there will be slow updates. (E...
GATE thus ASEAN from second gate world war Valkyrie  by Zeroread99
GATE thus ASEAN from second gate Muhd Waie Ali Isa
1937-2023 Valkyria chronicles was manufacturer they beginning to attack Brunei darussalam because they have ship,tanks and unknown army he called it Gallian Revolutiona...
A Bitch's Revenge /a countryhuman story/ by DeezNatzzz
A Bitch's Revenge /a DeezNatzzz
ᵗʳᵃⁿˢ·ᵐⁱ·ᵍʳᵃᵗᵉ /ᵗʳᵃⁿᶻˈᵐīˌɡʳāᵗ,ᵗʳᵃⁿ⁽ᵗ⁾ˢˈᵐīˌɡʳāᵗ/ ᵛᵉʳᵇ ᵖᵃˢᵗ ᵗᵉⁿˢᵉ: ᵗʳᵃⁿˢᵐⁱᵍʳᵃᵗᵉᵈ; ᵖᵃˢᵗ ᵖᵃʳᵗⁱᶜⁱᵖˡᵉ: ᵗʳᵃⁿˢᵐⁱᵍʳᵃᵗᵉᵈ ¹. ⁽ᵒᶠ ᵗʰᵉ ˢᵒᵘˡ⁾ ᵖᵃˢˢ ⁱⁿᵗᵒ ᵃ ᵈⁱᶠᶠᵉʳᵉⁿᵗ ᵇᵒᵈʸ ᵃᶠᵗᵉʳ ᵈᵉᵃᵗʰ. ...
untold [ france x philippines Countryhumans ] Book 2 by lia_lovesss
untold [ france x philippines jm
Okay so ermm here's book two , I recommend the new readers to read the first book before reading this book for better understanding...but if no then it's ok. And just to...
Ask or Dare Asean 10 by IAmHetaliaCambodia
Ask or Dare Asean 10by Cam
Here are the characters: Thailand , Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore, Laos You can ask or dare and sometimes there is stor...
𐌀𐌔𐌄𐌀𐌍 𐌕𐋅𐌄 𐌋𐌀𐌔𐌕 𐌃𐌓𐌀ᏵꝊ𐌍 by ct_dkwtd
𐌀𐌔𐌄𐌀𐌍 𐌕𐋅𐌄 𐌋𐌀𐌔𐌕 𐌃𐌓𐌀Ᏽ City
𝙍𝙖𝙮𝙖 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙡𝙖𝙨𝙩 𝙙𝙧𝙖𝙜𝙤𝙣 𝙓 𝙎𝙚𝙖 𝘾𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩𝙧𝙮𝙝𝙪𝙢𝙖𝙣𝙨 I can't get this story out of my head for awhile. hopefully, this way can. story insp...
Timog Silangan: The Folktales of Southeast Asia by RynehAbueva
Timog Silangan: The Folktales of RYNEHABUEVA
Explore and witness the richness and cultural diversity of Southeast Asian literature via folklore. Filled with magic and lessons that made our lives realized and learne...