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[COMPLETE] Not Good! The Villainess Is Muddled by melo_marl
[COMPLETE] Not Good! The Melo
[NGVM ©2019] First Place for Romance/Slice of Life Genre in Light Novie Awards 2019 by @lightnovelsociety Yin Hua Lei was supposed to be the villainess to his Highness t...
Novel Recommendations by mchatting
Novel Recommendationsby _yuzu
Translated stories I like enough to recommend. I review them so expect some spoilers (I try not to spoil major events.) (Please read the novels on the original translato...
✰ITWADBB✰ by _mistycredd_
❝ I TURNED WILD AFTER BEING DOTED ON BY THE BIG BOSSES ❞ ❀SYPNOSIS❀ After she wakes up from being reborn, she becomes the little pitiful girl who is sent into a mental h...
My husband is super cute [wearing a book] [MTL]✔ by ohsoclumsyme
My husband is super cute [ ⓟⓞⓣⓐⓣⓞ
WARNING: MTL Story, not mine. For offline purposes only Author: 醉与 Title: 我家老公超可爱[穿书] Genre: Romance Status: Completed Bai Mumu is wearing a book, and she has become the...
▪This Lifetime ▪ by ReadyGetSetStar
▪This Lifetime ▪by ◇ papercrane ◇
《▪▪》 Jin Guangming is a God of Light and Color. He is currently a High Immortal who can control the fates of mortals. Exactly 400 years ago, he had fallen for a cursed...
Cubs escape after wearing to 70s by Monicasolution
Cubs escape after wearing to 70sby Monica
Story not Mine!! For offline purposes only! When Song Nian realized that she was the original partner of the richest man Shen Yuchuan, who died early. The original owne...
Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore The Script 豪门女配撕碎了剧本 by rainbowfartfartfart
Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore xiāoměixuán 萧美璇
NOT MY STORY FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY Jiang Dai had a massive fight with her leading billionaire husband and left home, before landing herself in a car accident. After...
Non-BL Reading List (BG novels, Non-Romance) by BrazenLittleThing
Non-BL Reading List (BG novels, mai
My reading list for novels with female leads, male leads, non-romance~~~
splendid dream of wanzhou by mpfida
splendid dream of wanzhouby mpfida
Not my story for offline reading purpose only The story of two senior high school students relying on each other to relieve stress 1m0-98515 Donot vote or comment Credit...
Chinese Novels I've Read So Far by carammelia
Chinese Novels I've Read So Farby caramelia
Lately I'm in mood of reading Chinese Novel Translation. Usually I'm only looking for completed translation but along the way I read anything I thought interesting so so...
Desharow Merman  by mango887799
Desharow Merman by mango
In order to fulfill his lifelong wish and graduation project of researching merfolks, Desharow, a student of Biology Department of Russian Maritime Academy, went on a lo...
Chinese Novel Recommendation by tisaychinita
Chinese Novel Recommendationby tisaychinita
If you're like me, who loves reading Chinese novels, then I would gladly share with you the best novels that I have read so far.
THIS STORY IS NOT MINE!!! "I think... my boyfriend is trying to kill me," Lin Sanjiu muttered. As she thought about that rich, handsome, and gentle boyfriend o...
These are the novels that I read since last year. I am just new to this Novel World and i wanna share the novels i read to those who are out of novel to read. Hope you...
Days and nights of divorcing the villain by ksjreverie
Days and nights of divorcing the ksjreverie
Title: 和反派离婚的日日夜夜 author: 雪默 Source: Chen Mu entered the system and became the wife of various villains. After successfully divorci...
Nine Star Hegemon Body Art by MoonlightMianne
Nine Star Hegemon Body Artby Aira Chan
Author:Ordinary Magician, 平凡魔术师 Status: Ongoing Genre(s): Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy ,Harem , Martial Arts , Xuanhuan Summary: N/A Purely for Offline Reading...
Chinese BL Recommendations by -SHIZUNLOVEME
Chinese BL Recommendationsby Everything sucks ass
Hey there! Looking for some new Chinese bl's to read? Well, You're in luck! Here are some personal recommendations I'm giving out. I hope you find something of interest...
The Howling of the wind //Beefleaf OS// by Lully_Lightwood
The Howling of the wind // Lully Lightwood
When the wind rises, howling in the lonely village, every single time Qingxuan hears someone knocking at his door. But every single time, it's only him and the wind. He...
BL Recommendations by moximoshi
BL Recommendationsby moximoshi
Just sharing a few BL novels that I find nice.
A Change Of Heart?//The Founder of Diabolism Fanfic by XaichiSan93
A Change Of Heart?//The Founder
In a place on top of the tallest peek of Mountains rests the humble aboud of the Zhao clan, a place where there's peace.Where people do what they please (except for bad...