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An arranged marriage to the guy who took my V-Card! F.M.L.

An arranged marriage to the guy who took my V-Card! F.M.L.

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You'd like to know By rainbowcandysprinkle Completed

Amy Diggins has lived with the constant embarassment of losing her virginity when she was only 14 years old. Everyone knows and not just the whole school, even her parents. But someone had the bright idea that since he took her virginity, he should marry her!! So she has to confront her biggest fear and her first love. <3

Ummm..... excuse me but uhh thats a little too personal. Imma need you too take multiple seats and steps back away.
NyParker2 NyParker2 Jan 04
Ummm can u tell me y u had sex with ... ???? Now oh a little to personally​ srry cuz its not like u just asked me something like that
None__Ya None__Ya Jun 16, 2016
Shoot my butt would have never done it!! And i would be tellin mr  money man that i had made a mistake and that i would not be making another
She in high school right? There are way more people who have had sex more times than her. I'm sure of it.
psychopathicaf psychopathicaf Sep 20, 2016
That is a pair of ugly trousers. Nuuh i aint gonna read this book
NyParker2 NyParker2 Jan 04
...... Ummmm hasn't it benn like 3 ,2 years ain't there like anything else going on lile bruuhhh i d understand how us kids can be so crucial these days like if that was u would u want someone to say that to u or go through wat she's going through like we need to grow up and get a life