Hey my dears!
It's me Tara L. Declan, please call me Tara.
I've been referred to as "wattpad famous" which is crazy to grasp, but however despite what some may think I'm just another 18 year old girl.
I love animals and farming
Active member of the FFA

I Love--
the color blue
The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals
country music
romance/ teen fiction books

Southern Accent/ Southern Roots/ Southern Life

I will ALWAYS reply to messages and comments, it may take me forever but I try my best!

I wish I could fan everyone who fans me but, that'd be difficult and I can't keep up!

But if you really want me to fan you back let me know.

I always see the messages pretty quickly just don't have time to reply ASAP.
Never be afraid to talk to me or message me I don't bit.
I am always here to give advice.

Love is Blind was a top FIVE FINALIST in the 2013 Watty Awards for Romance on the rise!!! Oh my gosh I will never believe it! You have no clue how much that meant to me! Ill give you a hint tho a lot, like more then you can imagine. This is a reason I love you all!
I want you thank all of my LOVE IS BLIND fans and all my fans!! Honestly if it wasn't for you all I wouldn't be here. This is all you and each and everyone of you have changed my life so much!
I wish I could just hug you all!
You are amazing each and every one of you and I love you all so very much!
I Promise you all no matter how popular or "famous" I become I will always be normal and down to earth. Im just like all of you.

I love you all and cannot think you enough! Thank you all!!

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Ps please go and fan AWriterDreamer and my page @TaraAndAnna we are going to co-write some stories, such as our new one "Project: Date a Nerd" :)
Read LOVE IS BLIND. please:)
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Breaking the Nerd

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Description: This is the second book to "Love is Blind"! This is Barrett's story! Abella Hope Kensington is a complete nerdy nobody. Barrett Collins is the bad boy. Abella Hope suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder. This makes her very self-conscious and she...

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Love is Blind

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Applied for Wattpad Stars! I hope I get it! Working on the first chapter of Breaking the Nerd!! So great to write again!!
      I'm going work on editing  "Love is Blind" soon!
I have been struggling to write for over a year now. And I really appreciate all the love and support coming from my fans. However there are still haters. I just would like to take a moment to remind people that I am still HUMAN! I read every single comment and message that is sent to me! Please keep that in mind before you say something rude or hurtful.
      I know that my books have grammar errors!! If you don't like it don't read it! Yes I will get around to fixing it. No I am not so stupid to actually mean to write those errors. Almost all the time I was writing my story was in the middle of the night and I was half asleep. So there are little typos and mistakes. I've tried to have it edited and it only made it worse. So I will fix it when I have time. So please don't correct me! 
      I know some of you are just trying to help and I thank you for that!
      I love all my supports so much! I really love hearing your stories, sweet messages and how "Love is Blind" has effected you.