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A glitch in the multiverse by rdam0414
A glitch in the multiverseby rdam0414
Due to X Gaster, Error was forced to travel different fandoms and dimensions. Along with him is Core, who is trying to help Error while also figuring out what to do afte...
Your Fear is Written in Ink by Akiri_Chan
Your Fear is Written in Inkby Akiri_Chan
Bête Noire had an idea What would happen if she have her 'fear factor' to Ink What would the soulless god of creation do? And so she sent Akumu to sneak in a vial of pin...
 Coffee And Pocky (Chara(reapertale) x CroreFrisk) by PestControlHalo
Coffee And Pocky (Chara( Paid to win
Cover image-not mine Cover image by-@Charisk Dreemurr☆ (amino apps) Reapertale characters by-@Renrink Core frisk by-@Dokudoki Story is about-Reaper Chara wondering ar...
Tsundere Much? (Afterdeath) by ThisWeirdReader
Tsundere Much? (Afterdeath)by Kyle Broflovski
After the Christmas party, Geno thought he'd never get to see Death anymore. Boy was he wrong! After a couple of chilling moments and heartfelt scenes, something happens...
Scrubbing Out the Stains by broskiskillet
Scrubbing Out the Stainsby ba115mcg33
The multiverse decided, "Ayo, Imma need to make a whole other living thing to handle this Balance shit yo." Though there are restrictions, your boi is out in t...
The long lost guardian by LilyLunaetic
The long lost guardianby Lunatic
Dream was kidnapped at young age, leaving Nightmare alone to take care of the tree. As Dream was taken away, the golden apples magically disappeared from the tree which...
I just want to live....  by absolutelYin-Sane
I just want to live.... by Dead account
what if, Error was actually just a tall 14 year old? what if errors soul was slowly and painfully deteriorating? what if he doesn't destroy because he can or because he...
Female Storyshift Chara x Male Reader by SS-Chara
Female Storyshift Chara x Male Cross Chara
This is my first story I've posted, so no hate, please. Also, even though the title says storyshift... It's not going to seem like that for the first part of the story...
Webs and Bones by KarmaSpidr
Webs and Bonesby KarmaSpidr
"Error, what did you do?" Ink didn't expect there to be AUs beyond the Doodle Sphere. Core Frisk never would have thought that there are things they can never...
Dimensional Physics: A Guide by _PizzaPaper_
Dimensional Physics: A Guideby Obsessed Girl
Alphys always knew there was something else out there. This couldn't be it. She studied all of the sciences she could, and came to one conclusion: The multiverse had to...
What Love Does to the Best of Us (Error x Core!Frisk) by Turtlleee
What Love Does to the Best of Us ( Turtlleee
Core!Frisk had finally captured Error's heart, something she had been attempting to do for the last few months. Error, despite seeming to be capable of being nothing mo...
All Falls Down- A Star Sans Fanfiction by Abhainn35
All Falls Down- A Star Sans Abhainn
Everyone in the Doodlesphere knows of the Star Sanses. Ink, Blue, and Dream. The heroes, the guardians, the saviors. Who would have thought they would fall? Nobody. Unti...
Yandery Sansest 1Shots [Discontinued] by FrozenMakerSans1
Yandery Sansest 1Shots [ ϝɾσȥҽɳ Mαķəŕ
\this one was actually inspired by AqilahDawinterWolf Yan au 1 shots / (Though sadly I do not have motivation to continue this. I do apologize as I'm focusing on my ar...
Correction of the future by Kemikawhizkali
Correction of the futureby Kemi
Before the events of Underverse begin, seven people disappear from their Multiverse. Dream, Error, Fresh, Stretch, Outer, Core!Frisk and Cross!Chara are trapped in a new...
The strange, the sans, and the possibly (down bad) insane by TheOrangedolphiN
The strange, the sans, and the TheOrangeDolphiN ver-wattpad
sans was simply sleeping one morning having lived quite a while in his mansion after leaving the underground, he had wanted to simply live his years in peace and keep up...
R̷e̷t̷u̷r̷n̷ ̷o̷f̷ ̷Y̷a̷n̷d̷e̷r̷e̷ ̷F̷r̷e̷s̷h̷(Lemons) by PapaPennywise
R̷e̷t̷u̷r̷n̷ ̷o̷f̷ ̷Y̷a̷n̷d̷e̷r̷e̷ PapaPennywise
ᖴᖇEᔕᕼ ᕼᗩᔕ ᑕᖇᗩᗯᒪEᗪ OᑌT Oᖴ ᗯᗩTEᖇᖴᗩᒪᒪ Iᑎ ᔕEᗩᖇᑕᕼ ᖴOᖇ ᕼIᔕ TᖇᑌE ᒪOᐯE. PαρҽɾJαɱ ɯιʅʅ ϝιɳαʅʅყ ɱσʋҽ σɳ αϝƚҽɾ ყҽαɾʂ σϝ ԋιʂ ϝαƚԋҽɾ, Eɾɾσɾ ƈσɱɱιƚƚҽԃ ʂυιƈιԃҽ. Hιʂ ɱσƚԋҽɾ, Iɳƙ ԋαʂ ɱσʋ...
We are the only people who grow flowers out of bones by Lydia_Moonstone
We are the only people who grow Lydia/Leon
Nightmare never expected to take in 6 kids, but he doesn't regret it. He knows he's not perfect, but he'll try, for their sake. And besides, anyone who dares try to harm...
Core frisk x error sans by TheGhost033
Core frisk x error sansby Ghost of time
The story of a sans who is misunderstand and a frisk who has more to her then what others know
Our little therapist  by Azthesecond
Our little therapist by Azthesecond
Core frisk has noticed that there was something wrong with a couple of aus and decided to check it out. Turns out some sanses have severe depression and disorders. Core...
The Unknown Truth- On Pause, Maybe? by AlphaWolf1107
The Unknown Truth- On Pause, Maybe?by AlphaWolf1107
When Bryan gets hurt, and the animatronics see more than they were ever supposed to, what Unknown Truths will be discovered?