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The Alpha's Lifeline by Shaunajade16
The Alpha's Lifelineby Shaunaaa
~In a world full of mythical creatures and other terrifying beasts~ **Mature Content** Rylan Cooper was different to the other little boys and girls... He was a half br...
  • scars
  • luna
  • catastrophe
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Unknown Love by Whitefox_cx
Unknown Loveby 😗NO_REGRETS😈
Ryder and the Paw Patrol are doing great at keeping their town safe that is until Ryder meets a mysterious boy who is the son of Mayor Humdinger. What will happen if Ryd...
  • fanfiction
  • chasexrocky
  • catastrophe
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The Catastrophe Of Love ✓ by ANParker4123
The Catastrophe Of Love ✓by A.N.Parker
🔹Love is beautiful but when it turns into an obsession it becomes horrifying.🔹 ••• "Why did you kill him?!", Jannat shouted at me as I replied calmly. My voi...
  • historic
  • muslimlovestory
  • historicalfiction
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MINDSLIP by TonyHarmsworth
MINDSLIPby Tony Harmsworth
MINDSLIP is the catastrophe which hits the Earth at 8.15am GMT next Wednesday morning. It began six hundred and fifty years earlier when Betelgeuse fulfilled its long-h...
  • politics
  • iss
  • mystery
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Dork Diaries 12 Prediction Fanfiction (1) by SecondRound
Dork Diaries 12 Prediction SECOND ROUND
To countdown and to pass the tedious days until the exciting official release of Dork Diaries 12 I have decided to write a Fanfiction based off of the book's description...
  • dork
  • 12
  • rivals
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Catastrophe | Damon Salvatore [3] ✔️ by -stilesunicorn
Catastrophe | Damon Salvatore [3] riley
[BOOK 3 IN THE LIA SERIES] ❝I am the catastrophe.❞ Emilia Gilbert has made so many life mistakes or as she likes to call them; catastrophes. She went from killing thousa...
  • damilia
  • caroline
  • elijah
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23h58 by louisedrx
23h58by Louise
On dit que la fin du monde est proche... deux minutes avant la fin d'après l'horloge. Mais qui aurait pensé que la destruction de notre monde se passerait devant nos pro...
  • monde
  • climat
  • aventure
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La colère d'Ulta by Kith007
La colère d'Ultaby Kith007
Une gigantesque bataille fait rage au pied du volcan Ulta. Mais quand une éruption débute, il n'y a plus qu'un seul camp : celui de la survie. Walter et Simon vont s'emp...
  • bataille
  • amitié
  • action
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I'll Find A Way *A Captain America Story* by kTBrooke1
I'll Find A Way *A Captain kTBrooke1
"Steve, maybe Fury's right. Maybe Violet is dea-" "Romanoff, I'm going to find her. I am. I'll find a way back to Violet. I'll find a way...
  • steverogers
  • friendstolovers
  • avengersassemble
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Catastrophe   (Poetry)  by luvsnigz
Catastrophe (Poetry) by `-, Snig ,-`
A little for those who have had a terribly bad day. Congratulations, You survived another difficulty! :) ©luvsnigs 2018 Started : 29. 12.18
  • life
  • sadmess
  • poems
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Hindatu: A Nigerian Romance  by africanjam
Hindatu: A Nigerian Romance by africanjam
#...So, I let us both cried in each others arms because that was all we were left with # HINDA Secrets are deadlier than botulinum toxin. When you know nothing about the...
  • spiritual
  • love
  • romance
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The Love They Couldn't Resist  by Time_To_Shine24
The Love They Couldn't Resist by Venus Rosen
From the very beginning they have fallen for each other. That love was lost up until their last year of school
  • dramonie
  • fanfiction
  • draco
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La Barrière by Affesaia
La Barrièreby Affesaia
Mois de juillet ensoleillé, la colonie des sangs-mêlés découvre une jeune fille albinos ayant subit un traumatisme. Quelques jours après son arrivée, les pensionnaires s...
  • catastrophe
  • pandemie
  • monstre
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Catastrophe by aqsa_batool
Catastropheby aqsa batool
Solace and peace those words unknown to me, Chaos in my existence thoughts and mind, I portray them through my words, On the brink of losing myself, Held by a thread wit...
  • temptation
  • chaos
  • catastrophe
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Short Stories with Simon by calpoltown
Short Stories with Simonby simon
a collection of short stories, poems and songs I have written down in my free time or some other period I had to write. ranges from stories about celestial lesbians and...
  • songs
  • lgbt
  • catastrophe
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Dungeoneering and Survival by ToumaXMisakaMikoto
Dungeoneering and Survivalby Kamijou Touma
The Grand Sage God reincarnates into a dungeon core in another world!? Join him on his adventure as he contemplates life, survival and well other things. Watch as people...
  • magicalcreatures
  • magic
  • adventure
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How to Have a Proper Catastrophe (Slow Updates) by Mpadgett80
How to Have a Proper Catastrophe ( M. J. Padgett
Beasley Bronson isn't jealous. What's there to be jealous of? Just because Kinley Fitzgerald is beautiful, talented, sophisticated, and horrifyingly sweet (seriously, c...
  • love
  • romance
  • catastrophe
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(INSERT NAME HERE)  by emowalker130
GEORGIE SUMMERS. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "Your world is black in white while mine is in color." she said "LIAR." "How would you know? Yo...
  • youradorable
  • purple
  • zombies
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