God's an Adventurer Volume I by PrinnyHDood
God's an Adventurer Volume Iby PrinnyHDood
Kami has created everything known to mankind and more for millions of years and he's grown tired of constantly keeping check on it all. The only thing that had kept him...
  • rpg
  • ongoing
  • fantasy
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The Grandmaster's Son: Candidate (Completed) by wcmarkarian
The Grandmaster's Son: Candidate (...by W. C. Markarian
-|- Previously Featured Wattpad Story -|- -|- Wattys 2016 Winner -|- Revenge. At first, it seemed simple to Liam Oswald. When he was only six years old, he witnessed t...
  • highfantasy
  • comingofage
  • goblins
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A New Life In Another World by acpro123
A New Life In Another Worldby acpro123
Damien didn't feel like he belonged in his world and wanted to live in another world. One day, he got his wish by a goddess named Zerris. She was known as the Goddess of...
  • opmc
  • adventure
  • demons
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Goblin King (PERMAFROST #2) by Pandean
Goblin King (PERMAFROST #2)by Pandean
The Hunt is over but the War has just begun. Against all odds, Janneke has survived the Hunt for the Stag--but all good things come with a cost. Lydian might be dead, bu...
  • journey
  • goblins
  • elf
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Rune Knight: Book Two of The Empress Saga by drahcirwolf
Rune Knight: Book Two of The Empre...by drahcirwolf
In the southern realm of Altier Nashal, a kingdom of frozen seas and vast forests, a civil war between three rival factions sparks the beginning of a foretold doom. Ban...
  • girlxgirl
  • wlw
  • hero
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She is my obsession by Monstrous_beauty
She is my obsessionby Shaina
Lying on the floor was a woman in the puddle of blood. The pain in her eyes was evidently more than the pain from the wound from which the blood was oozi...
  • fairy
  • archangels
  • kings
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Lost And Lonely - A Labyrinth Fanfic [UPDATED VERSION] by SpaceInvaderBowie
Lost And Lonely - A Labyrinth Fanf...by Sinner
[COMPLETED] This is an UPDATED version of the first original book under the same title. Same story, better writing! August 26th, 2018 this book became #1 in Bowie! ~~~ J...
  • raven
  • banshee
  • faery
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Hell's Daughter: Luna Morningstar by ArtsyB
Hell's Daughter: Luna Morningstarby ArtsyB
In the cold, icy depths of Hell, Luna Morningstar is tired of the constant routine it brings- damning souls to their eternal punishment, chasing off goblins, or doing he...
  • daughter
  • devilsdaughter
  • daughterfromhell
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Secrets to Unfold (Kili X Reader) by supernatural_gurl_13
Secrets to Unfold (Kili X Reader)by Rhyan K(Penguin)
Both of your parents were killed when you were just a baby. Or so you thought. Somehow, you were taken to the Shire and placed on young Bilbo Baggins' doorstep. Raising...
  • smaug
  • thehobbit
  • wizards
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The Unknown Lycan Heir (1# The Lycan Series) ✔ | SAMPLE by Catherine_Edward
The Unknown Lycan Heir (1# The Lyc...by Catherine Edward
🌟COMPLETED 🌟 Highest rank #2 in werewolf as on 8th May 2017 || BOOK ONE IN THE LYCAN SERIES || Completed - First draft and self edited.|| 🔹Winner of TRUE COLOU...
  • mate
  • paranormal
  • humanmate
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Prince Nuada by expensive_LatTAE
Prince Nuadaby Expensive_LatTAE
An elf who eternally would hate mortals such as humans, his fury for them would never wear out. When he finds out he can gain new powers from a human, from The Dark Elve...
  • thranduil
  • hobbit
  • science
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Lost And Lonely (COMPLETE) - A Labyrinth Fanfic by SpaceInvaderBowie #Wattys2016 by SpaceInvaderBowie
Lost And Lonely (COMPLETE) - A Lab...by Sinner
Book 2 of "The Rise Of The Goblin Queen" series. ~~~ A girl who loves anything to do with fantasy and fiction has been reading an old, small red book, author-l...
  • goblinking
  • goblins
  • labyrinth
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Immortal Love by IllicitImagination
Immortal Loveby Lia
Alana has always felt there was something about the dreams she had that were different from normal. That's why she tried so hard to paint them...maybe getting them out t...
  • multiplerealms
  • magic
  • godsandgoddesses
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Burning Road by LemuelMcMillan
Burning Roadby ⚔️ L. McMillan ⚔️
Miminda is a troublemaker at heart. She's a goblin, its her nature, and she's good at it. Khouri is a rebel without a cause, and down on his luck. Despite being from...
  • action
  • femalelead
  • monsters
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Rebel Ties by NicDante
Rebel Tiesby NicDante
This is just a draft of my story. If it isn't up to expectations or there are any suggestions you have to make it better, I would greatly appreciate them! Thank you, enj...
  • prophet
  • kingdoms
  • epic
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Blackbeard's Quest by ohstink_
Blackbeard's Questby Bethany
Pirates, fairies, Blackbeard, oh my! A fantasy for sure. Jeremy finds Blackbeard's treasure and drags his captain along on a quest. Along the way, they meet fairies, gob...
  • blackbeard
  • creatures
  • goblins
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Jareth's Return by Death_Skies
Jareth's Returnby Bryanna
Dori is like any other girl, though she has an unhealthy obsession with a world in which she wishes to immerse herself.The Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is a place where magi...
  • humor
  • magic
  • romance
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The Light of Midnight Shadows by lee_2113
The Light of Midnight Shadowsby Leena Nadella
#5 Adventure on 21st of March, 2018. April Johnson, 14 years old, a middle school topper along with her twin brother August Johnson, finish middle school and are anxious...
  • timetravel
  • wattys2018
  • half-breeds
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Was it Goblin Slayer or Goblin Sorcerer? by lolwhocaresaboutthat
Was it Goblin Slayer or Goblin Sor...by Lol Who Cares
Goblin Slayer but with some Soulsborne influences.
  • dark
  • souls
  • highelfarcher
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Finley- The Lost Prince by HavenCustos
Finley- The Lost Princeby Haven Custos
Book one of the Universes Series. Even if I told you that I was probably one of the most privileged existences in more than one world. Even if I told you that I could...
  • fairies
  • secretidentity
  • schoollife
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