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Back to Zero by googltinite
Back to Zeroby pullupsboy
When an 11 year old boy Mateo, gets diagnosed with a disorder that slowly makes him younger, he has to try and enjoy his life before it's too late.
DIAPER SISTERS by viking-writer
DIAPER SISTERSby viking-writer
Two sisters, ages 9 and 13, are put into diapers for bedwetting.
♡BabyGirl Steps♡ by A-Downward-Spiral
♡BabyGirl Steps♡by j
Lilly Hart and Ezra Velding have been a couple for a bit now, loving each other more as each day passes. However, when Ezra soon announces to Lilly that he's a Daddy Dom...
December Appointment by RICK4111
December Appointmentby RICK4111
A girl has an embarrassing doctor appointment.
Little's Academy by LavenderFuzz
Little's Academyby Lavender
Alexander is classified as an age regressor and so he has to attend the Little's Academy where he is paired with a caregiver. His caregiver is some golden boy named Samu...
Noah's unfortunate mission gone wrong. by Puppy_lus
Noah's unfortunate mission gone wr...by Puppy_lus
When a 17 year old girl named Noah comes into town to get an undercover mission done, it gets delayed when a man makes a grave mistake by kidnapping and selling Noah to...
Diaper Dungeon  by ABDLSecret0
Diaper Dungeon by ABDLSecret0
Hello, this story is called Diaper Dungeon, where you the reader make decisions to decide your fate, so be prepared to be diapered.
Jake's Problem by Secret_Author_Dude
Jake's Problemby Secret_Author_Dude
Jake moved to a new town 3 years ago, and he is being bullied and has no friends. Suddently he starts to wet himself. Will his life ever return to normal? (The story is...
Five plus Me make a Family  by LittleBird1041
Five plus Me make a Family by Raven Skyy
In a world where soulmates exist and are put into classifications like dom and sub, Emmy Wicke discovers she has five soulmates and they all work for the BAU and they kn...
Princess Sissy Land by diapiewipey
Princess Sissy Landby diapiewipey
👗 Emma wants to change things up for her birthday. She and her three best friends, Lucas, Gabe, and Drew are going to "Pammie's Pretty and Pink Petticoat Lane,&quo...
Act like a baby, get treated like one by Tbdl_Stories
Act like a baby, get treated like...by Tbdl_Stories
Xavier Hudson has been misbehaving at school by acting like a baby as a joke so his principal calls his parents and they come up with a good solution and very fitting pu...
Side Bets by JustknowImtired
Side Betsby JustknowImtired
Derek and Stiles make a bet. Stiles loses and has to wear a diaper to practice. It causes him to involuntarily regress- surprising the both of them. Now they both have t...
Sweetheart  by Ellawhiting1234
Sweetheart by Ellawhiting1234
Melody is only 7 and had to deal with 5 brother and now has 2 dad as well.
Harry Potter and the Classification Potion by rachelih
Harry Potter and the Classificatio...by rachelih
Everyone gets tested and classified at the age of seventeen, except Harry Potter. When Severus Snape forces Harry to drink the potion the results are not as expected.
Struggling Student by DiaperPup4
Struggling Studentby DiaperPup
Cole is a hardworking collage student who struggles with math. He goes to seek assistance from his favorite professor Mr. Kennedy. However, Mr. Kennedy has some ulterior...
The diaper boys road trip by kevinjones999
The diaper boys road tripby kevinjones999
Alex is an average 14 year old boy and one day his mom decides to bring him and his little brother josh on a road trip but soon alex has an accident so his mom makes him...
The Not-So-Typical Teen by ARDLGirl12
The Not-So-Typical Teenby ARDLGirl12
Brendan Destiny is a very depressed 12 year old teen with no friends and no typical teen interests. But, in a matter of months, their life begins to take a drastic chang...
Daddy comfurt me while i use my diaper by pumpkinbaby04
Daddy comfurt me while i use my di...by littleone123
this is for the ABDL relasonship This is for people who likes diapers This is also for ddlg people
Better  dry nappy than wet bed by DiaperedRoman
Better dry nappy than wet bedby diapered roman
A story of a boy forced to spend weekend with his nieces.
Harry Potter and the Year of the Little by Wise_Girl406
Harry Potter and the Year of the L...by Wise_Girl406
Every year, witches and wizards are classified. You can only be classified once during your 5th Year. Everyone is classified. Neutrals are the most common. Doms and Subs...