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Kpop sickfics by Txtaddictionists
Kpop sickficsby txtaddicftion
Just sickfics/hurtfics/cool moments of members Warning ❗️ I do take requests but I'd only do my biases Which are ! : JAY ( ENHYPEN ) SEONGHWA ( ATEEZ ) DOYOUNG ( NCT )...
Friends Are Safest Place || Zayn Malik Sickfic by Lizzel234
Friends Are Safest Place || Zayn lizzel
Little Zayn Malik's sickfic and hurtfic. these will be from the time he was in one direction and after leaving one direction. After leaving One direction boys still look...
It Was An Accident [Jungkook Hurtfic] by SSears90
It Was An Accident [Jungkook SSears90
{Teakook Oneshot}{Platonic}{Requested} The members have a difficult schedule ahead of them, causing some tension. Taehyung's anger gets the best of him and he accidenta...
Cardiac Arrest [Jungkook Hurtfic] by SSears90
Cardiac Arrest [Jungkook Hurtfic]by SSears90
[Requested/Oneshot] Jungkook isn't feeling well during a concert and goes into cardiac arrest.
Kpop Hurtfics/Sickfics by LocalKpopSimp
Kpop Hurtfics/Sickficsby Jie
hiii this is just gonna be a book about my favorite kpop boygroups where a member/members get hurt or sick. here are the groups that i wll write about: txt skz riize enh...
World War {B}{T}{S} by SSears90
World War {B}{T}{S}by SSears90
The world is falling apart. Is it disease? Aliens? Zombies? Government? The 7 members of BTS can't explain why everything, and everyone around them, is crumbling. They...
You're Sick, Taehyung. [Taehyung Sickfic] by SSears90
You're Sick, Taehyung. [Taehyung SSears90
[Oneshot] When stress and anxiety begin to overwhelm Taehyung, he turns to drinking to cope. Resulting in a downward spiral of ruining his relationship with his members...
Replaced. {Jungkook Hurtfic} by SSears90
Replaced. {Jungkook Hurtfic}by SSears90
Jin agrees to let a distant relative he's never met live at the dorm with them for a few weeks. Its going okay until this relative realizes he wants Jungkook's spot in t...
Jungkook, Don't Drink That!! {JJK x BTS}{BTS AU} by SSears90
Jungkook, Don't Drink That!! { SSears90
They guys go to a science fair and Jungkook accidentally drinks some weird 'potion.' It turns him back into his 15 year old self, at least his body anyways, causing his...
BTS Sickfics: Little!BTS Edition by moonchild_hobi
BTS Sickfics: Little!BTS Editionby moon
p much the same as my other story, but this time BTS are 13 or below
Kpop Sickfics / Hurtfics by RosyFoxx
Kpop Sickfics / Hurtficsby RosyFox
Contains stories from multiple kpop groups, in scenarios where they're hurt / sick, and other members caring for them. Stories about BTS, Seventeen, Stray Kids, TXT and...
Hyunjin centric one-shots by shorthairedhyunjin
Hyunjin centric one-shotsby Ivy
You can request as many oneshots as you want, I'll be happy to write them. Dm me or comment your ideas. I'm only writing about Hyunjin x another member. I mainly love a...
Long Way Down // One Direction Sickfic by l0u_t0mm0
Long Way Down // One Direction l0u_t0mm0
Sequel to No Control // One Direction Sickfic As Louis begins to come to terms with his new diagnoses, the boys all embark on their South American leg of tour. Unfortuna...
No Control // One Direction SickFic by l0u_t0mm0
No Control // One Direction SickFicby l0u_t0mm0
After a bad accident before one of the first shows on the North American leg of a tour, the One Direction boys face a series of unfortunate medical events. Book one of...
Jonah Marais sickfics by Victoriapage560
Jonah Marais sickficsby Victoriapage560
So I'm in Jonah's lane and I wanted to make sickfics about him. Leave requests!
Syncope {Jungkook Hurtfic} by SSears90
Syncope {Jungkook Hurtfic}by SSears90
{Requested}{Oneshot} Jungkook tries to keep up with his busy schedule but the exhaustion catches up to him. Hyungs panic when their maknae won't wake up.
Taehyung Hurtfic {Concussion} by SSears90
Taehyung Hurtfic {Concussion}by SSears90
{Oneshot}{Requested} Taehyung accidentally gets a concussion and tries to hide it, but his members know something is wrong.
End of the Day // One Direction Sickfic by l0u_t0mm0
End of the Day // One Direction l0u_t0mm0
Third book of the No Control series It's the final leg of tour for the One Direction boys, and now they're taking on Europe! Unfortunately for them, their bad luck foll...
Haikyuu Hurtfics by Diiaaa_suga
Haikyuu Hurtficsby Diiaaa_suga
You read the title, this is a series of hurt Haikyuu characters DISCONTINUED [ I do not write major character death or extremely severe injuries ] ~fluffy chapters~ ~req...
Not here. But home. [Yoongi Hurtfic] by SSears90
Not here. But home. [Yoongi SSears90
[Oneshot] The members all go home to visit their parents, and Yoongi has kept it a secret that his parents have always been extremely abusive and he's afraid to go see t...