Dead and Not Buried

Dead and Not Buried

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Leah Preston was a normal 17 year old girl, until she wakes up and finds herself staring at her own lifeless body. 

She has no idea what happened to her or how she died, and the only person who can see her is her sworn enemy Jared. 

Neither of them have a choice, they must put their differences aside in order to find out what really happened to Leah and how she died, or better yet, who killed her, while at the same time  fighting each other and the feelings they are beginning to develop.


  • afterlife
  • betrayal
  • death
  • drunk
  • friends
  • funny
  • ghost
  • hate
  • highschool
  • humour
  • love
  • murder
  • mystery
  • party
  • regret
  • revenge
  • romance
  • soulmates
mrsnoahcentineo mrsnoahcentineo 2 days ago
if the rr’s hating on him it’s freaking obvious he did something 
                              thank u fabulous rr’s 
                              i will personally hunt all of u down one day
mrsnoahcentineo mrsnoahcentineo 2 days ago
lmao now we all can’t say “i wanna kill this girl” if she does something stupid later in the book 
                              because y’all 
                              she’s already dead 💀 
kawaiitohru kawaiitohru 2 days ago
It seems pretty self explanatory to me if you think of the risks
mrsnoahcentineo mrsnoahcentineo 2 days ago
this is a very serious discussion everyone. what. will. the ship. name. be? 
                              robalt? tymeo?
mrsnoahcentineo mrsnoahcentineo 2 days ago
*sees comments about everyone hating their parents* 
                              *gets scarred* 
                              *backs off, slowly melting into the shadows...*