Society's Expectations & Too Many Complications {Finalist}

Society's Expectations & Too Many Complications {Finalist}

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In the 1800s, London society is thriving. From the balls to the brunches, the eyes of the many look at your every move. Rosalia Taylor- a duchess's daughter- is the centre of attention as she is set to marry a commoner. But the gossip is nothing compared to what's in store for her engagement. On the eve of her celebratory ball, she discovers her sister is with child; the father being her very own fiancee. Betrayed and destroyed, Rosalia flees the public eye. 

Two years pass, the new Hartleys moved to America, leaving Rosalia nineteen and unwed. Given a deadline of three months, Rosalia Taylor must find the man to be her husband and if she fails, she will be handed over to marry the loathsome Lord Chalmers a.k.a Pig. A masked man attracts her eye, but who is William really? Is it Sebastian, the constant friend by her side? Daniel, just returned from business? Could it even be a stranger?

Rosalia doesn't know but the clock is ticking and she must marry before the three months are out. She must uncover the mask and see for herself who the man she loves truly is. In a web of betrayal, lies, love and mystery, the duke's daughter has many complications with the oncoming expectations.

{Finalist in Undiscovered Historical Fiction in the 2012 Watty Awards}

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KatnissMelark KatnissMelark Mar 03, 2017
The forehead touching, let alone kissing would be completely improper
SeraEnigma SeraEnigma Oct 06, 2016
Whoa...crap...why does it always have to be the sister and fiancee?
RachHarlen RachHarlen Mar 13, 2016
ohhhhhhhhh scandalous cant believe her sister did that to her and to find out about the pregnancy at the engagement party is crazy i can not believe my eyes poor Rose :'(
TheFangirlEffect TheFangirlEffect Sep 21, 2013
The plot is very catchy. Love the story line! :)
                              You should upload more!
Giaarmenta Giaarmenta Mar 24, 2013
Amazing story. Loved each part. Just wish that there is a sequal. How will Rose act being a Queen. 
                              Loved Sebastian. Will miss him and our dear Monster... she was too fun to read.
MsJangKeunSuk MsJangKeunSuk Jan 10, 2013
Love it
                              It is amazing prologue
                              It is beautiful written
                              Sorry fo keep you wait so long for me to come around for me to read it
                              The title and the summary are amazing too
                              And I am in love with this story so keep writing too
                              And I will finish read the rest of this story tomorrow or weekend too :)