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CherryBerry Love ( Swap X Fell ) ( Blueberry X Red ) by BerryCinnamonRoll
CherryBerry Love ( Swap X Fell ) ( BerryCinnamonRoll
Blue wake up in Underfell, completely forgot what happen and why is he here. Blue do not want to be alone so he wants a friend to be with while he was finding his way ba...
Highschool Of Chaos (ErrorxInk) by Azieruu_
Highschool Of Chaos (ErrorxInk)by i have 383 angels do u want t...
Making a deal with the rudest man alive was never just a choice but a commitment, living in poverty made him hand his fate to someone else. Despite wanting his highschoo...
Blueberry Oneshots || Sanscest by Petulanced
Blueberry Oneshots || Sanscestby amity eats children
Give me Berry ships and I will make a chapter or two for them! They don't have to be ships either, you can request friendship/angst stuff as well - also no lemons *sadly...
Love remains [destructivedeath ship] -(Q and A open)- by Princefox12
Love remains [destructivedeath 🎵Song-of-storms🎵
Destructivedeath Cover is not my art. As you can see I just screenshotted it- This is my fgod au, ink is not a heartless bastard. He's more like his cannon self. I'm wri...
Them Boys by Maximum_118
Them Boysby Multi Fandom
Geno, Error, and Fresh are new to Multi Town the three brothers head to a school known as Multi High School. The three are completely separated Error goes and hangs out...
Short Stories by SoulOfWoes
Short Storiesby Dat One Gal
Hey so I made this book because I have a lot of story ideas but I don't have books for them and don't want to make to many books to work on and all that so I thought I w...
Why by queen150791
Whyby ಥ_ಥ
(Got ranked #607 in fanfiction) This is about the cherryberry ship. Red is just standing around one day whenever Blue randomly pops out nowhere in to his life and won't...
Melodic Romances by smallmaniac1407
Melodic Romancesby smallmaniac1407
this is a sanscest story
cherryberry fluff love story by SOLKAT4LIFA
cherryberry fluff love storyby PJ
red and blue are close freinds but then red finds that he likes blue in a special way,will blue accept the feeling's,will blues brother get in the way and put and end to...
Highschool Of Chaos Sequel : 'The Rerun' (ErrorxInk) by Azieruu_
Highschool Of Chaos Sequel : ' i have 383 angels do u want t...
Sequel to Highschool Of Chaos (Please read that first if you haven't!) The hardship ended and their relationship started, however, things began to take another turn lead...
Oneshots! (sanscest mostly; requests welcome!) by hayouthoughttt
Oneshots! (sanscest mostly; friendly local trash
yeppppp sanscest oneshots for the win bby. btw SKIP IT IF YA DON'T SHIP IT woo rhyme [complete]
Soulmates Bond by SilverCore360
Soulmates Bondby Silver
Imagine a Prince of Happiness and a God of Destruction were meant to be soulmates. But they had to keep it a secret or else they'll never be together again.
DISCONTINUED; Highschool - An InkxError FanFic by my_xndxr_xyxs
DISCONTINUED; Highschool - An Ender
*HUMANIZED* Ink is a shy artist who tries to avoid violence. Error is a hardcore bad-tempered, bad boy. He fought a lot. When the two meet, Error finds a fascination in...
Sanscest One-shots by nads_5122
Sanscest One-shotsby
Yay! My first book! So, yeah this is a one-shot book of all of my favourite sanscest ships. To be completely honest, I didn't really like sanscest when i first discovere...
"What's wrong Sweetheart~?" | Yandere Fell X Blueberry  by YANDERE_LORD_OFFICAL
"What's wrong Sweetheart~?" | YANDERE_LORD_OFFICAL
Fell has been abused by his brother and attempted to commit suicide. He was dumped in Underswap by Error to die. But Blueberry, the first person who was the first person...
Sanscest Oneshots (stuff) by Azieruu_
Sanscest Oneshots (stuff)by i have 383 angels do u want t...
I will be writing sanscest oneshots with ships that I'm comfortable with such as errorink, afterdeath, cream etc. Will contain song fics bc I rlly love those :3 You ca...
Sanscest Oneshots by LittleDiamondFox
Sanscest Oneshotsby The Little Diamond Fox
Well here I am. I told myself I wasn't going to do this but reconsidered when I became a huge Undertale nerd. Who knows, I might even please some of you sinners! (most d...
Sanscest Oneshots (Request CLOSED for now) by BrotherNootNoot
Sanscest Oneshots (Request Noot Noot
Request any ships and Plot is a great help for the story!!! (CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING REQUEST) (Cover Art by @Jakei95) Dunno who they are tho- I think it's Dream and Cros...
Sanscest short stories For entertaining your Boredom  by i-_Oliver_-i
Sanscest short stories For Signed Out
This is like an UnderTale AU Oneshot but it's lazily made also u can request me ((I won't accept your Request when you rush me to do it))