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Fire walls  (my Au) by Ranboolover12
Fire walls (my Au)by The walking windows visa ❤️💙...
Killer discovers his true feelings for nightmare, but nightmare doesn't seem to return them back no matter the things he does. Will killer give in and stop trying?
Trouble with a capital 'T' (a NightKiller Fanfiction) by whyisntityou
Trouble with a capital 'T' (a It's gotta be someone, so
I really don't feel like doing a description. I might later, but I don't really know. So, read the story, I guess, if you wanna know what happens, cause I don't really w...
Nightkiller by cream4life
Nightkillerby cream4life
Killer, a sans who's mind has gone completely, and with his "friend" destroyed an entire au, only to find out the backstabbing truth! And soon later finds a fu...
If Nightmare turned into his passive form [Corrupted Multiverse edition] by RedCobra_owo
If Nightmare turned into his RedCobra
2# in Cream, 16/Oct/2021 Sooooo I've been seeing a lot of these on YouTube with Gacha Channels and I thought 'Hey! Why don't I WRITE something like this? BUT WITH MY MUL...
Secrets [ Nightkiller fanfic ] by Alongthewater
Secrets [ Nightkiller fanfic ]by Nighty
ships it contains - •Cream •Nightkiller •errorink •afterdeath •Scixfell •Dustberry The setting is in a high school like story so uh if you find that cringe then oof als...
~ That One Feeling ~ Nightmare X Killer [[ NightKiller ]] (Currently On Hiatus)  by TheKawaiiShipperHB23
~ That One Feeling ~ Nightmare X 🛐 Venti Simp 🛐
(Warning : CRINGEEEEEEEEEE---) Not being able to love is the most difficult thing to resist. But what's more difficult is to NOT know what love even is. Nightmare, being...
Nightkiller for life  by DroopingWillow
Nightkiller for life by Willow tree
Ships Nightmare x killer Cross x dream Ink x error Reaper x geno Blue x dust Classic x red Horror x lust No lemon but other things MOST OF THIS ISN'T CANNON THIS...
30 day OTP challenge by POTATO_QUEEN_WEY-
30 day OTP challengeby 2 Potatoes with too much free...
(I'm reposting this story in this account since the other one I have to delete it, also it's kind of cringe but has a lot of fluff!) Nightmare and Killer are forced to d...
Pink Vial Incident (Killer X Nightmare fanfic) by Ren_CML
Pink Vial Incident (Killer X Confused_Kisa
So heres the story, Noot Noot accidentaly drank the pink vial blah blah blah and then umm.. Just read the story...
My NightKiller book by NikiNeyu
My NightKiller bookby I love Killer :3
the place i used to talk, to write Oneshot, make some Headcanon about NightKiller there maybe a few more ship like Cream or HorrorDust (not much because i know everbody...
~The Loving Accident~ [ON BREAK] by Oreoroll
~The Loving Accident~ [ON BREAK]by 『Grimm』
(INSPIRED BY Pink Vial Incident BY UnderLustSaGiri) Killer can't feel anything because of Nightmare's control over him. That is until one day Ink accidentally drops one...
The Castle that Changed my life by POTATO_QUEEN_WEY-
The Castle that Changed my lifeby 2 Potatoes with too much free...
Killer, what was she exactly? She wasn't really a human, neither was she a witch. But assassins followed her family and her. And they caught up to her, but only killed h...
n͓̽i͓̽g͓̽h͓̽t͓̽k͓̽i͓̽l͓̽l͓̽e͓̽r͓̽ a͓̽n͓̽d͓̽ b͓̽l͓̽e͓̽a͓̽m͓̽ f͓̽l͓̽u͓̽f͓̽f͓̽ 📌 by 1shylu
n͓̽i͓̽g͓̽h͓̽t͓̽k͓̽i͓̽l͓̽l͓̽e͓̽r͓̽ 美的 💌
'this is all nightkiller (nightmare x killer) and bleam (blue x dream) fluff' 'fill in your requests!' ps: this will contain some (*cough* probably alot-) of my own &quo...
Bloody dreams by amy3223
Bloody dreamsby Amy.Rose
Hi sorry I'm not good at describing so... dream has been bitten by a bat and something bad happened to him he feel so odd... Will nightmare save dream or use this oppo...
Nightmare's Love Attention by PassiveNootNoot
Nightmare's Love Attentionby PassiveNootNoot
Cover not by me and so as the characters. Random nightmare scenarios. The 1st chapters are all kiddies but as chapters move on, they get to be more uhhh let's say not f...
A New Future For Me | BNHA x FGoD | Book 2 of ' The Misunderstood Glitch '  by ZaryasTales
A New Future For Me | BNHA x Zaryas Tales
Please read my first book before this one As Error and his companion has arrived in the new world, they live happily in the new world fitting in perfectly with the socie...
Cómics Nightkiller || Killermare by MaiiKatsuki__
Cómics Nightkiller || Killermareby la perra de Tamaki
☄️Español/Spanish☄️ 🌸créditos a cada creador/a de cada comic e imágen🌸 . máximo de Páginas: 125 . Fecha de publicación: 15/7/2020 . espero Disfruten! . Por lo que ví...
The Immortal Stargazer by Doryzitter
The Immortal Stargazerby Doryzitter
I finally had everything figured out in my life. I'm a normal human. I went to highschool, made friends, explored options for the future. Then, out of nowhere, guess wha...
I Dont Care... (nightkiller love story) by -Nightkill_Right-
I Dont Care... (nightkiller love Aron lives with me
i never could feel anything as long as i remeber, everything i do is because im forsed to but... one day i met someone who could free me! make me happy!? but why do you...
Bluemoon (Crescent X Gradient) Oneshot/ Request by multi_ship_join
Bluemoon (Crescent X Gradient) The multi shipper
This book is a bluemoon book So crescent x gradient book... This ship is the main ship here so don't request something else- only bluemoon. Request anything I'm open to...