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Wrong Place To Hide by twinkpaddedbutt
Wrong Place To Hideby Padded Time
After Julie runs from a party where police showed up. She decides to hide in a random place but soon finds out she hid in wrong place. (This contains abdl content)
The Summer Nursery by Emdy_maybe
The Summer Nurseryby Emdy_maybe
In this story we follow Mat, as he goes through the not so pleasant experience of a summer program in a Nursery School.
Baby Factory by SuiramNat
Baby Factoryby Suiram Nat
Clair loses her phone in a mysterious facility. In an attempt to get it, she stumbles on a mechanical nursery... that doesn't seem to understand that she's 8, not 1...
Doctor Husband And His Pregnant Wife ||•J.JK.•|| by butter_cuddles7
Doctor Husband And His Pregnant butter_cuddles7
Pregnant Wife of a doctor. How will her husband deal with her mood swings. Read this to get to know about their 9 month journey. Kim Yn is a sweet and kind girl and her...
Diapered Oneshots by SuiramNat
Diapered Oneshotsby Suiram Nat
Collection of oneshots so I can finally use all those random ideas in my head. Based on images I find on the internet.
Baby Harry by Sebastain500
Baby Harryby 🌸Sumire and Otiz🦊
A story of how Harry was classified and became Lucius' and Severus' little Chapters will be short and sweet Making slight changes
The Gilded Cage  - Put in my Place by NickLucasx
The Gilded Cage - Put in my Placeby Nick Lucas
Hermione Scott found her happy place, and the family she had always wanted, in Meadvale, the church community that embraced her and then made her one of their own. But j...
Cashton Hoodwin Family Story by LOVETOWRITE45
Cashton Hoodwin Family Storyby Nichelle Monét Styles
this is my first Cashton Hoodwin Family Story that I am writing, so I hope that this comes out well.
Smart Nursery by DiaperStories122
Smart Nurseryby DIAPER STORIES
A 15 year old girl named Chloe who is 5,4 and weighs really light for her age is asked to look after a smart house for 5 weeks whilst the owners are away but something e...
Hopping Down The Rabbit Trail by crizpm
Hopping Down The Rabbit Trailby crizpm
Four friends find themselves in a peculiar situation. How will they survive? Will their friendship survive?
My diapered and babied life by Aleeza742
My diapered and babied lifeby Aleeza742
Jacob a 12 year old boy has bladder incontinence so he has always wore a diaper and a figure of 4 year old and to top it of his mother is very overprotective and unknow...
Little Kaylee's Tantrum by PoutyPrincessKid
Little Kaylee's Tantrumby Pouty Princess
This is a story of a little girl named Kaylee who is having a meltdown type temper tantrum & is taken to a mental health facility for children where she is cared for in...
Not You're average Omega  (Haikyuu Omegaverse) by zoobinniez
Not You're average Omega ( zoobinniez
Hello! this is my first story <3 I have so much planned I'll try to update as much as possible In a world where there is a second gender in this world they're Omega...
My diaper punishment  by Diaperedkyle
My diaper punishment by Diapered Kyle
I wet myself by accident and I'm now forced to wear diapers and act like a baby for the rest of my life by mwamwa
Master of Disguise by SimonDaLegend
Master of Disguiseby SimonDaLegend
Ryan decides to try his hand at being a master of disguise by sneaking into different places pretending to be someone he's not, sometimes pretending to be a woman, signi...
The Slytherin Babies by thatbitchreader
The Slytherin Babiesby Ghostgay👻
Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini act like the toughest guys at Hogwarts but they have a secret. Both of the teens are littles. Of course, no one but Pansy knows. They use...
Little space Katsuki (with a twist) by Crystal_7034
Little space Katsuki (with a twist)by Crystal_7034
This is about how Katsuki Bakugou had gotten into little space Shoto Todoroki was sick and tired of Katsukis attitude so he decided to punish Katsuki and start treating...
Alien Adoption Agency  by Woah_A_Username
Alien Adoption Agency by DeeDee
Contact with aliens has been made with earth. In exchange for helping with technology and fixing the Earths climate crisis ,orphanages we're opened for humans to be adop...
Joel: A Blank Canvas by jABDL_
Joel: A Blank Canvasby Joel
Joel wakes up in an unfamiliar place with no memories of who he is, piecing together what he thinks was his life from the 'prison' he's trapped in
JoJo's Babyish Afternoon by CatTheNerd
JoJo's Babyish Afternoonby CatTheNerd
Someone breaks into JoJo's observatory and turns it into a nursery machine.