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The Goblin's Throne by AllieSalone
The Goblin's Throneby Allie
The Goblin's Trilogy #2 Nearly six years have passed since the goblin king and queen overthrew Queen Mab, took ownership of the Unseelie court and turned their kingdom i...
  • throne
  • knut
  • fairy
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The Goblin's Crown by AllieSalone
The Goblin's Crownby Allie
The Goblin's Trilogy #1 After being raised by her three criminal brothers, Matilda is used to stealing what she wants. However, when she picks the wrong person's pocket...
  • thewattys2018
  • beautyandthebeast
  • elizabethan
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A New Life In Another World by acpro123
A New Life In Another Worldby acpro123
Damien didn't feel like he belonged in his world and wanted to live in another world. One day, he got his wish by a goddess named Zerris. She was known as the Goddess of...
  • fantasy
  • action
  • demons
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The Grandmaster's Son Book 1: Forged by Fire by wcmarkarian
The Grandmaster's Son Book 1: Forg...by W. C. Markarian
-|- Previously Featured Wattpad Story -|- -|- Wattys 2016 Winner -|- Revenge. At first, it seemed simple to Liam Oswald. When he was only six years old, he witnessed t...
  • adventure
  • epic
  • nephilim
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Arising Fate by Darkened_Forests
Arising Fateby Laura Nicole
Trapped within the land of dreams, a beast shall awaken; Demonic and evil, heroes forsaken. But beneath the full moon, lies a shimmering star; A curse d...
  • fae
  • angels
  • darkness
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Modern Love - Labyrinth by LabyrinthFan
Modern Love - Labyrinthby Labyrinth Fan
*Next Generation Labyrinth Romance* Nineteen years after Sarah left the labyrinth, her daughter, Athena, headstrong, innocent and fierce, is kidnapped and taken into...
  • jareth
  • adventure
  • dream
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A Hero from Another World (Fantasy Harem x Male Reader) by Lynxtheguy2
A Hero from Another World (Fantasy...by Lynxtheguy2
(Y/n) (l/n), a relative nobody in his world, comes to a new world and he just might become that worlds greatest hero.
  • comedy
  • malereader
  • fantasy
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Galvins Guilt by EricX2
Galvins Guiltby EricX2
Galvin was a young Halfling, who always knew it was his destiny to be a wizard. However when he failed the entrance exams twice and had his master killed by a band of g...
  • goblins
  • magic
  • monsters
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StacyPotter (-Volume One-) Path to being a Wizard by IrishLads-4DaWin
StacyPotter (-Volume One-) Path to...by Winter Wolfs
Stacy Potter is a young girl with a typical and normal life, till one day she ends up getting an odd seeming letter from the one and only headmaster of Hogwarts. At fi...
  • fairies
  • hogwarts
  • power
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The Owner of Nothing by runninwitwolves
The Owner of Nothingby Isaac Kemp
Dear reader, I am going to tell you a secret. I don't like you. I'm sure that you've been told you're special, that each of you is unique, and that is a lie. Each of yo...
  • mother
  • goblins
  • prince
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People Change by Natalie0Limeson3
People Changeby Natalie.Limeson
A princess of Mirkwood disappears, An assassin rises, And a company tries to reclaim their homeland with a help of two strangers. EXTREMELY BAD ;P DISCONTINUED FOR NOW
  • legolas
  • firebutterfly
  • dwarves
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The Flower Chronicles by LordTravis
The Flower Chroniclesby Jonathan Crow
A girl named Kelly is possessed by an evil demon spirit and her boyfriend Aaron sets out to save her. Meanwhile, in a fantasy world, Brandus and his friends are trying t...
  • demons
  • romance
  • orcs
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The Lost and Found by MaskOfMidnight
The Lost and Foundby Victoria
  • romance
  • labyrinth
  • jareth
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Egg by owlquote
Eggby owlquote
The world has died when the Goblin King finds a sleeping girl in a strange pod. K+; children's tale. Scifi AU
  • davidbowie
  • scifi
  • goblins
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Lion and a lamb by Genderfluid_trashbag
Lion and a lambby Lynn Schneppe
One girl will face many trials through her life. She has lows and even lower lows. She will have little to no high times in life. This may be more depressing to read and...
  • fantasyfiction
  • warlock
  • vampire
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Don't turn out the lights by thezombiesarecoming
Don't turn out the lightsby Haven
Sitka, a 15 year old girl already has a lot to deal with; her disfunctional dad, her brother who has autism, and school, whitch she's failing. Her closet works as a port...
  • goblins
  • clones
  • arguements
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The Adventures of Krad Gink by Project_I
The Adventures of Krad Ginkby Project_I
The story of a goblin who is different than most forever changed by fate.
  • adventure
  • fantasy
  • goblins
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Universal Chaos by ElementalClash13
Universal Chaosby ElementalClash
once upon a reality many planets fought for whats right earth was peaceful that day but one escape pod hit earth a powerful creature was born on earth. He was found by t...
  • doomsday
  • others-thingies
  • fictional
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MIDDANGARD (A Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction) by AlNapoli
MIDDANGARD (A Lord of the Rings Fa...by Al Napoli
After the cataclysm of 2015 the world is a different place. The human race has been split into either true Beauties or true Beasts.There are Dwarfs and Goblins and Elv...
  • postapocolyptic
  • apocalyptic
  • elf
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Crescent Moon: Myths of the Wind by RavensShadow
Crescent Moon: Myths of the Windby Tsukasa Shirabuki
Mia Shirayuuki is an average high school girl with the seemingly impossible dream to fly, when one night her dream comes true. Flying away from home with her new wings...
  • suspense
  • wizards
  • dwarfs
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