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A Lone Admiral of AQUARIUS (Pacifist Admiral X Dimension Travel) by FallibleCrowd
A Lone Admiral of AQUARIUS ( FallibleCrowd27
This story takes place to Parallel Universe. Which there was Humans & Aliens are living among them. But, there's a threat to all humans and aliens are aware from upcomin...
BoBoiBoy: Shadows of The Destiny by BilitAnant
BoBoiBoy: Shadows of The Destinyby Bilit Anant
My very own fanfiction takes place after BoBoiBoy movie 2 and BoBoiBoy galaxy season 2 (even though it has not completed yet, as this is not canon from the original. whi...
The Cosmic Princess by tlwsweety2
The Cosmic Princessby tlwsweety2
Sequel to The Lethal Princess. Must read first book before this. Becoming princess of an entire nation: That was difficult, but manageable for Avril. Having to marry bef...
Cosmogyral Expedition (Volume 1) by CassyKnight_21
Cosmogyral Expedition (Volume 1)by Cassandra Knight
Calix Yevander, a time traveller, an ex-soldier, a member of Death Stings from a planet called the Oporin, travels back in time in order to find the great warriors of al...
The Other Side  by angrmz
The Other Side by Madam Potato
Naruto Uzumaki, the fun and loveable prankster. His bright smile that could light a whole city and eyes that shine like stars. Always smiling and making everyone laugh...
Stellar by harperlbrennan
Stellarby (s) harpie
Anastasia Ellis is the commander of the Demeter Space Station, having worked her way up from an engineer to an astronaut, and finally a commander, in the past seven year...
An Alien Pet! (Inspired By @pepperisawriter)  by Sunnyshinesans
An Alien Pet! (Inspired By Puppydragon6
This is heavily inspired by @pepperisawriter but it's my own original characters and species but if @pepperisawriter has an issue with it I will take it down! If you see...
Voltron Oneshots {Discontinued} by Klance_Fam2000
Voltron Oneshots {Discontinued}by Klance_Fam2000
One shots about the lovely characters of Voltron. The story has been discontinued. Along with that, they were written a long time ago, so overall the oneshots aren't the...
The Son of Chaos: A Percy Jackson Fanfiction by Thelemmy123
The Son of Chaos: A Percy Kayla Matthews
About 20 years ago, Chaos and Order had a son. This being was prophecied to to be the bane of the dark Lord End. One day End fought to destroy this son of Chaos in attem...
Eyes Like Galaxies by jasmineleah
Eyes Like Galaxiesby Jas
"Her love was like alcohol, and I adored being intoxicated"
All For Power by Lord_Grenne
All For Powerby Daniel Idoko
Al'ravee spent ninety-five years living the typical life of a mortal, only for him to wake up from his grave five years later to find out that he wasn't what he thought...
Lucky Misfortune: The path that leads to you {on-going} by mibu_mibu
Lucky Misfortune: The path that mibu_mibu
In this vast universe where millions and trillions of species live, is there a thing such as luck in one's misfortune? How lucky am I to find you.
Home  by Theia_777
Home by Star
A book that will hold very precious stories . Our Youniverse☆
Space stuff Ig- by Delta_Frog
Space stuff Ig-by ✯Delta_Frog✯
This will only be about Space.
Starsent | Genshin Impact by _-LunalightSerena-_
Starsent | Genshin Impactby 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐌𝐎𝐑𝐃𝐈𝐀𝐋 �...
[genderbend(ftm)!genshin males x female!astronomer!reader] ____________________________ "sooo you're like Simeon or?-" "no i'm not like that douchebag ast...
Ozania Odyssey by VisionaryProjects
Ozania Odysseyby Daniel Lane
"We share a single dream - to become legendary Warriors for the Empire of Ozania!" In the distant future, a powerful dynasty called Ozania reigns supreme in t...
princess ANAN by stickyydough
princess ANANby pompy ib
A paranormal story predicting a galaxy existing before Big and and people having supernatural powers endup losing it
Lost in Your Eyes: Luxsoka Fanfiction   by The_GreyJedi
Lost in Your Eyes: Luxsoka The Grey Jedi
Ahsoka Tano and Padmé Almidala are on their way to the Separatist home world of Raxus. While there, Ahsoka meets a mysterious young boy, Lux Bonteri. At first she absolu...
The Light Sentinel  (Marvel/Star Wars Crossover) by catalan_andrea
The Light Sentinel (Marvel/Star Andrea Montes
The third book of When Worlds Collide. Storm Odinson has lost her husband, her children, her sisters, and many of her friends. She returns to her home galaxy, devastated...
Paradise by m00n_drunk
Paradiseby The World Divide
Book 1 of the Paradise Series. - 3019: The world was now advanced in all sorts of technology. They were stronger than any species known. And now, they began their explo...