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Too much for Mr. Kyoya~~? by Oblenafa
Too much for Mr. Kyoya~~?by 리아
What happens when Kyoya doesn't get what he wants~? How will he react~? And what will he do~? Wrote this for fun, don't take it too seriously~
  • school
  • kyoyaootori
  • kyoya
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Adopted by Overwatch by Mommyxemnas
Adopted by Overwatchby Mommy Xemnas
It's all in the title
  • lovable
  • fangirl
  • lolol
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College Life by SeraphinaRivera
College Lifeby ♡ Seraphina ♡
Jesse Jackson is lost and hopeless in his own little world. His mind is full of dark secrets about his past, about the person he lost. That one night changed his whole l...
  • life
  • comedy
  • hilton
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OneShots // Crush X reader by antisocialxtrash
OneShots // Crush X readerby ×Dezzie×
I Day Dream a Lot. • • X Reader - OneShots - Maybe triggering (Usually Not) • {Highest Rank ~ #1 AwkwardSituations}
  • lolol
  • happyending
  • goofy
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BTS Would You Rather by lol4ever1d
BTS Would You Ratherby Louis🤙
Very hard version- sometimes 18+ warning!!!
  • wyr
  • btsfanfic
  • wouldyourather
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My Cute Tomato (Saeran x Reader) by Meila215
My Cute Tomato (Saeran x Reader)by Saeran's Lauv ♡
[[WARNING: ABUSE]] Y/N has been spending her life alone since she was around 10, her parents had put her up for adoption and she moved into an orphanage. As she grew up...
  • yoosungkim
  • saeranxreader
  • choisaeyoung
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I'm In Fucking Naruto! (A Naruto Fanfiction) by Thunder105411
I'm In Fucking Naruto! (A Naruto Rose
Being a rare omega is a rough life for Isabella Rothschild, thus making her want to leave her life, and go to her favourite anime, Naruto. What if the anime god, blessed...
  • lotsofdrama
  • idontknow
  • lol
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sum quotes lel by Taekook_Tea
sum quotes lelby Bangtan!At the disco
Just a daily book of dumb stuff me, my friends, or anybody else says idk lel.
  • idkwhatimdoing
  • thisisstupid
  • comedy
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Funny Memes by memes_galore
Funny Memesby LOL
I don't own these, calm down I'm pretty sure these will make you either "lol" or "LOL" You can send me some funny pics if you want
  • lolsotrue
  • pikachu
  • jkjk
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ART AND STUFF  by hellounikitty
I promise its better then the cover says Its a quick read or look at so just whateves I HAVE SEMI GOOD ART THANK YOU BYE
  • lgbtpride
  • lolol
  • whatamidoingwithmylife
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My Everyday Life by lil_ayaneee
My Everyday Lifeby Yo Grill Ayane
This is mah life Don't judge me
  • lolidk
  • lmao
  • rantingaboutlife
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Creepypastas on Crack 2 by AnAngryTrashPanda
Creepypastas on Crack 2by AnAngryTrashPanda
Yo! Welcome to creepypastas on crack hope though enjoy
  • jeffthekiller
  • lol
  • lolol
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Ways to annoy Claude Faustus by BinguTop-
Ways to annoy Claude Faustusby 아낙네
Spooderman Shout out to @Ikumi_the_otaku for helping out in short scenarios!!! Pictures= I do not own kekekensjakwkw
  • waystoannoy
  • spooderman
  • howto
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The Naughty Babysitter by Thenewgirl24
The Naughty Babysitterby Main Homie
Megan hasnt had the best past. She has decided to change. Her parents couldn't trust her anymore so everytime they go out she has had a babysitter, but that babysitter...
  • lolol
  • fiction
  • slowupdates
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Melody | メロディ [Gakuen Alice] |  by AsadaShinon7
Melody | メロディ [Gakuen Alice] | by Rina
[Ongoing] Kurosaki Reina, Natsume Hyuuga, Ruka Nogi, Hotaru Imai and Kazuki Hiro were childhood friends back in the good old days. They were just 5 that time. "D...
  • fanfiction
  • alice
  • ruka
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Shattered #1 The boy next door by stillchill4
Shattered #1 The boy next doorby stillchill4
The boy next door
  • autism
  • imsad
  • shattered
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THE Big book of who knows what by hellounikitty
THE Big book of who knows whatby ELI THE MANLIEST MAN
YO WATTUP MY DUDES ITS YA BOI BACK AT IT AGAIN This is a book thats a glimpse of the inside workings of my mind THE FUN THOUGHTS (I'm so sorry lol) READ AT YOUR OWN RI...
  • whatamidoingwithmylife
  • lolol
  • stevenuniverse
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Terryn's instagram!  by MrsTerrynEucliffe
Terryn's instagram! by Terryn Eucliffe
just read it....
  • shinmai
  • lolol
  • moau
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You had one job by Jexica_Ise
You had one jobby 🌈CouldBeGayer🌈
This book will outline the errors of us humans. They had one job and they failed at it.
  • lolol
  • bored
  • fails
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T H O U G H T S by GalaxyIsBae47
T H O U G H T Sby Galaxy
This is a book full of random thoughts on life, funny things, and other pointless junk. E N J O Y ! ! !
  • randomness
  • lmao
  • stupidpeople
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