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Finally Noticed by romanoindisguise
Finally Noticedby romanoindisguise
Arthur Kirkland is a successful lawyer in Philadelphia, living alone with his five year old son, Alfred F. Jones. When he takes the case of Francis Bonnefoy, a Frenchman...
How These Floorboards Creak by Cazypup
How These Floorboards Creakby f r u i t
this is a concept I really like but I've never seen it done right so I decided to take matters into my own hands America is ordered to take a week to invite over a few o...
American Symphony by Starkvenger
American Symphonyby Starkvenger
America, the joyful, albeit slightly dim nation was, in fact, a very gifted singer-- not that anyone knew that. That didn't mean they wouldn't find out. (A series of one...
Product of The World (APH) by Alan_is_Luminous
Product of The World (APH)by Bruhiwannadie
"You turned him into what he is now..." • • • • • America is imperfect. He is filled with many flaws. The world knows this, and they take advantage of such...
Unraveling  by maxine247
Unraveling by maxine247
America is the world's number one superpower. We all know that. And to be a superpower, you gotta have a strong mindset. A really strong mindset. Alfred does have that b...
An Untold Story- The desperate search for America. by DragonPrincess22
An Untold Story- The desperate sea...by Cassidy
America has never had a personification, however in a last-ditch effort, the countries of the world form a school-based in America. The International School for the Worl...
A Work of Fate | APH by lpukfr
A Work of Fate | APHby lpukfr
After Francis's world crumbles apart, he adopts the baby his sister dreamed to have, and decides to take part in online dating. Arthur's mother dumps another woman's ba...
Invisible (Sorry, Cancelled) by ProSlytherinShipper
Invisible (Sorry, Cancelled)by Proshippergenius
"Well maybe if you didn't spend all your time being the asshole of the world and bossing all of us around with your ridiculous hero complex, you could actually care...
Hetalia: Brothers... by ShihoFujioka
Hetalia: Brothers...by Gothic Geek💀
When America was declared dead; the other nations mourn his death. However when Canada receives a mysterious letter that says America is somehow still alive. To get his...
This Is Our Last Song by Spiritmoon23
This Is Our Last Songby Merik
The year is 2051. My name is Alfred F Jones, also known as the United States of America. And I'm the last one left.
Secrets Revealed by TheMaidenOfTheHunt
Secrets Revealedby Artemis
TheMaidenOfTheHunt presents to you a Hetalia reading the diaries fan fiction. For many years, for some as long as they remember they have been keeping secrets. These sec...
Strange things about America (Not mine!) by AppleBeesVodka
Strange things about America (Not...by Applebee’s vodka
I did not write this story!! All credit goes to: 'nicetwin123' on fanfiction.net She's a really good writer so I wanted to spread some of her stuff!! Hope you enjoy
Back in time (HETALIA F.A.C.E) by jelsa_fnaf_lover
Back in time (HETALIA F.A.C.E)by _anime_.trash_
Alfred and Matthew get ahold of Arthur's magic book, sending them back in time to when their parents first met
Hetalia X Child Reader by WhyNotItsMe
Hetalia X Child Readerby WhyNot
This is a story of the Hetalia characters mainly England, France, Canada and America who all live together and end up adopting a 15year old girl.( You) I don't own the H...
Goodbye by SaltyWaifus
Sooooo this is a short story about America dying and coming back to life. Ya ik best description Eva!!!!! Just something I did for fun. Enjoy ^J^ [Completed] Idk this is...
51 Rules // Hetalia // APH America by hunie_stArx
51 Rules // Hetalia // APH Americaby 《hunie》
Alfred F. Jones, the personification of the United States, is in a meeting when he gets an urgent phone call and leaves in a rush. Wait... he left his bag! What? A super...
Hetalia Chatroom by TheFuriousCake
Hetalia Chatroomby Existential Cake
Poland introduces Lithuania to a special chatroom where countries can communicate online... Read this crack filled, crazy tale only written in chatroom form. I do not ow...
Captivity (RusAme) #WATTYS2018 by liebe-margarette
Captivity (RusAme) #WATTYS2018by offline
A country, a war and everything changes. "This drug, my friends, is simply how we will defeat Jones. It's a new found drug of the USSR government. It makes the dr...
Stimulation (Hetalia Fanfiction) by leroooleroooleroo
Stimulation (Hetalia Fanfiction)by Air
"Don't you want to know more about him?" Prussia urged. "We've all gone through it, why not him?" Germany looked distraught. "It is wrong, brude...
I Still Remember You.  by thoughtlesswhispers
I Still Remember You. by ανιαиα
Native America was their mother, thier caretaker. She birthed and nurtured them as the sun does earth. But when new countries come from all over to try to claim her sons...