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WEDDED GIRLFRIEND ... a tale of a marriage ... || COMPLETED || by TheHimalayanPrincess
WEDDED GIRLFRIEND ... a tale of Adrija Chakraborty
Anindya aka Butu was of only 13 when, an un-assumed accident made him a husband of a 10 year old Poulee. Will happy-ending be in the fortune when irritation covered up...
OTHER GROOM... the tale of the rejected guy... by TheHimalayanPrincess
OTHER GROOM... the tale of the Adrija Chakraborty
Tulika's blooming love story faced tragedy when a bike accident took away her love Sumedh. Sumedh, the perfect guy for her, who was head over heels in love with her. But...
YOURS - A Darshan Raval Fanfiction by tanjila_d
YOURS - A Darshan Raval Fanfictionby T
The Heartthrob of India with females head over heels for His attention. Darshan Raval. Nailing the Bollywood Music world with His marvelous voice and charming personalit...
I never loved her by Anjuuu31
I never loved herby Anjali Swain
Its true... there are loveless marriages... most of them are arranged marriage. One of the partner never reaches the other's level and the other one never tries to bent...
One More Time by mkamri
One More Timeby Amrita Mukherjee
Ranked 1 in #asian on 09.05.2020 1 in #forced marriage on 29.06.2020 1 in #hope o...
Anirudh- The Story Of A Misread Barrister by ManasaveenaP
Anirudh- The Story Of A Misread Manasaveena.P
The story is based on the most popular show of Indian television called "Barrister Babu". When Anirudh Roy Chowdhary, a twenty-one year old barrister, who is...
Barrister babu (Different story of love) by Aurrishtloveprapti
Barrister babu (Different story Prapti
This is my first ff so please support.Here my story will start after Bondita is send to London for fulfilling Anirudh's and Bondita's dream of becoming Barrister Bondit...
Spring In Your Eyes by cinnamorn
Spring In Your Eyesby Adreija Mandal
We all know what happens when fire and ice come together. But what about ice and ice. Aditi and Arnik are the pawns of circumstances. Aditi was ice but she held fire wi...
In Search of Life - Gets Love by Tnah007
In Search of Life - Gets Loveby Tnah Sin
A story of love between two individuals searching for the true meaning of life and in this search will they find love. Let's find out in the story!! ____________________...
🌸It was destinated 💜 by kimarpita02
🌸It was destinated 💜by SamantaArpita
Y/n is an ordinary Bangladeshi girl.. she went to south korea for study purpose.. Who knew She will meet with the world famous boy band "BTS"!! She didn't kno...
I Can Make It Right - A Darshan Raval Fan Fiction by Nehaa_d
I Can Make It Right - A Darshan N E H A 💫
We had it all, didn't we? The love, the peace, the trust. But somehow the empire we built came crashing down. And the love we felt was replaced by anger and hate. I neve...
Midsummer Is Full Of Love ~ Avisha ❤ by barshadas1264
Midsummer Is Full Of Love ~ barshadas1264
My Novel Avisha is about a young dashing Punjabi Munda Aviraj Raisingh and Sweet, kind with sassy Attitude pure bong beauty Tanisha Das. Please give a try. I'm sure you...
My Bangladesh by Brainless_human
My Bangladeshby Brainless_human
I am a teeneger from Bangladesh.I always wanted to write something good but never find any concept so just thought to write some funny things and interesting things abou...
Being Bengali: Bengali fun facts by innerbeautymatters
Being Bengali: Bengali fun factsby flying.
You know you're bengali, if you turn over to the next page ;] Doesn't really matter whether you're a Dhakaiya Chittagonga Sylheti Barisalya Khulnaiya Rangpurya Rajshah...
Sisters By Shot, Brothers By Battle by pagal_lahaiah
Sisters By Shot, Brothers By Battleby ✽lahaiah✽
On hold as of 10.19.20 Nidhi and Kavya are two Bengali sisters who work for a spy agency in Bangladesh. The two are polar opposites, and bicker constantly. With their co...
Being Bong by _Debanjana
Being Bongby Debanjana
Your basic guide to a Bong's mind. Bong: In an Indian context, it has an entirely different meaning though. In India, "Bong" is a slang term for "Bengali...
Beyond The Obstacles by jeylaanZ
Beyond The Obstaclesby Hanaa Ahmedı
☆السلام عليكم ورحمة الله☆ She was the light of hope to the afflicted. He was a dedicated soldier of his country. Hoorain Rashid has always lived her life in the simplest...
Tagore by Aglaeca9
Tagoreby AGLÆCA
I'm notifying it beforehand that my intentions are not to steal anyone's work. All credit for the stories goes to their original author, editors and rest. I'm just uploa...
Someone Like Her | ✓ by likhitha9
Someone Like Her | ✓by Likhitha Reddy
Uttam. Perfect. Soundarya. Beautiful. He was an author. She despised his book. His work was about perfect society. He believed everything had to be perfect. She saw beau...