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A Firefighter's Baby by Pattykins
A Firefighter's Babyby Patty
Charlotte 'Charlie' Stone has always loved her best friend's brother. When a party gets out of hand, Kellan Palmer is there to help. What happens when a drunken night of...
  • jamie
  • baby
  • kellan
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A Heart's Desire by southernbella01
A Heart's Desireby Scarlett McLeod
Kellan Slade is on the run. He's hurt, bleeding, and being hunted when he stumbles in a tiny woman's bake shop. Evangeline Wilde never knew the drastic turn her life was...
  • shooting
  • contempory
  • romance
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His Pride is Prejudiced by dinnybels
His Pride is Prejudicedby Geraldine Fernandez
Every girl--well, almost--counts down to Valentine's Day, wondering what their boyfriends have prepared for them but not Ava. Love is in the air w...
  • comedy
  • countdown
  • geraldinefernandez
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Underground by onceinawhile
Undergroundby B T
this is a story with the character Dominic Toretto from the Fast and Furious saga, in a different life but the same person, place and community. When Bre and Dom meet, f...
  • toretto
  • kendall
  • jenner
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Black & White: The Darkness Trilogy #1 by SydPhantomhive
Black & White: The Darkness Sydney
Ever since Katrina Night was eleven years-old, her veins and blood were black. Her parents didn't know what it was, and no doctor could ever figure it out. She did every...
  • night
  • kellan
  • chris
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A Greek God is in Love with me???(BOYXBOY) by watergoddess1Psycho
A Greek God is in Love with me???( Stephanie Chambers
You'll have to read to find out cause again i suck at describtions.
  • booboo
  • kellan
  • zeus
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Huyendo de mi ralidad by Daninasan
Huyendo de mi ralidadby DaninaR
Buscaré un nuevo destino, Un territorio desconocido, Donde encuentre el camino, Para olvidar que fui herida... Una nueva travesía, Para encontrar el rumbo, Que me de ale...
  • amor
  • kellan
  • pilar
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Their Girl (A Twilight Story) by fieldhockey4eva
Their Girl (A Twilight Story)by fieldhockey4eva
Lost and Abused, Addison has just ran away from her abusing family and is now on her own. Tattered clothes and bruises cover her body as she hovered in the corner. "...
  • emmett
  • adorable
  • kellan
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Songs of the Soul by xXGlitterGodXx
Songs of the Soulby xXGlitterGodXx
Love. Something not tangiable. Not seeable. Something so intense, it has the power to lift, to bring out the best, to create. Yet, at it has the power to utterly destroy...
  • charley
  • kellan
  • wolf
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Decisions, Decisions. by ReadyToFall
Decisions, ReadyToFall
Kellin Quinn is a confused student, who seeks...advice...from his teacher, Mr. Carlile. It isn't until after the deed is done that Kellin finds out Austin's dirty secret...
  • allin
  • kellinquinn
  • alanashby
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LoveSick by jalexmakesmesob
LoveSickby jalexmakesmesob
  • ingle
  • evans
  • christofer
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FATE (a reader's input story) by TooClicheToFunction
FATE (a reader's input story)by Katricia
It's all about fate. Fate (or rather the spray tan monster) led her to meet him. Fate (or rather crazed hormones) led them to have a one night stand in good ol' Las Vega...
  • vegas
  • romance
  • humor
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My Twilight Fantasy by SuperStar
My Twilight Fantasyby SuperStar
  • lautner
  • jackson
  • ashley
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Your Always Mine (No Longer Writing) by LeenaV
Your Always Mine (No Longer Leena
Kendra wants to get over her bad break up with her ex, Evan. So far she has been depressed for 4 months, and her friends are worried about her. They decide to end this a...
  • lutz
  • jenson
  • rick
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Just A Mistake (being edited) by madewithlove13
Just A Mistake (being edited)by madewithlove13
She closed her eyes and there he was. Standing in front of her after all these years, after all the hurt, after all the love they shared. She'd only just put together th...
  • kellan
  • love
  • olivia
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The Girls Move In by JustwannahavefuN
The Girls Move Inby JustwannahavefuN
[Slow Updates] The Zenski pack is made up of female rejects, outcasts, rogues, whatever you want to call them. These women have either runaway or been exiled from their...
  • dutchess
  • female
  • territory
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