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Undertale AU Pics (Requests Opened) by CSatsu_Shinki
Undertale AU Pics (Requests Opened)by Rat obsession
Just some pictures that I found shitposty,cute, or funny.(ART IN THIS STORY DON'T BELONG TO ME)
~ The Glitch by my Side ~ by Undertale_tRaSh_4U
~ The Glitch by my Side ~by PAIN
When Fresh goes AU to AU and finds this one AU that is empty, with only one person living in it all, they become familiar with each other, as a bond grows
Not All Glitches Are Bad (Error x reader) by Rainbow1231
Not All Glitches Are Bad (Error x...by Rainbow1231
(Y/N) was a normal and ordinary girl. you have never had love and you didn't have any friends but you didn't care. one day you went into the woods to go explore. But li...
Calm and Serene (Cross x Dream) by XxDeliriousRaev3xX
Calm and Serene (Cross x Dream)by 💫♥️Raev3♥️💫
Little Flower, a nickname the one who loved me gave me. I remember as if I lived this story only yesterday...
Face your fears (Errorink) by Princeofflies
Face your fears (Errorink)by The Prince Of Flies
Error has Haphephobia and Ink decides to help.
AU sans X Reader Lemon (Requests Closed) by i_Am_Traumatized
AU sans X Reader Lemon (Requests C...by I_Am_Traumatized
AU Sans  X Reader Long OneShots by mylittlepinkamena222
AU Sans X Reader Long OneShotsby 💜Simp Lord💜
Just Sans X Reader No Lemon Cover by my homeslice tkdgirl222 I don't own any of the characters in these story Don't kinkshame me I know your here for the same reason I w...
is it an ERRORMARE? by ADreamingWish
is it an ERRORMARE?by ☆Dreamin'☆
When you tell your lover that you love them, under a cherry tree, they say yes.. don't they? Or did Error get the bad end of the deal, when it comes to the cherry tree's...
Jocks Pet...? // Jock Paperjam x Nerd Fresh by CVC_Draws
Jocks Pet...? // Jock Paperjam x N...by Undertale_AUs
A (NOT) planed story that I'm making about one of my favorite ships! Also I started this story a LONG time ago so please excuse any inconsistencies with writing or parts...
𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐜𝐡𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐬 (sans x frisk) by a_pile_of_junks
𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐜𝐡𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐬 (sans x fri...by A pile of junks
How terrible is it To love something that death Can touch •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• This place wanted her dead for sure But it wasn't any different up there. Disclai...
connected (ERRORFRESH STORY) by Discouraged_cucumber
connected (ERRORFRESH STORY)by Discouraged_cucumber
ah yes, the classic soulmate AU. There's a special AU, that's basically like the undertale AU, but the thing that's different about this place is that when you look at s...
Even Errors (Error x Ink) [Discontinued] by HackerBlu
Even Errors (Error x Ink) [Discont...by HackerBlu
---- Warning: This has some triggers such as self harm, abuse, etc. A lot of action goes on but you'll have to see. Edit: I am aware that Error's blush is actually blue...
ErrorInk oneshots by boodsmith789
ErrorInk oneshotsby soggy
Just some ideas I write down about these boneheads. Have a story idea? Comment it and I'll see what I can write! Picture collab by me (Ink) and Jitters_Box (Error)!
Bitter Determination ♥︎ by pastelxxtea
Bitter Determination ♥︎by Pastel
When a boy falls into the grasps of the underground, and into the possessive hold of a young girl, he will learn new things about the residents of the hellish world, as...
Undertale Ships Opinions by ThrillerTheKiller
Undertale Ships Opinionsby Ashton Eberhardt
Okay, so I've seen a few FanFictions like this so I thought I could make a book on Undertale Ships that didn't revolve around hate, just letting out my feelings and bein...
Older Frisk x Sans One-shots: Nothing Will Change Our Love  by HarmonicalEcho
Older Frisk x Sans One-shots: Noth...by Sass_Pass
**NO LONGER DISCONTINUED** If you hate this ship and you ship either Charisk or Soriel, I will haunt you down until I get sick of it, but I will never get sick of it bec...
Determination - SansxChara Fanfiction by Studio_Lies
Determination - SansxChara Fanfict...by CallMeShit
The monsters are free Finally the game can end. No more resets, no more war. Everything is peaceful Perhaps, for every monster overall it seems alright. In an individual...
A Highschool Love [NAJ!Fresh x Paperjam] by PaverPuff
A Highschool Love [NAJ!Fresh x Pap...by PaverPuff
Fresh,an 8th grader who just transferred to AU High.This is his chance to make new and better friends,meet new nice and cool other creatures and of course a new relation...
Heart of Bones (Frisk X Sans) by JaysDreamCatcher
Heart of Bones (Frisk X Sans)by Jay, At Your Service
Frisk, now 18 years old, has been living in the UNDERGROUND for 6 years now and her birthday has just passed. Ever since she fell into the UNDERGROUND, she has always ha...
"Whats this feeling..?"  by SophiaKaelaArriesgad
"Whats this feeling..?" by SophiaKaelaArriesgad
(Art is not mine.) Hello! This is my first story, soo you can judge me if you want ;w;