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The Ends of the Earth by lethaldesire
The Ends of the Earthby lethaldesire
It's been two years since Aelin defeated Erawan and Maeve in a bloody battle. Two years since her life changed. And it's about to change again. Someone from her past com...
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Sarah J Maas Ships, Quotes and Memes || Book 1 || by She_Devil666
Sarah J Maas Ships, Quotes and Ballerina Voldy
Exactly what the title says. Enjoy the wonders of Rowaelin, Feysand, and many many memes. And some quotes. I do not own the art inside. Book 1.
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Set Fire to my Atmosphere by lethaldesire
Set Fire to my Atmosphereby lethaldesire
It's been months since Rowan has started his hunt for his Fireheart, but the determination still as fresh as it was the day he found her bloodied shirt on the beach. (Se...
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ACOTAR One~Shots by MG_writing2703
ACOTAR One~Shotsby Madeline Grace
ACOTAR, ACOMAF, ACOWAR, and ACOFAS One~Shots and short stories that I've written and constructed myself. I also have a tendency to make my one-shots long and detailed. S...
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Shadow Singer by VaraXandros
Shadow Singerby VaraXandros
AZRIEL ONE SHOTS/POINT OF VIEWS from A Court of Thorns and Roses Series!!! AND SPOILER WARNING! If you haven't read the ACOTAR series (or at least up to 1/2 of the third...
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A Court of Rhys and Feyre by _LiveForTheNight_
A Court of Rhys and Feyreby _LiveForTheNight_
Hey Followers, In this story I talk about my feelings and I have a fan fiction going on Stay Cool my Baby Illyrians! #743 in Random (3/11/2017) #701 in Random (4/11/201...
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New Beginning by gabriele380899
New Beginningby Gabrielle Mockeviciute
Elain has a story that nobody knows about. Azriel is there for her and he helps her heal. He heals in the process. The new love story between Azriel and Elain begins. El...
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A Court of Love and Betrayal by courtofangels
A Court of Love and Betrayalby CourtOfAngels
What will happen when Rhysand & Feyres daughter meets Tamlins son. Set 100 years after the events of ACOWAR. This story follows the lives of the acotar characters child...
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Their Nights by RiaAndHerCourt
Their Nightsby Ria
Elain and Azriel have difficulty sleeping
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A Court Of Little And Drama by AngelicStyle
A Court Of Little And Dramaby ♔ Undknown Queen ♔
In this book I will post any kind of meme from acotar (A Court Of Throns And Roses). Maybe some fanarts or made ups short stories from all the characters in the book. I...
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A Court of Stars and Wishes by KatyDaCake
A Court of Stars and Wishesby Caitlin
**SPOLIERS FOR ACOTAR SERIES** "Do you really want to see it?" He asked. She tuned to look at him, scanning his features. If he was mocking her then he woul...
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Answered Dreams (ACOTAR | ACOMAF | ACOWAR | ACOFAS) by AsYetUntitled_
Answered Dreams (ACOTAR | ACOMAF | MB McC
"To the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys." "To the stars who listen- and the dreams that are answered." Feyre killed Andras. Tamlin broug...
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His Soldier by Fiery-Feyre
His Soldierby Mikrokosmos
This is fanfiction based off of Sarah J Maas's story "A Court of Thorns and Roses". It will contain spoilers, so please do not read if you have not read this s...
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The Night Fox (ACOTAR fan fiction) by Loose_End
The Night Fox (ACOTAR fan fiction)by Sammy K./Loose End
Aerin does not fit into her world, born a demi-fae, and hated in the mortal lands. But in Prythian she is just as rejected, her mortality clearly visible. Her ears and t...
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A Court Of Fame And Desire by courtofangels
A Court Of Fame And Desireby CourtOfAngels
A modern acotar AU of the characters as celebrities. And of course Rhysand, Azriel and Cassian are in a band. Feyre is a tattoo artist and aspiring actress, Mor is a su...
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Eris Vanserra & Co. by booklovw
Eris Vanserra & booklovw
Plot twist of the century: Eris Vanserra has a family that he's been hiding for the last, oh I don't know, six hundred years. This is a very rough collection of their st...
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A Court of Thorns and Roses  by -simplyheadoverheels
A Court of Thorns and Roses by -simplyheadoverheels
A Court of Thorns and Roses: ||Currently Open|| Based off A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
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His High Lady by Fiery-Feyre
His High Ladyby Mikrokosmos
His Soldier was just the beginning of Regina's story. So, I am happy to bring you His High Lady. ------------- Continuation to His Soldier. ------------- "Shush i...
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A Court of Time and Space by hxllosweetie
A Court of Time and Spaceby 🍃
A Doctor Who and A Court of Thorns and Roses crossover. Clara Oswald has moved on with her life, but when the Doctor returns in her newly regenerated body, Clara must ch...
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A Court Of Poison And Love by queen_maas
A Court Of Poison And Loveby queen_maas
"And suddenly, Nesta felt it. All the fear, all the sadness, all the love. But mostly, she felt everything she had lost in the past months." * * * Fanfiction...
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