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The Hunger Games - Through the Fire and Flames - Book 1 by CNThorntonFanFiction
The Hunger Games - Through the Fir...by CNThorntonFanFiction
Aloe Mellark is the daughter to Katniss and Peeta. With her 12th birthday nearing and the Hunger Games soon after the family is on edge. Though it is only her first time...
  • katniss
  • female2012
  • mellark
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Leah Riddle: Riddle me This (Book 2) by xxShaylee3xx
Leah Riddle: Riddle me This (Book...by Shaylynn
Series in Editing! Leah's back for another magical year at Hogwarts! It's her second year in Hogwarts, though it's her fifth year of schooling, and things are more compl...
  • female2012
  • leah
  • riddle
Society's Expectations & Too Many Complications {Finalist} by ChatterKid
Society's Expectations & Too Many...by Chemily
In the 1800s, London society is thriving. From the balls to the brunches, the eyes of the many look at your every move. Rosalia Taylor- a duchess's daughter- is the cent...
  • female2012
  • rosaliataylor
  • taylor
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The Rogue's Mate by CeCeAnnT
The Rogue's Mateby CeCe.
Alpha's aren't all that. Trust me.
  • adam
  • sitting
  • rogue
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Rockstar 101 (One Direction) by JustMe52
Rockstar 101 (One Direction)by Brooke
When Carter was younger, her father told her she was a terrible singer. After that, she gave up singing completely. Her best friend, Riley, forces her to try out for the...
  • liam
  • niall
  • harry
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The Best Thing For Me ✔️ by LaurenJ22
The Best Thing For Me ✔️by Lauren Jackson
#1 Romance | #1 Teen Fiction | #1 Young Adult | Watty Awards winner for 2012 Romance ‼️ The last ten chapters are UNAVAILABLE as this book published on Amazon (shout out...
  • kiss
  • romancewinner
  • drama
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Devoured Destiny (Completed, but being rewritten and edited.) by ChaeWinacott
Devoured Destiny (Completed, but b...by Chae Winacott
"And you certainly feel like a human girl..." Jones trails off while he torments me by caressing the side of my cheek with his long finger. The only thing I c...
  • thought
  • soul
  • mythical
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Love, Lust and Zombie Guts. by JessCanFlyy
Love, Lust and Zombie Guts.by Jess
How many hours are in a day when you don't spend half of them watching television? When is the last time any of us really worked for something that we wanted? How long h...
  • abandoned
  • daryl
  • cast2012
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Daughter of the Blood Red Moon(On Massive Re-writing) by MaryVazquez
Daughter of the Blood Red Moon(On...by Mary Vazquez
“Who are you?” She looked around before staring at me in fear. “I am the daughter of the blood red moon.”
  • female2012
  • powers
  • fight
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Innocent Desire by DhistiD
Innocent Desireby Dhisti Desai
Dreaming never felt more real. For Haven Green, dreams were just unfulfilled fantasies that would never turn into reality. Little does she know it will be the only way f...
  • trailer2012
  • princessdhistidesai
  • setting2012
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Royalty's Rule's by DhistiD
Royalty's Rule'sby Dhisti Desai
What happens when the rule's change among the Royal Kingdoms across the world? Alexandra is forced to attend normal school and meet a normal boy! On the other hand a boy...
  • funniest2012
  • romance
  • car
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All Shall Fade (LOTR-Wattys 2014) by PrettyKittyDom
All Shall Fade (LOTR-Wattys 2014)by Dominick
wAlice is just a regular girl with her own hopes and dreams and a life to get on with - what she definitely doesn't need is a mysterious transportation to another world...
  • female2012
  • werewolf65
Pure Blood (UNEDITED) by stefymay
Pure Blood (UNEDITED)by Stephanie May
Growing up alone in the forest Snow is faced with constant attacks from male wolves. She doesn't trust them until she stumbles onto Hunter. The Alpha's son and future Al...
  • high
  • female2012
  • hero2012
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Secrets of a Tomboy by TaraLDeclan
Secrets of a Tomboyby Tara L. Declan
Who ever said being a tomboy was easy, they were so wrong. Especailly when you face the struggles of growing up and dating. Andie is a seventeen year old farm girl a.k.a...
  • romance
  • cocky
  • cameron
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Broken Silence [Book II] SAMPLE OF PUBLISHED BOOK by natashapreston
Broken Silence [Book II] SAMPLE OF...by Natasha Preston
It has been four years since Oakley, her mum, and brother fled to Australia. With the trials looming, she makes the decision to return to England. Oakley is desperate fo...
  • love
  • oakley
  • silence
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How I Love You. [EDITING] by BubblesLovesYou
How I Love You. [EDITING]by Sabrina J. Styles
How can you lose someone who means literally everything to you, especially when you find out things you wish you knew before anything deepened between you both? How can...
  • sickness
  • smoking
  • wat
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Be Alright. (a Justin Bieber story) by ottawalieber
Be Alright. (a Justin Bieber story)by soph
(Completed) Nevaeh is probably the luckiest girl...after what had happened to her. She was abandoned by her parents the day after her 13th birthday in the big city of Lo...
  • december
  • time
  • wedding
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The Moonlight Chronicles (Book 1: The First Bite)(Complete)&Book2: (teaser) by Snow_Bear
The Moonlight Chronicles (Book 1:...by Snow_Bear
Danny goes on a white water rafting trip with her friend deep in the Colorado woods only to find that the myths about werewolves are real and now her life will never be...
  • science
  • opinions
  • question
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Who Has to Know? [Watty Awards 2012!] by SincerelyJune
Who Has to Know? [Watty Awards 201...by SincerelyJune
Racquel Wright is a stubborn, hard head, sweet heart. She's the only overweight girl in her school but that doesn't faze her. She's confident in her skin and doesn't car...
  • racquel
  • liar
  • female2012
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State Your Claim by PaigeMcCormack
State Your Claimby Paige McCormack
When Werewolf Calla, has to be sent on a mission, by her father, as a female she has to obey. The females are feild agents, and complete missions for the males. When Cal...
  • school
  • loss
  • royalty
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