Lolocartoons stories logic by Lolocartoons
Lolocartoons stories logicby Wwe fantic.
I was bored and don't read this
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The Mage's Name (prinxiety) by Roxy50angel
The Mage's Name (prinxiety)by Rose Marie
The world of mages, a dark and dangerous place. Roman is accepted into the community after 26 years of waiting. What happens when he takes a liking to a certain dark mag...
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Ready As I'll Ever Be (Sander Sides x Reader) by MLG_Girl369
Ready As I'll Ever Be (Sander Side...by 🌿ღ 。Jazza 。ღ🌿
This story is based off an animation I saw ☺️
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BEYOND THE SHELL by PeterGachuiri
BEYOND THE SHELLby Peter Gachuiri
If life were a debate session, we would be required to choose a side and promote and defend the ideas that only support the position of our chosen side. In a debate sett...
  • enlightenment
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Logicality & Prinxiety One Shots by Selina-Kyle46
Logicality & Prinxiety One Shotsby Selina-Kyle46
Requests are open 😊
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BARE| 2018 by anksiozno
BARE| 2018by anksiozno
give a boy a chance to learn, and he will become GREAT; give a boy a chance to love, and he will become RUIN; give him both and watch the world crumble to pieces anksioz...
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Black Bird [PRINXIETY] by NightyMoon0
Black Bird [PRINXIETY]by NightyMoon
It's been a couple months since Virgil had been accepted into the Sides, them becoming a family. Since that day, since the day Virgil broke out of his "bad guy"...
  • logan
  • roman
  • anxiety
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Sanders Sides Silliness / Trash by JustAnotherFan4444
Sanders Sides Silliness / Trashby JustAnotherFan4444
A book of nonsense, with headcannons, ships, story ideas, and more. Where we, YOUR amazing narrators and writers, give you ideas, and love!
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Sanders Sides One-Shots by Ambersky_Shadowwing
Sanders Sides One-Shotsby Ambersky
Just a bunch of Sanders Sides one-shots, like the title says. I take requests, so feel free to drop 'em on me if you have one!
  • thomas
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  • logicality
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Downward Spiral by behindthemask44
Downward Spiralby Azrin
"Come on, Lanie," their voices urged softly. "Forget them." 'How peculiar,' Lanie thought. Fluffy white clouds began to pass over the sun, gradually...
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Random by lazyserpent36010
Randomby lazyserpent36010
????????? I honestly don't know anymore ?????????
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Mewtwo Reviews: Hip-hop, Rap, and Trap by MewtwoPsystrike
Mewtwo Reviews: Hip-hop, Rap, and...by Issei Hyodou
My opinions on music
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Our Love Is Illogical by Stupid_Usernamezz
Our Love Is Illogicalby Tallyn
Logan, despite what it may appear, He does feel emotion. But, a new emotion has recently caught Logan off guard, a new emotion for someone!! Logan decides he needs help...
  • anxiety
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Thomas sanders sides x reader oneshots  by freefallAngel
Thomas sanders sides x reader ones...by FreeToFall
Idk. No smutty smut smit stuff Suicide? Hell ya Idk I'm a mess Bye
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He's A Tramp [] Logince by Music-And-Monsters
He's A Tramp [] Loginceby Huge Nerd
Logan Darling was an upper-class guy. He'd had everything he could ever dream of his entire life. He had friends, a loving family, a warm home and first class pass into...
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My life flew out the window and down the road, can you help me find it?
  • virgil
  • morality
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The Story Of The Girl Sander Side (my oc) by x_GTliveLover_x
The Story Of The Girl Sander Side...by ElectricPichu
one day a new side showed up. but when the sides go to investigate who the new side is they're surprised to see... A girl side. Patton's curious but excited. Logan's wei...
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Vivi | Sanders Sides by NightshadeCupcakes
Vivi | Sanders Sidesby Vitas Delachord
In love or loss, all anyone can do is stand strong and try to find a way for everything to work out in the end. In both, it can become impossible. Virgil Maddens seemed...
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SanderSides Oneshots by Jays-Artwork
SanderSides Oneshotsby Jays-Artwork
~•~Requests are open~•~ Wellll I made a Oneshot book.... hope ya like it.. NOTICE !!!COVER IS MY WORK!!! (.... book cover edits are open as well..)
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