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Total Drama All Stars (Edited) by minecraftgalplayer
Total Drama All Stars (Edited)by CyberPlayer55
After moving to a anamatronic warehouse, Alison gets a invitation to compete in the new season of Total Drama. What will happen when she meets the evilest presence ther...
Malevolent Love by ashmercury
Malevolent Loveby Ash
On Total Drama All Stars, you unexpectedly fall for someone you never thought you would go for. You and Mal face many challenges together, but will your relationship fal...
My Opinion on Every Total Drama Character by _Rincka_
My Opinion on Every Total Drama Mediocre Reviewer
(the cover got cut off and I was too lazy to fix it, but as the saying goes: don't judge a book by its cover) If you enjoy my multifandom (but mostly Total Drama) book...
☆total drama insta☆ by txtal-drama
☆total drama insta☆by ☆☆☆
i don't have anything better to do with my life lmao
Total drama group chat but GAY by HotDoritosHQ
Total drama group chat but GAYby DoritoBoi
i honestly have no idea why i wanted to do this but hey, points for unoriginality ykwim? also 🏳️‍🌈
Total Drama Texts + Groupchats by lightningsnecklace
Total Drama Texts + Groupchatsby anonymous🪐
Litteraly in the title! -All your favs (well maybe) -love, hate, drama, and friendships (Mainly Noco, Duncney, Gidgette, Gwent, Ozzy, Lyler, and Aleheather moments) ...
totaldramagram by jeffreywoodsgf
totaldramagramby may ♡
a total drama instagram story in which characters from island, world tour, and revenge of the island all have instagram there will be drama and ships ;)
It's season 8 of Total Drama, and we're back with 13 contestants (and maybe even more)! Lots and lots of Duncney, Aleheather, Gwent, and MORE *written in script fo...
Total Drama Murders by TDLoverxx
Total Drama Murdersby Ryn
Chris McLean invites the twenty-two original cast members back to the island, but something doesn't seem right to them... This is a Total Drama fan fiction all rights an...
Total Drama World Tour/ All Stars(Gwen X OC) by Nightskullfire
Total Drama World Tour/ All Stars( Night Skull Fire
First a deathtrap island, then a broken down movie lot, and now they're taking to the skies with Chris's new plane. With the campers returning for another season of Tota...
Perfect To Me by WayToSarcastic
Perfect To Meby Sardonic The Gremlin
Lillian Green had signed up for the newest season of Total Drama. Why a sweet girl such as herself would audition for a show as evil as that, one could only wonder. None...
My Total Drama shipping opinions by AiStundeya211
My Total Drama shipping opinionsby #GeekQueen
I love many ships, but others...not so much. This is only my opinion. Also, nothing from Total Drama belongs to me. Absolutely NOTHING! Please request if you like!!! :)...
Total Drama One-Shots by glowworm888
Total Drama One-Shotsby Glowworm
One-Shots using the cast from Total Drama Island/World Tour
Total Drama ( TDI ) X Reader Scenarios  by Miss_Dead_Inside
Total Drama ( TDI ) X Reader Miss_Dead_Inside
(I take requests) I know that this fandom has a bad rep, but I fell in love with the show after rewatching it for nostalgia. I was so inspired that I wanted to make thi...
Total Drama All Stars: Kaylub's Wish by Eevee2
Total Drama All Stars: Kaylub's Eevee2
After competing on TD for four seasons, Kaylub(Kid) returns for yet another season. This season may finally tell him his answer to his long awaited question.
Total Drama: Supernatural by CartoonAlcaholic
Total Drama: Supernaturalby ו×Athaliו×
It was another season of Total Drama. Chris thought that it would be interesting if competitors had the abilities to do crazy stuff. And by the title, you would already...
*•.¸♡ Tᴏᴛᴀʟ Dʀᴀᴍᴀ Aʟʟ-Sᴛᴀʀꜱ(DJ X OC) ♡¸.•* by Nightskullfire
*•.¸♡ Tᴏᴛᴀʟ Dʀᴀᴍᴀ Aʟʟ-Sᴛᴀʀꜱ(DJ X Night Skull Fire
wιтн cнrιѕ нavιng derιcĸ, dj and wнoever elѕe parтιcιpaтed once on нιѕ ѕнow locĸed ιn a conтracт. cнrιѕ pιcĸѕ тнe вeѕт oғ тнe вeѕт тo тaĸe parт oғ нιѕ 5тн ѕeaѕon oғ тoтa...
☆total drama texting: updated☆ by txtal-drama
☆total drama texting: updated☆by ☆☆☆
❝geoff has added 23 people to the chat❞
Total drama Snapchat/opinions by Idkkkkwhattowrite
Total drama Snapchat/opinionsby Millie
I'm so original, I know. Either way, This is now snapchat and opinions. Also you don't have to agree with me, everyone is aloud to have a opinion. Enjoy✨ I don't own the...