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Someone Somewhere Is Made For You by shakthi
Someone Somewhere Is Made For Youby shakthi
How does it feel not being able to confess your love to your crush? Ella has always been in love with her senior from the moment she laid her eyes on him. Now that it is...
Special Section: Class 4-A (COMPLETED) by atxelis
Special Section: Class 4-A ( LOUISE
Magbest friends na sila Shelanie at Stephanie simula pa noong first year high school sila. They were happy and contented kahit dalawa lang sila. Not until magtransfer si...
DEAL WITH THE GUITARIST (On-going) by awakedsea
3 young Girls, 3 young Boys Destiny will complete itself. Guitarist? Vocalist? will they collab? maybe yes, maybe no. What if it is not easy to please those girls?shall...
THE CONQUEST LIST by divine187
Rich, handsome and intelligent heir to the billionaire company, The Grey Business Empire, Andrew Alexander Grey, has always got all he ever wanted with his charm, looks...
Chasing love by Netfixcc
Chasing loveby Netfixcc
Althaia Louis Swivczy is one of the most kindest woman, everyone admires her. Intelligence and exceptional beauty are the main things that she has. One look and you can...
It Started With A Hit by DoktoraLA
It Started With A Hitby em
Gia Camryn Alquiza,a girl who almost have everything. Gustong-gusto niya lang ng tahimik na buhay kahit alam niyang malabo dahil sa estado ng pamilya niya. And then,one...
"Kyahhhh!!!!" "They're coming!!!"nagtatakbuhang sigaw ng mga babae habang nag aayos ng mga mukha. At dahil dito ay nakisabay na rin ako sa mga nagtat...
THE MYSTERIOUS GIRL by glorious_angelie
THE MYSTERIOUS GIRLby glorious_angelie
Kiel never experienced the feeling of being in love. Wala pa din syang nagugustuhan kahit isa. Not until one of her admirers caught his attention but the thing is, hindi...
Enemy Love's You by maelymeag
Enemy Love's Youby G.Mae
"Make your friends CLOSE, but enemies CLOSURE" Meet Cindy Jung a spoiled brat, march, snooty and a trouble maker. She met a stubborn, windy, antipsychotic and...
In Maria Annadea's Dreams (Dream Duology #1) by LjKizakiri
In Maria Annadea's Dreams (Dream Leslie Joy Javier
When you dreamed about someone you don't know that means, they are the ones who watching you every 3 am. •~•~•~• When Maria Annadea Morales became 18 years old, she begi...
Buttercup flowers by -fairywind
Buttercup flowersby alice
Even being this close to becoming an adult, they're both still as childish as can be.
Her Mission His Love  by jiminsbabiewifeuu
Her Mission His Love by btsluviespinks
love do you believe in love? for some people, yes they do. but how about this man? does he believe in love? no, he doesn't. for him, love is fake, love hurts. what would...
Mr.Playboy Meets Ms. Nerd [COMPLETED] by fallenyellow
Mr.Playboy Meets Ms. Nerd [ sun.whisperer
She's rich, her family is well-known, her brother is popular in their school, and she has everything. She's not an ordinary girl who goes clubbing at night, likes to soc...
Squad or Love? Both! (On Going) by Xyeiiiii
Squad or Love? Both! (On Going)by Xyerheiyiiii
If you were to choose, what's more important? someone who grew up with you, or someone who could grow old with you?
Her Seven Exes (ongoing)  by Ayefesh
Her Seven Exes (ongoing) by 'a
"Don't fall for her. She already dated a lot of guys." "So? What's your point? I'm in love with her!" "You really love her?" "I thi...
Loving the Struggle by imprincessstefh
Loving the Struggleby stefunny
Canae Worth Laxamana was a campus bully in their campus back then, until he learned to love an ordinary girl named Kyle Lastimosa, but the girl keeps on giving him strug...
You Are My BFF  by EiThawTar
You Are My BFF by စာဥနွေးနွေး
Author _ Beimuyo Status _ Ongoing Weekly update in Webcomic * Two Best Friends secretly have a crash on each other * How they became a couple...? I don't own this story...
How We Lost It || (On Hold) by skylavenders
How We Lost It || (On Hold)by ☾○☽
As for Kalli Perkinston, living in someone's shadow has it's own perks. One, you don't have to worry about being elected. Two, no one notices you when cutting classes a...
40 Seconds Suicidal by cookiesnchiel
40 Seconds Suicidalby hirai
Sa loob ng apatnapung segundo may sunod-sunod na matatagpuang patay sa isang garahe ng isang kampus. Ang tanong, talaga bang suicidal ang lahat ng sanhi nito? 40 Seconds...
Amazing Camping (the secret of ecology) by aftantia
Amazing Camping (the secret of Aftantia
Baga berjalan cepat melewati lorong-lorong kelas. ia ingin berlari tapi keadaan jalan yang ramai tidak memungkinkan. Ia berjalan dengan tergesa, menabrak pundak mahasisw...