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Submitting to My Lycan Prince Mate by JacquelineZZZ
Submitting to My Lycan Prince Mateby FancyZ
At a party, everyone sees Claire's joke. His fiance, chosen mate, walks past her with the ring and gets down on one knee in front of her stepsister. What the hell is goi...
Strings & Sticks by communionofthecursed
Strings & Sticksby Alicia 🦇
Talented hockey player Jake and a shy, introverted musician Sophia find their lives intersecting in the most unexpected way. As their paths intertwine, they discover a b...
After transmigrating into beta, I attacked the main character by Little_Spade
After transmigrating into beta, Hera Ford
Title:穿成beta后我攻了主角攻 Author:明月盛西京 Highlight: 1. Beta attack! beta attack! beta attack! 2. The main focus is on the text, and the perspective serves the story. 3. Both the...
The Sick Beauty And His Bamboo Horse Bodyguard [ Book Wearing ] by kimrokso_o
The Sick Beauty And His Bamboo ally
COMPLETED EDITED MTL Author: Su Mang Status: Completed ( 64 Chapters + 29 Extras ) Raw Link: Full description on first c...
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NIRNAMIKA | සිංහල | (Anonymous) by BTS_taesite_
NIRNAMIKA | සිංහල | (Anonymous)by Kim Ha Orin
~තුහින හරි පරණ තාලෙ වයිබ් එකේ මනුස්සයෙක් . ඒ නිසාමද කොහෙද ආධිල් හැම තැනදිම හැම මොහොතකදිම හැම තප්පරයකම තුහිනව හරි විශේෂ විදියට දකින්න පුරුදු වෙලා ඉදියා . "නිදන්ගත...
Fast Travel President Strategy Game by coffeenrie
Fast Travel President Strategy Gameby lilyarie
Fast Travel President Strategy Game Author: Dieyi y Category: Rebirth through time travel Release time: 2022-04-04 Latest: Chapter 155 Childhood Sweetheart (End) finishe...
That Campus President is my Fiance (CAMPUS SERIES #1) by MsspanckeDreame
That Campus President is my Queen Brielle
Imagine being thrust into a real-life romance novel, where every twist and turn feels like a plot straight out of fiction. That's where I find myself, caught between dut...
Starlight Serenade (Campus Elite Series #1) by Jadeisace
Starlight Serenade (Campus Elite S H A N ❀
(Campus Elite Series #1) Areum is the starlight of their university, known for her charisma, outgoing personality, and undeniable intelligence that always represent thei...
The"GANGSTER"(book 2) by itsmeterie
The"GANGSTER"(book 2)by terie
Book#2 When Cross admitted or accepted to his feelings for Ched but in an unexpected fate, when everything was ok, Cross and Ched's destiny became blurred because of the...
Clash Between Campus Royalties Continues by wonrangkei
Clash Between Campus Royalties Kei
After what happened, everything is back from the beginning. The rules and regulations. Even the old selves of the Royalties. And because of that, The Clash Between Ca...
The Fragile Threads Of Fate by 51prcentage
The Fragile Threads Of Fateby 51
' hyung. do I scare you?' two men converge on the university campus, their lives shrouded in darkness - seunghyeon kang, a tormented soul masquerading as a woman due to...
BOLD AND BRAZEN | BOOK 2 by PamelaLodia
Sequel to book 1 formerly, GANGSTERS. This book has adapted a new title. However, the contents, characters, events and all details of what has been written in this book...
Pain by aquilalove19
Painby Aquila Heirins
Daily Update 10 Chapters Advance reading here: Author: Yusi people Type: Modern Emotion Status: Finished Last update: December 16, 2020...
Hooked Up With A Gangster by _seekingutopia_
Hooked Up With A Gangsterby ywih
I'm a total nobody. As in NOBODY. Unnoticed and literally BORING But at some point... I just started hooking up with a gangster.
A Thread of Love by chibi_chubi
A Thread of Loveby Chibi<3
Ragini, a rebellion girl with positive mindset. And don't want to be the part of love again, as she is betrayed once by her loved one. Aarav, an amazing boy with stubbor...
Sway With Me by summertxme
Sway With Meby summertxme
Greenville University's star singer, Jethro Oliver Aguilar, finds himself drawn to Gabriel Vate Martinez, the top student known for academic excellence. Jethro soon disc...
Amelioration | A Bakugo & Uraraka Story Pt6 by AliFayeFaye
Amelioration | A Bakugo & AliFayeFaye
The outside war had begun... Will the growing bond between these two heroes hold strong? Rated: 16+ (Language/Sexual Tension) Genre: Drama !!! Part 6 installment !!! ...
Nightlife ✓ by eoscenes
Nightlife ✓by ⚓️
When an online influencer meets (and falls for) a social media skeptic, she has to decide whether to keep her masks on ― or finally show the world her real self. ⋆☆⋆ Kri...
MOONLIGHT MAKES HIM CRANKY (Preview Now On Goodnovel, and Webnovel) by EricBrazen
Having just arrived at the mysterious and apparently well-put-together Timber Creek School of Fine Arts, a timid nerd by the name of Porter Austin Fulton finds himself o...
Even If It's A Bet (Bet Series#1) by Maiden_Under_The_Sun
Even If It's A Bet (Bet Series#1)by Ann
Sa larong pustahan nagkatagpo ang dalawang taong paglalaruan ng tadhana. Totoo kaya o purong kasinungalingan lamang ang kanilang ipapakita at ipadama sa isa't isa.