The Bachelor (Published under Pop Fiction)

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Janelle Ruiz By greenwriter Completed
[THE THIRD OF THE SERIES; PUBLISHED UNDER POP FICTION, AN IMPRINT OF SUMMIT MEDIA] One competition, one man, twenty-five women, and a bet. Zachary Astor wanted to be the Bachelor for one purpose alone: to prove to his friends that he can ditch twenty-five women without ever looking back at any of them. But will he stand on to his words when he meets Julianne Grey, the only woman who seems to regret being in the competition? Despite what he thinks, Zachary will find his thoughts preoccupied by the weird, silent, and mysterious girl he keeps on giving a rose much to his own amazement and her disappointment.
I purchased it right on my last day in Philippines. Haha. I enjoyed the story. Though if I would've known that it was on Wattpad as well, I would've already read it here. Anyway, nag wala ako palagi. LMAO.
shocks. pinoy ka pala :) hi kababayan :) ang galing mo :* :D
The Selection is absolutely A-MA-ZING! Loved it when I frst heard the name, love it even more now, after I've read the books xx
dude!! everyone here is like announcing "I'm Filipino, too!" so I just wanted to say hey! ME TOO!! PROUD ANTIQUEÑO!!!
my first time to read one of your works :) .. looking forward to this.. hiligaynon ka man gale? ditto!
omygash ! ang aga nyu po mag thank you .. he he he .. love it