My name is Mary, I am Latina -and proud- and I love to write, be lazy, help others and decorate.
My best talent is sleeping, and I am horrible in sports.

My top favorite:
place-S. Korea & Japan
group-Little Mix
book: the Gallagher Girl Series
movie-200 Pound Beauty

I do Book Covers [Open]

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>On-going Books:<

Daughter of the Blood Red Moon(BRM) -Massive Editing(Re-writing)

The Chick Code -First chapter may come when it comes.

Playing Rebecca -First chapter is in process(but it's also not)

Fly With Me -First Chapter is up, more coming when school is over.

Books&Dresses -2 up, writing the third. (don't know when it might come)

Friends With Babies -Writers Block! :( [I'm doing everything possible to get back in the game]
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Fly With Me

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Description: “Will you come with me?” I stared at his green eyes, trying to ponder whether this is a good idea, but only falling deeper into his spell. “Yes.”

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The Chick Code

The Chick Code

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139) Chicks are smarter than guys. It's a scientific fact. 104) The father and/or stepfather of a Chick...

Friends With Babies

Friends With Babies

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Ever since I met him I knew we would be the best of friends. Though I must admit, I'm not worthy of his...



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I have an ass for a boss, a nymphomaniac for a best friend, slavery as a job and a man-whore for a mega...

Daughter of the Blood Red Moon(On Massive Re-writing)

Daughter of the Blood Red Moon(On Massive Re-writing)

93 2 2

“Who are you?” She looked around before staring at me in fear. “I am the daughter of the blood red moon...

Not only is my (t) button slightly jammed , now my (->) button doesn't work.... working my way into a broken keyboard
Just wrote out each chapter(summary) to know exactly what I'm doing for The Chick Code. Twelve chapters. That's gonna be it. Might take a while as I said on the A/N, also. . . my (T) button on my keyboard is slightly broken. :/ But I like this, and I shall do this map thing for my others stories, and maybe I'll get more out. We'll see....