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Vacation (Rusame) by casualhottubnacho
Vacation (Rusame)by Casualhottubnacho
An uncharted, unnamed island resort has one of its grandest (and most comfortable!) hotels rented out completely for two straight weeks! By whom, you may ask? Well, UN f...
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Children of the stars || Shelter AU by Finsko_Finland
Children of the stars || Shelter AUby Finsko Finland
America always thought of himself as a fairly peaceful country, except for the few times when he needed to be aggressive. Starting at a new school, however, changes it a...
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Together Forever ~ Countryhumans fanfic/AU {RusAme} by Qwuinny_
Together Forever ~ Countryhumans 𝒴𝑜𝓊’𝓇𝑒 𝓈𝑜 𝐿𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓁𝓎...
Russia was taught to despise capitalists and America Was taught to hate all communists.. Soon they figure out that their families were wrong, and at a young age, Russia...
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Prized Possessions by Half_Marks_Only
Prized Possessionsby Teague
"Every countryhuman has something that others can't gain naturally whether it's an object or skill if someone takes your item or blocks you from using that skill yo...
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Ghost of My Future by Lrchild235
Ghost of My Futureby Doofus#2
Sure, when America had gotten up that morning he wasn't expecting rain, but that didn't matter much. Or so he thought. But to be honest he also wasn't expecting to die...
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Countryhumans Sleepover by Nenosaha
Countryhumans Sleepoverby Nenosaha
Countryhumans Sleepover There will be... RusAme, surely...GerPol...a lot more ships...Oh! and a probably Sugar-rushed Russia. Is Sugar-rushed a word??? Never mind. I co...
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Is This Love? (rusame) by that_1_weird_person_
Is This Love? (rusame)by that_1_weird_person_
hey this is my first story so sorry if it sucks WARNING THIS STORY INCLUDES: -gay ships/love -rusame -countryhumans -maybe some other countryhumans ships -depression -s...
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Secrets {A Rusame story} by Prinxiety_shipper15
Secrets {A Rusame story}by Prinxiety_shipper15
Russia and America have hated each other for longer than anyone could imagine. It was simply their parents fought so they fought. America was popular and 'loved' everywh...
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''Don't worry, we always do.'' |Countryhumans Rusame| by Killmewithacross
''Don't worry, we always do.'' | Killmewithacross
ok so lelel my first story ever!111!! if its #trash its cause ya know, m y f i r s t s t o r y also yea rusame uwu and no smut cause m a y b e i might make a smut book...
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Blue Veins • Rusame by MaddiexRose
Blue Veins • Rusameby spamano trash
The Cold War left Russia and America on bad terms, but it's been years now, is it possible for them to become friends? Bonding over their troubled pasts might just do th...
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Spooky Season by Lizard_Cat
Spooky Seasonby Nova
It's a lame CH fanfiction about vampires and demons. Don't attack me because that not how vampires work, trust me, I know.
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The small mistakes we'd rather forget  by AIsilver
The small mistakes we'd rather anonymous supporter
Hi! So umm description Things I'm going to try and do: rusame, maybe a bit of male harem. Most main characters will have wings but if they have a soulmate that's the s...
~☆I'm here for you✿~ (a RusAme story)-Countryhumans  by lilac208
~☆I'm here for you✿~ (a RusAme How am I alive?
It is the first time Russia was going to school and he's pretty scared because all his life he was homeschooled with his siblings,but one day they're father decided that...
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America The One and Only by Spiritmoon23
America The One and Onlyby Merik
some decent one shots of aph America in various genres. lots of different ships included (or none at all thats good too). requests open!
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It's cold by NieSzczeraSchiza
It's coldby NieSzczeraSchiza
Belarus, please leave the food in the fridge for tomorrow, in case father doesn't bring more, don't go out of the house. If I don't come back by tomorrow call Ukraine...
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The last fall (Rusame) by random_person_lv
The last fall (Rusame)by just_a_ch_fan
America was in his last year of high school . He thought this year will be like all the others- pretty much boring. But he was wrong,until he found someone who he would...
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The Worlds' Secrets by PeridotKirkland
The Worlds' Secretsby PinkLasagna
Will the nations fight over the secrets revealed or will this unite them? Read to find out. I do not own Hetalia, please support the official release
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Blurry Signs by WutOwO
Blurry Signsby ThatChild
Russia is transferring to a new school. Will he meet the love of his life? Or will he find that love isn't an easy ride for everyone?
Why me??(completed!) by hiitsmesunset
Why me??(completed!)by I’m a unicorn!
America has a perfect life good grades and a awesome family and friends but that's all goes down hill fast on one day he wakes with HIM in his head.What will America do...
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