Black Cat » The Vampire Diaries by RitzChan
Black Cat » The Vampire Diariesby Rita
"When I wished I was a Witch I meant like an Harry Potter witch, either before or after voldy or outside of England!" As a little girl I always wanted to be sp...
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EDSLD 2 by floh_del_flow
EDSLD 2by floh_del_flow
Querido Ethan: Si llegas a leer esto, gracias por hacerme feliz en su momento, no me arrepiento de haber empezado todo como un juego y que finalmente, estuvimos destinad...
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South Park One-Shots by Yuki_Williams
South Park One-Shotsby ?Yukari?
This is my first one-shot so I have no idea what I'm doingggg ._. but ill take requests and stuff ill write about any character x reader... uh ok then Enjoy?
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Books, books, and more books (Read for stories coming soon!) {COMPLETED} by antisepticpride
Books, books, and more books ( AntiSepticPride
Will include the following: •It Took Me By Surprise (Antisepticeye) •Father's Here (Chase Brody) •Nothing Is True (Ezio Auditore) •I'm Confused (Antisepticeye AU) •~Amou...
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The lost Moon Princess  by DonyaAmur
The lost Moon Princess by Donya Amur️
"FINALLY THE MOON PRINCESS IS BACK" She is cold as a ice She is braver than any warrior She is the one who will change the prophecy And She is "Monceline...
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Cruel World by SweetBeatles
Cruel Worldby Spaced Out
Well, simple. John Lennon, suddenly has feelings for a handsome, friend of Paul. They officially meet at a party... and fucking Ringo get out of the way plz... oof Fuck...
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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon DramaBeans Recaps by KDramaBeans
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon KDramaBeans
All of this doesn't belong to me. The recaps were from DramaBeans, all credits to them.
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" ROYAL ACADEMY "  by RyzaMaeSimbulan
" Trazet Fince Davies " She is a princess with a rebel heart! Let me teel you a secret Trazet Family is a TOP 1 ROYAL in their world!, Maldita and sobrang gan...
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Destruction by CreativelyCrafty
Destructionby CreativelyCrafty
This is the 4th book of the "Tracking Them Down Trilogies" and this will be an official book that ties those 3 books' plots together! As everything collapses...
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.•. updates by yyasmeena
.•. updatesby 𝔂𝓪𝓼𝓱 ◟̽◞̽
This is just where i post lame, updates, random bullshi, and, yeah. :)
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Teasers by YandereFaithfull
Teasersby Faithfull
Everything in this belongs to me. From the characters to the ideas to the story parts. These all come from my mind and such will be made into either future books or plac...
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The book of  by 1twasntme
The book of by 1twasntme
Here's a book about me. It's anonymous so my secrets don't spill out 😂 have fun with a variety of funny, sad and happy childhood memories!
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drama ↔ park hyung sik #Wattys2018 by just_an_1004
drama ↔ park hyung sik #Wattys2018by studying~
너 무섭 니? 뭘 두려워하니? 사랑에 빠지는 것을 두려워합니다. -↕️️- Are you afraid? ...
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RWBYS:  Red Like Sharingans by lynch8man
RWBYS: Red Like Sharingansby lynch8man
What happens when a certain shinobi joins Ruby and the gang at Beacon academy? Join Sasuke, the last of the Uchiha clan, on his quest to rid the world of evil. What will...
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-MUSE MADNESS- by hyperchondriacmuser
-MUSE MADNESS-by Emma loves Muse
A photos/edits/memes collection of the famous band Muse! Enjoy your stay in my muser world (~u.u)~
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Coming Soon!-by AkbRocks by Village_of_Strawhat
Coming Soon!-by AkbRocksby The Strawhats
Here you'll find all of my new stories that are coming soon along with my progress in the ones I'm making right now! By Akbrocks
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I Love Him by redgirl_ashley
I Love Himby redgirl_ashley
Si Carla ay isang babaeng nag kagusto sa isang lalaki na si Brian. Paano kung umalis ang kanyang minamahal papunta sa Malaysia. At paano kung nag balik ito at hindi siya...
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chad yasutora x reader by zero-the-hero
chad yasutora x readerby zero-the-hero
I don't know the story my self.... why should I write something here...
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Different World by Katryusha
Different Worldby Kat
Everybody has a different way to view the world.
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UNHOLY! ☆ NICK ROBINSON by -chalamet
❝ i know that it's wrong to be here in your arms but tonight i'm so lonely ❞ - in which after their breakup, nick robinson and benjamin pierce still hook up - ( n...
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