Catastrophe by dessiphile
Catastropheby Άρτεμις
You and I are the definition of catastrophe. | Highest ranking: #5 in poetry. Cover by: @pajibar
  • broken
  • pastel
  • myyouth
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Simply Complicated by Aj5701
Simply Complicatedby surpriserainbows
I leaned my head against the window and watched the small flakes of ice fall from the sky as I placed my index finger on the car's window instantly melting the snow on t...
  • teenfiction
  • romcom
  • lgbt
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Darla's Abra Catastrophic Adventure by PerkyGoth14
Darla's Abra Catastrophic Adventureby PerkyGoth14
While the others have gone to Equestria, Darla accompanies Amber and Annabelle to meet Amber's cousin Timmy Turner who is just an average kid who nobody understands exce...
  • nickelodeon
  • perkygoth14
  • oddparents
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Artistic License by VeraPaine
Artistic Licenseby Vera Paine
Meet Annette, an artistic prodigy. The quickest connection to her soul involves a piece of paper, colored pencils, and an abundance of creative space. When she's involve...
  • teen
  • artist
  • inspirational
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Catastrophe - the Prequel Tale by FreakingDestinypath
Catastrophe - the Prequel Taleby Destinypath
After his home is burnt in a tragic fire, a young kitten named Oliver is taken in by a new family. However, things take a drastic change for the worse when he is kit-nap...
  • destinypath
  • fantasy
  • xenofiction
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