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Geno in My Hero Academia by Blue_Violet06
Geno in My Hero Academiaby Blue Violet
Geno is sent to the anime. What more is there? Also I'm bored of just seeing Classic as a human in there and it's getting annoying now to see that that's all there is. O...
What Happens After Afterdeath by Vantablack_Phoenix
What Happens After Afterdeathby Ink
Error stares at the intruder that had trespassed in HIS anti void. The skeleton, who sans clearly recognizes as Reaper Sans/Reapertale Sans, stares at Error with wide un...
The Silent Destroyer by fublle
The Silent Destroyerby Timer
cover art isn't mine and belongs to its rightful owner Error is finally ready to give in. The multiverse he spent so many eons protecting and keeping the balance is reb...
Depressive Ink Au comic by Paperjammy19
Depressive Ink Au comicby
Not mine it's just too difficult trying to find it every time There is no part 2 don't blame me Original Autor @Manuru_15 Only publishing in weakends
error!sans and reader sibling oneshots by errortale-fanperson
error!sans and reader sibling ˗ˏˋ jazzy ˎˊ˗
THIS IS NOT INCEST. - the first 5 oneshots are older so they're really cringey - sfw (safe for work) - wholesome stuff - the only reason this still exists its bc people...
Just my Luck by ZeroTVoid
Just my Luckby Zero Time Void
I died. I thought hey at least I got reincarnated and have a second change to be happy. Only then I noticed I couldn't leave and even worse I was alone. Heh, this has to...
Siren || Afterdeath || by WerewolfSoup
Siren || Afterdeath ||by WerewolfSoup
Geno is the Captain of one of the most feared pirate crew in the seven seas along side his Quartermaster, or first mate as some call him, Error and Fresh, the Master gun...
Memories by DarkMidnightDragon
Memoriesby Dragon With A Teddy Bear
Fate is cruel... Ink is soulless... Error has lost something... Destiny is giving him a chance... ... ... ... ... Do you hear that?... ... ... ... ... T H E W A R D R U...
Evolution of a Reincarnation  by Lunazul3000
Evolution of a Reincarnation by Aster
I survived, then lost.* I lived and loved.* I lost, but won.* I survived and loved.* I lost, but survived.* I lived, but was lost.* Can I find myself again? I was reborn...
Tsundere Much? (Afterdeath) by ThisWeirdReader
Tsundere Much? (Afterdeath)by Kyle Broflovski
After the Christmas party, Geno thought he'd never get to see Death anymore. Boy was he wrong! After a couple of chilling moments and heartfelt scenes, something happens...
The Show Must Go On {Sanscest}  by The_Smiling_Paradox
The Show Must Go On {Sanscest} by Shado
Cross leaves behind everything he has and seeks for a circus he hopes can give him the answers he needs. But he couldn't have expected the circus to be filled with so mu...
Andlátkyn; Vandr Sanses unin Alagaësia  by FireladyofInk
Andlátkyn; Vandr Sanses unin Flaming Soul
(Title = Skeletons; Bad Sanses in Alagaësia) Error, the evil gang, and Blueberry were minding their own business in Outertale when Ink appears, alone. He decides to get...
Sans Au Head cannon by NightDragon574
Sans Au Head cannonby NightDragon574
I have seen multiple people's head cannons and decided to add mine These are NOT cannon, don't take these as fact. You can use these in your stories though Undertale be...
The God of Death and the Angel of the Underworld (Reaper Sans x Union Academy) by adamabyss12
The God of Death and the Angel adamabyss12
(Takes place in between the rest of the stories) "Before...when I was a had all had abused and agonized me all for the sake of fun, even though I had d...
A Burst of SuperNova by Nanachi8
A Burst of SuperNovaby Nanachi
A change can lead to a new outcome, some worse than others or better than expected. When one's curiosity leads to a new life, do you accept the change or destroy it fro...
Our true story [Star Sanses and Moon Sanses] by amy3223
Our true story [Star Sanses and Amy.Rose
hi sorry I'm not good at describing so.... I change dreamtale story but the story isn't about dreamtale it about after that accident and well nightmare and dream and the...
Flirting with death [Reaper!Sans X Reader] by Panther_Writes
Flirting with death [Reaper!Sans Ace
REWRITING You had always had a lot of health problems. It made your life fucking hell at times. At 6 years old you had been in a car accident and ever after that you got...
•|The Power Of The Star Clan|•  on rewrite by -stabby_bean-
•|The Power Of The Star Clan|•
The star clan has been trying to stop the war of the clans for along time now. Then classicstar found three star clan Cats who would do the job. Killerbreeze, killerbree...
Spilled Ink{ON HOLD} by ragin_bish
Spilled Ink{ON HOLD}by fuqitall
Ink is tired of trying to balance everything, trying to hide his condition in the process. Fate treats him as nothing more then a puppet and doesn't show Ink any mercy...