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Lush by Brownskinglow22
Lushby Slime
Book 3 to Curves series
Stepmom by Jane-Link
Stepmomby Jane-Link
Leo dreams of following in his father's footsteps of becoming a wealthy self-made man. Being like his father is something that he's always wanted, but it all changes whe...
dreams about your love - dnf by catgnf
dreams about your love - dnfby clayton
best friends that met over a game called minecraft. and they will always be nothing more than best friends, right? dreamnotfound soulmate au completed
Imagines: The Beatles by allwehearisQueen
Imagines: The Beatlesby allwehearisQueen
Just one of the thousands books containing Imagines, Preferences, Scenarios, Fluffs and Smuts about The Fab Four!!! #REQUESTS OPEN!!!# Best Rankings:- #1 in ringostarr #...
Forbidden feelings- Billie dean Howard by ppaulsonstan
Forbidden feelings- Billie dean ppaulsonstan
You had no experience in moving because you grew up in only one house your whole life. You didn't even want to move at all. If you had a choice, you wouldn't. But those...
In Summer by wisegirlthings
In Summerby wisegirlthings
Annabeth Chase lives on a small island in the Greek Cyclades. Percy Jackson visits with his family every summer. This is a story about how their friendship is born, blos...
Stronger - A Pokemon Fanfic by Pikachu1425
Stronger - A Pokemon Fanficby Red Revera
I'ma Try To Rewrite This Summary Sorry If It's Not Perfect! "The Important Thing Is Not How Long You Live. It's What You Accomplish With Your Life," Summary: W...
Babygirl 💕 by babygirl_laina15
Babygirl 💕by babygirlana24
Just Readddddddddd
Rimuru Tempest in the Modern World by Pikachu1425
Rimuru Tempest in the Modern Worldby Red Revera
Stuck in the endless abyss of boredom that is caused by centuries of filling out paperwork, Rimuru Tempest, or rather his partner Ciel decides to go on a trip to Rimuru'...
We're broken people~ Adopted by Tyler Joseph by Isleofthejudge
We're broken people~ Adopted by Isleofthejudge
Crystal has been living in an orphanage ever since her parents got arrested... until one day she sees people who look very familiar....Tyler Joseph? (Trigger warnings- s...
"It's okay" ||| INCOMPLETE by BakuDekuSIMPlicityTe
"It's okay" ||| INCOMPLETEby •BakuDeku.SIMPlicity Texting•
A forever lasting cycle that repeats on and on and on,there's nothing Izuku Midoriya can do for his step parents that'll make them happy ABSOLUTELY nothing and when he d...
possessive boyxboy by squeezepotato
possessive boyxboyby Willow Ellis
When four young boys go to college four older guts see them. The youngers aren't interested but the olders are. When the leader wants something he will have it either by...
My Bodyguard (LevixReader) by EvelynYang0
My Bodyguard (LevixReader)by Smile-forever-chan
You're suddenly targeted to be killed. The government has sent special bodyguards to protect you and your family. Your Body guard has many rules but one rule sticks out...
Au!Sans x reader one-shots by MadhisStories
Au!Sans x reader one-shotsby Whomst the heck
This is a book full of one-shots. There will only be Sans(with Aus) x reader. No Sans x Sans.
striptease | K. Bakugo by stinkycumrag
striptease | K. Bakugoby your master
y/n is a first year at UA high, in which has a useful quirk. Her boyfriend goes to a different school, and she lives with her sister, mom, and dad. She makes friends thr...
Don't you dare (Jimin ff 21+)  by taekooktaekook95
Don't you dare (Jimin ff 21+) by TAEKOOKLOVER
Jimin such a jealous person but he's so cute when he is jealous. He's y/n bf for more then 4 years. Because he is so jealous he becomes clingy and that's not bad, but yo...
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Remember Me by wisegirlthings
Remember Meby wisegirlthings
What if Percy didn't remember Annabeth? Percabeth fanfic, I'm not sure how many parts this will be or if I'll even continue, just let me know what you think! DISCLAIMER:...
histoires courtes  by Jiwonmanoballl
histoires courtes by watermlxon
Short stories about the Love of two beautiful young women.. other stories aren't mine credits to the owners
Connection Between Us (xxxtentacion) by shainaulmer
Connection Between Us ( ShainaLynn Ulmer
An Xxxtentacion love story♥️