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You're Safe With Us - Kave by shyc0bain
You're Safe With Us - Kaveby ♡
[ Dave Grohl ♡ Kurt Cobain ] #1 in nirvana 🤘 "Daddy.. Where's Mommy?" "I don't know.. Frances. I don't know." ⚠️TW: HEAVY Drug use. Mother abandonme...
Starstruck- Shane Hawkins x fem/Oc by Athenaa_thething13
Starstruck- Shane Hawkins x fem/Ocby Athena
This is a Shane Hawkins fanfic THERE WILL BE NO SMUT HE IS A MINOR it will just be a cute wholesome story its an oc but feel free to imagine its you Evelyn Grohl is V...
Strawberry fields{RE-EDITED}{COMPLETED} by SincerelyNirvana
Strawberry fields{RE-EDITED}{COMPL...by Amy Y
THIS FIC IS FOR MY BESTIE @blondiepepper : Carol Mikas feels like something's missing in her life,but what could possibly be missing?she has everything every woman wants...
All Apologies- Dave Grohl Fan-Fiction by holygrohl
All Apologies- Dave Grohl Fan-Fict...by holygrohl
Can best friends ever be something more? Two friends develop feelings for each other, but can Hannah and Dave risk ruining their friendship? People and events keep getti...
That Blue Gibson: Etc. by thatbluegibson
That Blue Gibson: Etc.by Kate⚡
"I don't want to say that most rock bands live these formulaic biography existences - but they kinda do. There's always a divorce. There's always an OD. There's alw...
vanilla [dave grohl x oc] by grohlboss
vanilla [dave grohl x oc]by jerrys gf
A shortish story about Dave Grohl. Being friends with Kurt Cobain has never been easy on Finney, yet she always tries her best to support him in everything she does. Bet...
Repair Your Heart- Kave by shyc0bain
Repair Your Heart- Kaveby ♡
Year: 1997 { In This Story, Kurt Is Alive :) } [ Dave Grohl ♡ Kurt Cobain ] "Let me fix this." Dave says worriedly towards Kurt. "How." Kurt replies...
That Blue Gibson by thatbluegibson
That Blue Gibsonby Kate⚡
CONTINUED in That Blue Gibson: Another Round 📷 IG: thatbluegibson "I'm in love with you." "Don't... don't tell me that right now." "Why not? R...
𝕟𝕚𝕣𝕧𝕒𝕟𝕒 𝕡𝕣𝕖𝕗𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕖𝕤 by rtlera84
𝕟𝕚𝕣𝕧𝕒𝕟𝕒 𝕡𝕣𝕖𝕗𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕔�...by rtlera84
preferences about kurt, dave, and krist! i take requests!
That Blue Gibson: Another Round by thatbluegibson
That Blue Gibson: Another Roundby Kate⚡
A continuation of The Blue Gibson 📷 IG: thatbluegibson Are you there? Do you read me? Are you there? I don't feel you anymore... Pictures included within are not my own...
His Sweater - Kave  by shyc0bain
His Sweater - Kave by ♡
[ Dave Grohl ♡ Kurt Cobain ] It is the season of constant rainy days. Dave see's a familiar sweater. Yet he wishes it was on him. Not ' her.' TW: argumentative behavio...
Summer Breeze ♡ Kurt Cobain  by RomaAlMora
Summer Breeze ♡ Kurt Cobain by little girl blue
"She's my summer breeze, she let's me know everything is alright." Darlene Grohl was never expecting much from life ever since her brother's band Nirvana ha...
groupchat. - nirvana by -drownsoda
groupchat. - nirvanaby eleanora
nirvana if they had a groupchat. next.
if anything could ever be this good again | SH by unaread
if anything could ever be this goo...by Juliette
Chloe Lane didn't like pop music. Don't get me wrong she was always up to screaming the bridge to cruel summer or going crazy for some Olivia Rodrigo but that wasn't whe...
Attention - Kave  by shyc0bain
Attention - Kave by ♡
[ Dave Grohl ♡ Kurt Cobain ] Kurt is craving attention from the certain drummer, one night. What will their friendship spiral into? -Fluff :33 -Short & Sweet
savior - kave by shyc0bain
savior - kaveby ♡
[ Dave Grohl ♡ Kurt Cobain ] tw: abuse. || drug use || su*cide thoughts mentioned.⚠️ #4 in nirvana 🤘 [ lowercase intended. ] - kurt is trapped, trapped in her toxic lov...
Kurt Cobain One Shots by FritzFederleicht
Kurt Cobain One Shotsby Fritz Federleicht
One Shots about Kurt Cobain, the singer of Nirvana
"You." - Kave  by shyc0bain
"You." - Kave by ♡
[ Dave Grohl ♡ Kurt Cobain ] { fluff fanfic } ⚠️drugs mentioned however.⚠️ ( not super heavy. )
Angel - Kave by shyc0bain
Angel - Kaveby ♡
( Dave Grohl ♡ Kurt Cobain ) Frances has told her mother that her father still exists. Yet Courtney wasn't having it. What if Dave believes too? (Frances Is 5 Years Old...