Who Has to Know? [Watty Awards 2012!]

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Racquel Wright is a stubborn, hard head, sweet heart. She's the only overweight girl in her school but that doesn't faze her. She's confident in her skin and doesn't care what anyone thinks. Except Cameron Richardson her long time crush. Until one night changed everything and him and her start to have a secret relationship. She's his dirty little secret.
Started reading this because the main character has the same name as me and it's actually spelled the same way too
Great story idea! Your writing style is very nice as well. :) The only real note I have is that Adele has Blue eyes, right?
Nice intro. One for us girls \m/
                                    Moving on to the 1st chapter :)
Amazing book! Please check out mine im a first time writer ( sorry not trying to be rude:)
So, he's a handsome hottie liar. Lmao. Does the title says it all? I guess, not. This is kinda awesome. Cliche? Oh no. Don't you dare say that! This isn't. I find this story interesting ^^
When I read the title, I thought "when we live such fragile lives" and wondered if it was after dirty little secret, then read the description and was.like, yes, I was right!