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(Never expected this) Love island 2019 by fanficgalxxx
(Never expected this) Love fanficgalxxx
Nyla is a 20 year old model from Essex. She got asked to go on the show love island and she never expected to fine anything like she did
  • maura
  • amber
  • anton
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LOVE ISLAND 2019-Tommy by lovelakes1321
LOVE ISLAND 2019-Tommyby lovelakes1321
basically you are alona and you fall for tommy
  • amber
  • arabella
  • danny
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Alpha of the Rogues by burntbrulee
Alpha of the Roguesby Golden
Tingles spread all across my body and I snapped my head to see his. Both dark, savage eyes peered into mine, and I knew exactly what I hadn't wanted was happening. &qu...
  • evil
  • mark
  • love
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I Didn't Know I'm a Rogue by nelinor
I Didn't Know I'm a Rogueby Nelly
Tyler has been kept in the dark. She knows virtually nothing about werewolves and she rarely ever gets to shift. Then, men break into her house, slaughter her parents, a...
  • some
  • read
  • sad
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A Little Bit Ninja by XundecidedX
A Little Bit Ninjaby XundecidedX
Living in a world where the dance team is her kingdom, fashion her passion, and judo her secret pastime, Jade Wright’s life is as close to perfect as it can be without h...
  • date
  • anton
  • death
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We Happy Fluff (WHF ships) by Uncle__Jack
We Happy Fluff (WHF ships)by Jack Worthing
🚨🚨🚨🚨REQUESTS ARE PERMANENTLY CLOSED🚨🚨🚨🚨 Image from compulsion games twitter.! W O O THIS IS GONNA BE CHAOTIC
  • verloc
  • joydoctor
  • hastings
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The Hybrid King's Ember by Mikeriaaa
The Hybrid King's Emberby Dreamingwonders
For a while it had been just Ember and her mother. She got up every morning to her mother cooking breakfast for her, the same routine every day. But there was a differen...
  • strangers
  • wolves
  • samuel
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Saffy's Strictly Shenanigan's  by saffyssalsa
Saffy's Strictly Shenanigan's by saffyssalsa
join social media star saffron barker as a real time journey though her strictly experience takes place with this novel covering all things in and out the ballroom inclu...
  • thatcher
  • buswell
  • saffy
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Meant To Be Together // Anton Asistio FF by SammyyyBby
Meant To Be Together // Anton Samantha DG
"What's meant to be will always be meant to be" Genre: Fan fiction/Romance/Short Story Status: On-going Started: November 17, 2017 Finished: ---
  • ateneo
  • blue
  • admu
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Fall Into The Sky (A Zedd Fan Fiction) by Zedds_Bacon
Fall Into The Sky (A Zedd Fan !!Mykie!! <3
19 year old, Camille Moore goes to OSU in Portland, Oregon and majors in psychology. She's also Skrillex's younger sister. When OSU has to remodel, Camille is able to ge...
  • pizza
  • fallintothesky
  • pianist
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Imagines by geekgurl97
Imaginesby Kalila Keli
These are just random imagines featuring Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Anton Yelchin, Chris Evans and You! Written by @Geekgurl97 & @JoeyGraceffaBiches' Edited...
  • hiddleston
  • benedict
  • tom
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Dalam penantian by adzkiasiwon
Dalam penantianby adzkiasiwon
Shifa mencoba menjalani kehidupan barunya dan menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik.Juga mulai melupakan masa lalu nya.Di saat ia mulai membuka hati untuk orang lain orang yan...
  • pasanganhalal
  • anton
  • religi
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Traded to the Archbishop of Hell (Black Butler Fanfic) by AstridofAsgard
Traded to the Archbishop of Hell ( AstridofAsgard
It's been 14 years since Ciel Phantomhive sold his soul to Sebastian so he could take revenge on those that killed his parents. Revenge has been exacted and Ciel is cont...
  • elizabeth
  • sebastianmichaelis
  • pluto
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"Why Are You My Clarity?" - A Zedd Fan Fiction by AngelIsWarped44
"Why Are You My Clarity?" - A Angel :D
Grace is an ordinary girl with a passion for music. She's an awesome singer, but she has a past, and that past drives her away from her home to an unfamiliar small town...
  • edm
  • electronic
  • robinson
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My Prince is from the past  by Mariellalalala_1129
My Prince is from the past by mariella mendiola
Ang taong mag kaiba nga ba ang mundo ay maaaring magsama o pagdating Ng panahon ay sila ring maghihiwalay Author's note : Pasensya na po sa story ko ... dahil first tim...
  • lablab
  • walanangiba
  • kawlang
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Verloc and a baby by Uncle__Jack
Verloc and a babyby Jack Worthing
What happens when a father finds out he has a child? A we happy few fanfic request.
  • whf
  • antonverloc
  • wehappyfew
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Anton, Chris, Zack and Taylor🌸 by SinfulLovers_
Anton, Chris, Zack and Taylor🌸by Marvy💙
The 4 who started this account⭐️
  • anton
  • bios
  • chris
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the ebb of life by such-an-english-girl
the ebb of lifeby Alice Hatter
  • valduggery
  • china
  • anton
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Saracen Rue Knows Too Much by Ali_Cynical
Saracen Rue Knows Too Muchby Ali Cynical
Saracen is determined to discover Skulduggery's secret, so enlisting the help of the dead men they create a plot that goes marvellously wrong. This story is fast paced...
  • cringe
  • saracenrue
  • lordvile
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The Deadly Seven by EKShortstories
The Deadly Sevenby e. k. clifton
Seven men. Seven deadly sins.... 1. Fornicatio 2. Gula 3. Avaritia 4. Acedia 5. Ira 6. Invidia 7. Superbia Seven men. Seven deadly sins. They all meet at the center o...
  • david
  • poker
  • bale
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