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Pauper Princess by LegendaryPenName
Pauper Princessby LegendaryPenName
Meli is a beggar in 19th century London. Not just a beggar- a pickpocket. A thief. And a good one. ************* I didn't ask to be a beggar. It was just what becomes of...
Baby Blues - Miles Fairchild by bbboombie
Baby Blues - Miles Fairchildby boombie
plz stop reading this it's actually terrible and i need to re-write it "And in their wake they left destruction and chaos." - Just a girl who's lowkey a socio...
To Marry the Steward by MuintirQueen
To Marry the Stewardby Arienh Forsyth
Miss Genevieve Thorton, niece of Lord and Lady Albridge of Ridge Manor, Wiltshire, enjoys playing governess for her two younger cousins. She also enjoys reading Shakesp...
JANE by SaffronSun
JANEby SaffronSun
When Jane takes a summer job as a nanny to a rich, handsome and mysterious man, her life changes in ways she'd never imagined. This is a modern teen reimagining of Cha...
The Forgotten Tale of a former lady named Ella by ForeverBroadway
The Forgotten Tale of a former ForeverBroadway
Ella Marchand has been at the mercy of her stepmother for over a decade. True, she can escape anytime she wishes, if it were not for the disgraceful secret keeping her h...
The Nanny and The Farmer by Mckayy7212
The Nanny and The Farmerby Mckayy7212
When Clara's family is tragically killed after her high school graduation, she takes a journey from West Virginia to rural Wyoming to begin a new life as a nanny for thr...
The Three Daughters of the Marquess of Shrewsbury Vol.1 by Laury_Arts
The Three Daughters of the Laury_Arts
England, 19th century, The beautiful, the disabled and the illegitimate. This is how the daughters of Lord Kent, the Marquess of Shrewsbury, were known in London's go...
Always Yours  HIS HIGHNESS ~ by ChandrimaSenapati
Always Yours HIS HIGHNESS ~by Chandrima Senapati
love story of a widower king and a common maid... he has a daughter...she has two bother and sister to take care of... Did their romance blossom after all hurdles? Do th...
Wings Like an Eagle by novelistam
Wings Like an Eagleby novelistam
Nancy Whitby, alone and forsaken by the world, is offered a position as a governess for a well to do widower and his young daughter. This is the chance Nancy has been wa...
The Lost Princess of War by _Silver_Shadow_20
The Lost Princess of Warby _Silver_Shadow_20
Hey everyone I wanted to let you all know this is only the first draft currently, I'm open to here critiques to better my writing when it is in the editing process. Have...
The First Lady Diaries by briflareii
The First Lady Diariesby briflareii
Living a satisfying life as the Queen of Kastovia's sister and the Vice President of Gérolstein's wife, you seem to have it all! But when the President of Gérolstein sud...
Dangerous Letters by iriswinter
Dangerous Lettersby Iris Winter
Dear Reader, The following work was found sealed in the library of a castle, belonging to an ancient noble family, in the Champagne region to the east of Paris. The dat...
A Vindication Of Miss Everlee by Debrauil
A Vindication Of Miss Everleeby AbCd
It is 1790s in England and for Midge Everlee, as for many girls, dreams of acceptance are commonplace. Therefore, taking the position of governess for the Waldens is an...
Haunting Me by DelyraBroken
Haunting Meby DelyraBroken
Renee Lae Garamise is an ordinary orphan, except for the fact that she sees ghosts. It comes all naturally to her, she never thought about how 'supernatural' it is. Her...
Alexis Grace by bonsile84
Alexis Graceby Bon'sile Fortunate Hlatshwayo
*** "I said where have you been?!" Sandra asks "If you must know I was thinking of how to make you dress decently for once"I reply smirking as she fl...
The Governess Angel & The Gifted Child by Killer_Crim
The Governess Angel & The Gifted Killer.Crim
Elizabeth Carter was an honarary angel, loved and devoted to what an angel was supposed to be. A single conversation sent her down below and forced her to find normalcy...