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Daughter of Hades by ryanZiyyad
Daughter of Hadesby Ryan Maxwell
Dianna knew what she had to do, with her father stuck in the underworld tending to the souls of the dead, Maleficent, Her father's best friend decided to take Dianna und...
  • thomasdoherty
  • cameronboyce
  • evie
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Claude Frollo X Reader X Quasimodo by breebailey13
Claude Frollo X Reader X Quasimodoby Katrina Oleander
Victor Hugo, the writer of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, wrote his book based on a true story. The deformed Quasimodo, the cruel Judge Frollo, and the ravishing Esmeralda...
  • xreader
  • hellfire
  • lust
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The Fairy and The Prince; A Descendants Tale by DisneyDork0014
The Fairy and The Prince; A Descen...by Descendants Dork
VK Day is coming soon and everyone is jumping beans on the Isle of the lost expect one little VK. Mar is the younger sister of Mal, the now lady of Auradon. Mar is diffe...
  • disneydescendants
  • descendants3
  • fanfiction
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When Bells Ring; A Descendants Tale by DisneyDork0014
When Bells Ring; A Descendants Taleby Descendants Dork
Tiny is the quiet daughter of everyone's favorite sassy fairy. She's sweet and polite but little does anyone know she's got a secret or many to hide. Gage is the oldest...
  • disney
  • love
  • tinkerbell
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Zootropolis Nick X Reader by _XGhost_WriterX_
Zootropolis Nick X Readerby ~Mai~
Y/n is quite well known as being the cute innocent little fox, well from first glance. Gangs and thugs know her a threat, and not to mess with her, as she'd probably bre...
  • officerwilde
  • disneyromance
  • nick
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Taking Fantasia : A Disney Fanfiction by sultal
Taking Fantasia : A Disney Fanfict...by sultal
A school in a land called Fantasia featuring Wendy, Peter, Jim, Ariel and TONS of Disney characters. When the Wishing Star breaks, Headmaster Mickey pulls out The Magic...
  • disneycrossover
  • disneyfanfiction
  • wendy
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Keeping Fantasia: The Third Book of the Fantasia Series by sultal
Keeping Fantasia: The Third Book o...by sultal
Jim Hawkins, Wendy Darling, Ariel Triton, Peter Pan -- and their children. THE NEXT GENERATION OF DISNEY AND NON DISNEY CHARACTERS! Return of high school, Magic Bag of T...
  • jimhawkins
  • sultal
  • disneycrossover
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Two Villainous Hearts: A Descendants Tale by DisneyDork0014
Two Villainous Hearts: A Descendan...by Descendants Dork
Meet Alister Termaine , the second son of Anastasia Termaine! He's self involved, a troublemaker and deep down a villain kid through and through. Meet Crimson, the princ...
  • isleofthelost
  • descendants
  • descendants2
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Hunchback of Notre Dame x Reader Oneshots by breebailey13
Hunchback of Notre Dame x Reader O...by Katrina Oleander
Okay, I sold my soul to The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I'm obsessed, and I want to write oneshots with these amazing(ly hot) characters. REQUESTS OPEN So, these are going...
  • claude
  • victorhugo
  • jehandumoulin
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Pregnant by a zombie (a zombies fan fiction) by thegirlybooks
Pregnant by a zombie (a zombies fa...by thegirlybooks
[FINISHED]When Addison and Zed sneaks out to have fun, zed mistakenly gets Addison pregnant. How would everyone react to this?
  • zombies
  • zombiesfanfic
  • disney
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Second Date by sultal
Second Dateby sultal
DATES! The ladies of Disney World want DATES! The dudes have no idea what a date is, but figure a night OUTSIDE the Magic Kingdom is a good idea. All of this - right on...
  • peterpan
  • sultal
  • disneycrossover
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My Rose by paigeinastory
My Roseby Paige
The war, blood, explosions, and countless widows. That was the war Gaston remembered. One among them, gave birth to his child, later that same year, once the war was ove...
  • fanfiction
  • lukeevans
  • beautyandthebeast
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Devil Incarnates by sultal
Devil Incarnatesby sultal
Disney and Nondisney characters separated into saints and sinners (via 7 Deadly Sins and & 7 Heavenly Virtues). Jim Hawkins (a child of Greed), kidnaps a girl (Wendy Dar...
  • angels
  • disney
  • demons
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Hercules and the Modern Girl by Starswim
Hercules and the Modern Girlby Starswim
Plot: We all know how the Disney classic - Hercules - begins and ends. But somehow a modern, teenage girl gets transported back to Ancient Greece. Not just Ancient Greec...
  • nattie
  • disneyhercules
  • disney
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Heroes of Disney #2: Arrival of the Shadow by ZMLewis
Heroes of Disney #2: Arrival of th...by Zane Lewis
Jamie is still stuck on the World of Disney, and now has to work together with Kate in order to find a kidnapped princess. In order to do this, Kate and Jamie must split...
  • disneymovies
  • disneyfanfiction
  • disney
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Zuri Smut by Camillemonkeysmuff
Zuri Smutby Camillemonkeysmuff
After killing the whole Ross family, Zuri realizes that she may have been the target all along, and that the lizard who's been out to get her may just be the love her li...
  • channel
  • zertram
  • fanfic
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Sleepless in Centium City by delightisadream
Sleepless in Centium Cityby 𝔪𝔢𝔤
Davenport had taken some time, but eventually each teen got their own room in the penthouse (as a certain two had a habit of snoring). Something that didn't take much ti...
  • disney
  • fanfiction
  • skylarandkaz
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The real treasure: a Treasure planet fanfiction by Bookworm_writer
The real treasure: a Treasure plan...by Bookworm_writer
Nia and her family moves back to montressor planet, where Nia is reunited with her best friend, jim hawkens. When their fathers come back the decide to run away, on the...
  • disneyfanfiction
  • treasure
  • treasureplanet
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Disney Princess Become Queens by TheLostGirl01
Disney Princess Become Queensby The Lost Girl
You have heard of Disney princesses but have you heard from them lately? Well if you haven't you should read this book. Some have become mothers. Some are still enjoying...
  • darthvader
  • disneybattle
  • jedi
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The Mask Of Zero (Code Geass X Zootopia) by TheAgent88
The Mask Of Zero (Code Geass X Zoo...by Expendable Asset
Zootopia X Code Geass After dying, Lelouch found himself in a completely different world where humans don't exist and have been replaced by evolved anthropomorphic anima...
  • fanfiction
  • britannia
  • judy
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