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COTE: The Mad Demon by Kagenou_Pooch
COTE: The Mad Demonby Bon Appetit
In this story, one teenager, who died in an unknown death, was suddenly transported in a domain that judges the soul of the dead. Rather than sending him off to afterlif...
Classroom of the Elite: Alter - Self-Test by Izaya-Hasegawa
Classroom of the Elite: Alter - Izaya Hasegawa
In this timeline, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka will attend the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School with the goal of living a high school peaceful. However, he also...
Ayanokouji What If: Popularity Time by Brotato136
Ayanokouji What If: Popularity Timeby Brotato136
In this reality, Ayanokouji decided he wants to be an Ikemen, let's see how this goes! There will be plot deviations. This is my restarted version. If you want to see...
Blue Harmony || Classroom of the Elite Fanfic by YellowPrimordial
Blue Harmony || Classroom of the Iᴛ's Ðʀєαм
Kiyopon X Haruka Fanfic. Kiyopon will not Hold Back in some Ways, He only get serious when it comes to individual test or when his only friends are in trouble and he'l...
Classroom of the Elite: Liars Edition by Jes_132
Classroom of the Elite: Liars Jes_
Ouma Kokichi from Season V3 of Danganronpa dies after getting crushed by a hydraulic press. However, he wakes up unexpectedly in a new and unfamiliar world as a girl na...
PlayboyKouji [Discontinued For My Better Fic] by RainSennin
PlayboyKouji [Discontinued For Destroyer of Sh*tty Edgelord...
You've all seen Ayanokouji unintentionally create a harem because of his actions and his looks, but what if he actually wanted it in the first place? He can't handle mor...
Classroom of the elite (Cote Reaction) DISCONTINUED  by Laiqianzhan
Classroom of the elite (Cote kix
What happen when Cote react to their characters profile? This include fandom and wiki to make an accurate profile. This is set after volume 3 and will also react to vide...
The Prince Of Night and the Elven Princess(Rewrite Ongoing) by ShibataYuuya
The Prince Of Night and the Yandra
Yotsuba Maya is said to be one of the strongest magician on planet,head of the Yotsuba family even nicknamed as Demon king of Far East .Everyone knows when Maya was twe...
Re:Elite by Subachew
Re:Eliteby Subachew
Natsuki Subaru is on his way to ANHS. He was told to graduate from the school in order to return back to his friends, but not everything will be as simple as he thought...
COTE: New Game+ by NullMage579
COTE: New Game+by BlankSage777
It's been 19 years ever since Ayanokouji Kiyotaka had graduated from ANHS, and a lot has happened since then. With both of his parents dead, the White Room completely de...
This is A story about Kiyotaka Ayanokoji in Classroom of the Elite In where he is place in Class B instead of Class D and also he somewhat does not hide his abilities on...
COTE: Kiyo's WR Harem? Wait What!!! by Gentlemist1
COTE: Kiyo's WR Harem? Wait What!!!by Mist
So this is a basically a series I came up with and published two parts in my one-shots book. But im making it so it has its one book which will get the most top attentio...
COTE RE:Otonari No Tenshi-sama  by hazmy67
COTE RE:Otonari No Tenshi-sama by hazmy67
Ayanokouji has been reincarnated as Amane Fujimiya. He is now leaving the same apartment complex as Shiina Mahiru. While he is looking for information about the truth be...
just an act ~ shizuairi by _j3lly_-
just an act ~ shizuairiby °•.qtjelly.•°
MORE MORE JUMP!, a j-pop idol group, adored by thousands, had never once fallen into a scandal. That is until, one night, one of the members, Momoi Airi, had been spotte...
i am the strongest  by YugamMandal
i am the strongest by Yugam Mandal
though out heaven and earth i alone i am the honored one
Cote Random Reaction  by Xxxxgjsibvsisni3462
Cote Random Reaction by
Disclaimer:- * English is not my native Language *Classroom of the Elite does not belong to me.. *Its just a fanfiction, and all the characters of cote does not belong...
The Mchiavillan | Cote x Tensura [Indefinite hiatus] by PyroManiac8765
The Mchiavillan | Cote x Tensura [ NAMELESS
"where the..." [unique skill mchivallian acquired] Huh...? what was that voice...." " [unique skill manipulator acquired] Manipulator? What is even h...
FOR KEEPS || IAMJUSTAIRI by princessj__
Stripper + Drug Lord = Trouble
COTE-Classroom of the elite - Class S (NEW) by shaniceng316
COTE-Classroom of the elite - Hime
Hi, everyone. This book is my rewrite book of the Class S this book. So I'm saying this story is talking about what first !! This story commences in its second academic...
Classroom Of The Elite (Comics, FanArts) by Akimi-chan10
Classroom Of The Elite (Comics, Akiza 10
I found some interesting pictures while I was on Pinterest and Pixiv so I wanted to shere them. I don't own any photo or videos or COTE. I am just a fan who likes that a...