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Radioman (A 2/19th Spinoff) - Complete by TimothyWillard
Radioman (A 2/19th Spinoff) - Comp...by Timothy Willard
Paul Foster is a 17 year old boy, a white trash high school dropout without even a GED to his name, an adulteress ex-wife he married at 16, uncaring (at best) parents, w...
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The Twilight Prince by ANWheeler
The Twilight Princeby Andrew Wheeler
What happens when your fairy godmother and your commanding officer don't see eye to eye? Ben Frazer frets about exams, university, and finding a boyfriend, but he has a...
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The Anima [completed] by HappilySinister
The Anima [completed]by Happily Sinister
1st PLACE in the UNICORN AWARDS! On the anniversary of her best friends disappearance, Lyra is ready to accept the inevitability of his death. But when mysterious men sh...
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Edgeworth x Reader by sconesaresuperior
Edgeworth x Readerby sconesaresuperior
You arrive at your new job as a rookie Prosecutor, only to be greeted by a wave of rudeness from a certain red-cladded Prosecutor, for what seems like no reason whatsoev...
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Beloved: A Slayer Chronicle (Book 2) by IsabellaModra
Beloved: A Slayer Chronicle (Book...by IsabellaModra
The underground world of Beneath is silent. Vampire City is a ghost town, vampires starving in their homes without a source of blood. The creatures of the Dark Woods rem...
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A Dravanian Tale-Maleficent: Mistress of evil-BorraxOC by Nova_BlackAngel
A Dravanian Tale-Maleficent: Mistr...by Angel
A mysterious horned girl running away to protect her life found shelter into the moors by accident Little she know that it will be the beginning of her new life with a...
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The Seasons (An RP) by RolePlayWriter_
The Seasons (An RP)by Just A Writer.
In RP.
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New Earth 6 by krazydiamond
New Earth 6by Kristin Jacques
'Firefly meets Battlestar Galactica'. A merchant's daughter is captured and sold into slavery. A genetically modified survivor of an alien attack scours the gal...
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~ Never Alone ~ ( An Avengers Fan-Fiction )  by Iloveyou3000andmore
~ Never Alone ~ ( An Avengers Fan...by Iloveyou3000andmore
Lisa , a 15 year old teenager desires a normal life . Ever since she was young an 'accident' occurred and she was abandoned . Her dreams and wishes are put on pause when...
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The Fae and the Forest: Requests Open by Exophiliac_Fiction
The Fae and the Forest: Requests O...by Exophiliac Fiction
Fae, Plant Monsters, and more! This is a compilation of reader inserts for creatures typically found in plant filled and forest environments. I also take request!
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The Exiled Queen by losttoliterature
The Exiled Queenby lost.to.literature
"I've been warned in my ten years in Faerie to never make bargains with the Folk, but I am the one who can lie. The Folk should be warned to never make bargains wit...
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Iron Frost - Clan of the Rim Chronicles #1 by KN_Campbell
Iron Frost - Clan of the Rim Chron...by (Inactive) Katelyn Noel Campb...
*COMPLETED* YOUTUBE TRAILER: https://youtu.be/N7Fl0a2QAYA When her first kiss turns into ice-cold murder, seventeen year old Eerika Arnesen's life is turned completely...
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My Fairy King by ShyHidingShadowGirl
My Fairy Kingby ShyHidingShadowGirl
Jay Byrne is not like most kids in his Irish town. There are many things that set him apart, but the biggest one is that he's an amputee. One day however he is pulled in...
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Rune Knight: Book Two of The Empress Saga by drahcirwolf
Rune Knight: Book Two of The Empre...by drahcirwolf
In the southern realm of Altier Nashal, a kingdom of frozen seas and vast forests, a civil war between three rival factions sparks the beginning of a foretold doom. Ban...
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The Dark Deceit (The Dark Prince. Book 3) by LaDameBlanche
The Dark Deceit (The Dark Prince...by Emma Leech
A dangerous secret lies at the heart of the Fae Lands. A secret that could save three kingdoms - or burn them all to the ground. The secret is Prince Corin's to bear al...
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When Lightning Burns [COMPLETED] by KathleenRovner
When Lightning Burns [COMPLETED]by Kathleen Rovner
Julie hides a dangerous secret... Julie Marin is living her dream as a dance student in New York but feels guilty that her family is trapped on Seelie Island, where they...
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Ace Attorney- Signal Green (Miles Edgeworth x Reader) by EmiEevee
Ace Attorney- Signal Green (Miles...by ImALittleNerd:)
The signal Samurai. (Y/n) wanted to be just like them. From the day she and two others stood up for a boy in their class, she decided that the best way to do that would...
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The Assassin's Daughter by alcetryx
The Assassin's Daughterby Aria Winter
The king was dead. Unfortunately for Echo, so was her father. Only one more thing stands in the way: the incredibly attractive prince. Unfortunately for Echo, killing hi...
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Unfit to be a mother by HannahOfTheInternet
Unfit to be a motherby Hannah C.
Jenna Marks had it all--the reputation, the stupid best friend and the hot ex-boyfriend. Two and a half months after breaking up with said boyfriend, she finds out she's...
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Tsunami - A Percy Jackson Fanfic by theonlyfey
Tsunami - A Percy Jackson Fanficby Fey Chain
"Your fatal flaw is personal loyalty, Percy. You do not know when it is time to cut your losses. To save a friend, you would sacrifice the world." Everyone kno...
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