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When Best Friends Grow (Sequel to When Best Friends Kiss) by Lena-Presents
When Best Friends Grow (Sequel Lena
In the sequel to When Best Friends Kiss, Liam is faced with the life Alex has built without him. Can their love survive when they've become so different? ...
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The Sound of Ice by MAndALaptop
The Sound of Iceby M
Cameron Beckett, a closeted teenager playing in the CHL, has to deal with the dual pressures of making it into the NHL while also not flunking out of school. ...
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Freedom's Pyre [Libertas Series | Book I] ✓ by KR_Williams
Freedom's Pyre [Libertas Series | K R Williams
Kit Derore is the brother of the Chosen One. He has known since he was young that his purpose in life is to protect his Mage brother - even if it costs him his life. Whe...
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Dog Days by beautlies
Dog Daysby Sev
When 20-year-old Kara Bennett moves to Boston to escape her post-highschool drama with her stepbrother Ace and her daughter, she didn't expect to fall square into the dr...
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Awaken |  ✔️ by MakaylaSophia
Awaken | ✔️by Makayla Sophia
Hunted for her magic, Beth teams up with her enemy Clark to save herself. Can they resist the magic bringing them together to save their town? ...
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BREAKING LIAM by BellaVanice
Liam kept to himself and everyone wondered why. His appetite for fighting was insatiable and he hoped it would be his way out in more ways than one. When Amelia moved in...
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Rainbow Paper Cranes by BoywithnoVoice
Rainbow Paper Cranesby boywithnovoice
Osmium Wayne enjoys drinking Oolong tea , has the occasion to debate and read. A lot. He never had an incentive to make human interaction, much to his Asian parent's dis...
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WE GATHER TOGETHER by Edward L. Woodyard by EdwardLWoodyard
WE GATHER TOGETHER by Edward L. EdwardLWoodyard
Sometimes you have to go far away to realize just how close you really are. A straightforward, honest and emotional journey of the heart, We Gather Together is a percep...
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Somewhere Only We Know by beautlies
Somewhere Only We Knowby Sev
When George Shaw tries to find a plan for the last fifteen days to spend with his best friend, who he's had a crush on as long as he can remember, all he needs is a map...
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I fell in love with a Werewolf (Completed) by kathiel12
I fell in love with a Werewolf ( K.L. Rivers
(Warning: There is some fat shaming, but there's also a body positivity message. However more of this will be explored with the voluptuous and sexy Tamara Woods in I Fe...
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Snap-Shorts by suvachana
Snap-Shortsby suvachana
Collection of Short Stories Horror, humour, romance, science-fiction, fantasy, adventure, spiritual, random, historical-fiction and other genres - a unique mix of short...
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 Ιn Your Vertigo 🌼 by Wanderlust0X0
Ιn Your Vertigo 🌼by Sarah ❥
Just out of highschool, Caspian Griffith and Ivy rose are forced into an arranged marriage by their parents with no way out. They have exactly one whole year to spend to...
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Love in Harlem by StephanieeeC
Love in Harlemby StephanieeeC
Just as beautiful as ever. My heart swooned. Seeing her took away some of the swelling in my heart. My hair dropped over my face and the rain made it even easier to hide...
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Don't Believe in Love by Flaaffy
Don't Believe in Loveby ʚïɞ
This is the story where the God of Love doesn't believe in love. /// "Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest...
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When I See You by bro_tea
When I See Youby bro_tea
Kita merupakan bagian dari masa lalu. Suka atau tidak, semua hal yang terjadi hari ini berawal dari masa lalu. Terkadang sulit dikenang, terlalu buruk, atau bahkan tak d...
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It Started With A Book by lol_books01
It Started With A Bookby ariel
Honestly, Brin thought this would be more thrilling. Stowing away in the back of a car, that is. So far she's incurred a bruised butt, what feels like a hundred speed bu...
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Happy Stories by sleepy_bandito
Happy Storiesby sleepy_bandito
"You're cold hearted, Logan," I said, laughing. "What do you mean?" Logan asked. "You have no happy stories," I whispered. "Jayleigh...
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Niall's Girl by AlexisLloyd0
Niall's Girlby Alexis Lloyd
Ever since she lost her memory, Jessica has had to rely on the people around her to tell her who she is. But Niall is here to help her get her memory back. Will she be a...
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The Art Of Love (Collection- Ongoing) by NightmaresPen
The Art Of Love (Collection- Alfred_Alfonso
Read before you hate Comment before hate And Lover more than you hate
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"I fall inlove with the badboy" by LoveCassarah
"I fall inlove with the badboy"by Charie Mae
Pag mahal mo , mahal mo!! Walang pero-pero !!!!!
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