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Cointegration (Sequel of Dualism) by Little-Queen
Cointegration (Sequel of Dualism)by Taalita
Kointegrasi: Hubungan jangka panjang pada beberapa variabel dalam suatu pengujian. *** Tidak ada yang paling membahagiakan saat ini selain hidup bersama Talia. Berbagi k...
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STARR, The Bratinella (St. Catherine University Series Book #4) [COMPLETED] by HeartYngrid
STARR, The Bratinella (St. Heart Yngrid
Starr hated Jerry. Dahil sa sobrang inis niya rito ay tumakbo siya bilang presidente ng student council ng engineering upang kalabanin ito. Sa lalong pagkainis niya, pin...
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Through The Storm by only_ephemeral
Through The Stormby Nancy ☄
Everything was planned out for Audrey, Robert and Christina, the unbreakable trio. Their second year of college would be drama-free and relaxing, so they could entirely...
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Sunshine {Donald Walsh} - STOPPED by jamethystb
Sunshine {Donald Walsh} - STOPPEDby circuses
I entered the wrong dorm. I decided to stay there because you're way too cute. I never thought we had to be enemies. But a treblemaker never plays by the rules. A.N : I...
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Rock Sugar And Pear Stew by akaisora_
Rock Sugar And Pear Stewby Acchan
Associated Names: 冰糖炖雪梨 Author: Jiu Xiao Qi 酒小七 Status: 106 Chapters + 8 Side Story Chapters (Completed) Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Li...
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a girl who always in trouble find a TRUEble in LOVE by ailoveleen
a girl who always in trouble chubbychix
hindi gangster,hindi agent at lalong lalo na hindi bully..pero sa tuwing may gulo asahan mung makikita mu siya..ano nga ba ang buhay ng isang basagulera/basagulero??may...
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Wild Catch  by HeyItsLadyInWhite
Wild Catch by LadyInWhite
Cassy is a great pretender, she pretended to be weak and fragile with the help of the potion that you wont imagine how powerful. She has secrets, she's ruthless until sh...
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Behind the University: Run or Dead by CorniaLeony
Behind the University: Run or Deadby CorniaLeony
~Berawal dari Legenda Kampus yang terus menghantui mereka~ Hanya ada 2 pilihan❔❓ RUN OR DEAD!!!
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The possessive ghost?? by xxxshy
The possessive ghost??by mmyy
Hindi ko alam kung namamalikmata ba ako or ano. Kasi naman parati ko siyang nakikita tas pagtinatanong ko mga kasama wala naman silang nakikita. Maybe i'm hallucinating...
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Possessive Love by sunnyaria
Possessive Loveby sunnyaria
She is kindhearted She is shy She is his obsession He is the guy every girl dreamt of He owns her heart He is her crush
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Philosopher's Deal Within The Cosmos by SaggiLover
Philosopher's Deal Within The R. M. Tupaz
What will happen when a star athlete create a deal with the top student in Philosophical Ethics? Will they have the perfect bond together? Will the same gender attract...
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I will make you mine and I will do what it takes by Priceisrightrusher
I will make you mine and I will Priceisrightrusher
Another Big Wolf on campus story of course. This takes place after Tommy and Merton have graduated high school, and both of them go to the same college, and they end up...
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Love At First Mochacino Ice by chikariki22
Love At First Mochacino Iceby Chika Riki
Ayara adalah siswi SMA yang kerja freelance di Kafe Mimosa. Ayara kerja pertama kali untuk mengisi waktu liburan, sambil melupakan kenangan akan mantannya (Benno) agar p...
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The Miraculous Detectives by miss_cynthia14
The Miraculous Detectivesby CynthiaLove
Note: The story is a fanfiction. It's in the different AU, where instead of Ladybug and Chat Noir are known to be heroes, they will be known as the Night Detectives of P...
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A Torch For Hopeless Love by JFetchhh
A Torch For Hopeless Loveby JFetchhh
Please deal with me. This is my first time to write story so sorry for inconvenience and grammatical errors.
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INNOCENT EVIL by TheWritingAllie
I may look innocent on the outside, but I'm purely evil on the inside
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RWBY [Book 1] : Scattering Roses by LiezeLizy
RWBY [Book 1] : Scattering Rosesby MayYouPleaseStandBy
Ruby Rose known as cheerful, happy child by people who surround her, but what happen when she knew an upsetting story about her in the past? [Update every saturday and s...
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The Nerdy Girls Revenge (Complete) by JenieeD
The Nerdy Girls Revenge (Complete)by Anime Lover
Nerd? I prefer the term, "Smarter than you". If you don't even know the meaning of that word, don't bother calling me that. If you really want to know, then le...
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Campus Royalties| BOOK 1 by Lalisa_unicorn
Campus Royalties| BOOK 1by Jejejelly
They are the most famous in their camous. But the question is, will they last together?
My Mr. Mermaid by akaisora_
My Mr. Mermaidby Acchan
Associated Names: Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo 浪花一朵朵 Author: Jiu Xiao Qi 酒小七 Status: 88 Chapters (Completed) Genre: Romance, Sports EngTrans: ryuxenji IndoTrans: Akai Summary: ...
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