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Promises [ Sans x Frisk ] [UNDER EDITING] by marlowcosmos
Promises [ Sans x Frisk ] [UNDER ᗩTᗩᐯIᔕTIᑕii
When she was orphaned after an accident she was sent to the hospital immediately. Fear, pain, and loneliness consumed her as she grieved for her parents but it didn't la...
Bondtale: Frans Undertale AU by CalibriFrans
Bondtale: Frans Undertale AUby CalibriFrans
Once upon a time, a human fell underground where the mosters live. She offered them kindness and befriended all of them instead of fighting them. She set them free by br...
Rejection by Monster_Lover_
Rejectionby Monster Lover
Heya! Monster Lover is back with another fransfic, yay!! Trying to make it burn a bit slower and add a lil bit of slice of life in it this time! Hope you like it! This f...
Frans one-shots by kawaii_trash180
Frans one-shotsby Vevi Venta
what the title says...🙃hope y'all like it
Pregnancy Pains by StarRoseColors
Pregnancy Painsby Star Rose Colors
After a drunken night with Sans, Frisk finds herself pregnant. In order to avoid abortion, she and Sans run away to Mt. Ebott. Now, the two must struggle together to be...
Dreemurrs Reactions To Ships  by SERPENTSINENVY
Dreemurrs Reactions To Ships by 𝕯𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖊 𝕹𝖆𝖓𝖆𝖙𝖘𝖚
This is the Dreemurr's family's reactions to your guys ships, and videos lol. Staring CNeko-Chan as Kitten PurePacifist as Frisk Asriel_Dreemur78 as Asriel And me! As...
Frans pictures by Ruby_Cat1082006
Frans picturesby Zhira
I found this pictures on deviantart,pinterest,google and Frans Amino
Falsely Convicted  (G!SansxFrisk) by Wolf-Madison
Falsely Convicted (G!SansxFrisk)by Howling Wolf
Frisk's world has just fallen apart. She's innocent and afraid in a prison of dangerous monsters, figuratively and literally. There's something going down and Frisk isn'...
undertale Sanscest/xreader Lemons (Requests CLOSED) by Multishipper1449
undertale Sanscest/xreader Paperjam14
Do I really need to explain.......fine. Hello sinners I will be doing lemons,fluff and three somes I will also be doing Sanscest, XReader and anything else you would lik...
I'm not one of you <Frans> by Battle_Penguin54
I'm not one of you by Shea_Butter
Frisk is a scientist in the laboratory of Ebott City, where she works with her Roomate and coworker, Chara. Frisk discovers anomalies beyond compare once she creates a d...
undertale lemons by sno0dle
undertale lemonsby lol
buttsex (don't read if you're here just to leave hate) [cover cr: smlgrim on Twitter/sem-l-grim on Tumblr]
Mafiatale - Living Life Among Crime [Frans] by SepticGirl88
Mafiatale - Living Life Among SepticGirl88
Sans. He is a serious skeleton who is part of the Mafia, and he doesn't like to take shit from anyone. Well, maybe apart from his own boss, Asgore. He can't really say n...
Sans x Frisk Short Stories by Ally_Sato
Sans x Frisk Short Storiesby Lille Ally Sato
Want to hear my crazy stories about my OTP? This is a book filled with it. I present to you my one-shots of Sans x Frisk!
I Need You (SansxFrisk) by Sarahlatte
I Need You (SansxFrisk)by Dorkestra4Life
This is a Frans story, so please don't read it if you're here to make rude comments or you don't support the ship. You can still read it, but just know that it WILL be F...
Taking cover <Frans> by Battle_Penguin54
Taking cover by Shea_Butter
"I'm telling you! She died in a fire 7 years ago!" I boomed and raised my hands up in the air. He was sitting calmly, in his chair and leaned over onto his elb...
The Final Timeline (Undertale Sans x Frisk) by HappyPotato0064
The Final Timeline (Undertale happy potato0064
Okay. I don't know what I'm doing with my life, so here.
Dancetale - The Dance of Monsters (Sans x Frisk) by MysticWinds
Dancetale - The Dance of MysticWinds
Frisk is just some regular ol' girl who loves to dance more specifically ballet but will she change her style a bit when she meets a certain skeleton? Will unexpected lo...
Truyện tranh Undertale (Vietsub) by -Ruby-Chan-
Truyện tranh Undertale (Vietsub)by ♡ 26 ❤ 12 ♡
Tiếp tục bên nick @nhi26122004 nhé <3
You can't escape Death <Frans> by Battle_Penguin54
You can't escape Death by Shea_Butter
The Gods live among themselves in a separate realm from the land of the mortals. Keeping the balance maintained was their only job, as the hierarchy of power, though few...